Any 3rd Party Pathfinder 2E Adventures / Modules out?

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Are there any 3rd party published stand alone adventures for P2E? Looking for 1rst to 3rd or 5th level.

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Sure! You could try "Pirates and Plunder, One Night at the Crooked Hand" on DrivethruRPG, a short tutorial adventure for PF2.

You could also simply go to DrivethruRPG and make a search for PF2 material.

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For 1st level - The Murmuring Fountain by Jason Nelson

For 7th level - The Horseshoe Calamity by Ron Lundeen

The Lost Library of Thoth by Alex Riggs and Jason Nelson

Coming next month:

For 1st level - The Fiddler's Lament by Greg Vaughan and Eric Keith

The Book in the Old House by Alistair J. Rigg [The first book in the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path]

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