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So, my dm has made it known she would prefer I stick with something that makes her DM life a little easier. The past week, you guys have seen me ask for advice on golemancer builds, oradins, reach clerics, and other stuff. Though that was for the Tyrant's Grasp game I'm in, the other DM I'm playing with would prefer I not do something that summons a bunch of things in rapid fashion, relies on financial algorithms for power, or is generally complicated.

I kinda need some help. I like complicated stuff because its easier for me (I know. I'm weird. I apologize.) I love maximizing my action economy, I love 9th level casting, and I love being on the front line. That immediately brings to mind the reach cleric, but again, my dm would prefer I refrain from summoning.

20 pt. buy
all paizo
core and featured races
Campaign: Wrath of the Righteous (Mythic Campaign)
The campaign trait I got assigned was

Chance Encounter:
Once per day, if you fail an Acrobatics, Bluff, Disguise, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth check, you may immediately reroll that check as a free action. You must take the second result, even if it is worse. Associated Mythic Path: Trickster.

Everyone else in the game already picked their campaign traits, and that was the one that wasn't taken.

What kind of build am I looking for:
- Action Economy
- 9th level casting
- looks like I'll be something of a skill monkey, kinda
- non-spontaneous (I'd prefer to stay away from oracles or sorcerers. I don't mind arcanist.)

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Why not a cleric that just...doesn't summon? Focus on augmenting the existing character's abilities, controlling the field, etc. And all the utility spells that become so useful outside of combat.

Sovereign Court

I have a channeling Shaman that has been very effective.

Witch Doctor Life(Restoration) spirit (so 2 channeling pools), Lore wandering (for Arcane Enlightenment to add Shield, Mirror Image, Haste, and Resinous Skin to list, though adding Minor or Major Creation will save you gold once you get in the teens). Human FCB to add Cleric spells to list (Liberating Command, Shield of Faith, Burst of Radiance, Defending Bone, Align Weapon Communal, Freedom of Movement).
Mauler Familiar King Crab used as an intelligent mount (with undersized mount).
Shell of Succor as the Restoration Hex just to have a source of Temporary HP. Though you could go with Life Link instead to be a more traditional "Oradin" style.
Selective Channel, Ki Channel, Purifying Channel, Quick Channel.
Toughness, Maulers Endurance(human)
2 levels of Ninja fairly early to benefit from Ki Channel and to take Vanishing Trick (so after channeling, go invisible as a swift action).
Drink lots of Yorkshire GoldTea of Transference to convert Ki points into Channels (and eventually spells).

Mostly I picked buff spells and buffed the party & familiar and would just channel to heal (and damage one enemy with Purifying Channel) and then go invisible (because nearly unlimited Ki Points even without the Tea, if you only use channel when at 0 Ki, we're talking 65 ki points/day). Amulet of the Spirits(Life), Phylactery of Positive Channeling, Ring of Protected Life keeps Channel relevant. Spellguard Bracers for when you need to cast next to someone.

Wield a Longspear just in cast you actually want to take that AoO, and have your Crab pinch & grab medium sized things.

At 11, I was looking at a Channel Pool(life spirit) of 5/day for 8d6, another Channel Pool(witch doctor) 7/day for 5d6, and a Ki Pool of 5. I only had access to 5th level spells because of the Ninja dip, but I effectively had unlimited use of 3rd level and lower spells(and Channeling) from the Tea. Notables include: Resist Energy, Barkskin, Fly, Dispel Magic/Remove Curse(from witch doctor), Haste, Liberating Command, Shield/Shield of Faith.

Blue_Sky wrote:

What kind of build am I looking for:

- Action Economy
- 9th level casting
- looks like I'll be something of a skill monkey, kinda
- non-spontaneous (I'd prefer to stay away from oracles or sorcerers. I don't mind arcanist.)

Action Economy- Buffs, and can nova with a Standard Channel/Spell, Move Action Channel and then go invis/channel a 3rd time

9th level casting- Yes, though at 19
Skill Monkey- 4+int+human (I had 13 int)
Non-Spontaneous- Sort of, prepared caster that can get lower level spells back.

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Wizards generally make better skill guys then clerics, just because they have more skill points due to intelligence.

You might want to think about Shaman. If you like complicated classes with a lot of moving parts, it should be right up your alley. It also has 4+ int skill points. It is also 3/4 BAB so you can hang in the front line.

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I will repeat my suggestion of Halcyon Druid.

It doesn't have companions, summons.

It has full level casting.

Prepared casting.

Lots of skill bonuses.

Well, taking advantage of that talent in the long run will be difficult for a pure caster. Also you want to be a front line kind of caster...that kind of says cleric or druid. Avoiding pets and summoning means no druid. Pure cleric isn't so trickster. Also you need skill points to fake being a skill monkey. So...

Goal: Front line caster using Wizard/Sorcerer spells.

First 6 levels: 5 wizard(transmuter), 1 Slayer.
7+: go into Eldritch Knight

This makes you a fairly standard wizard that has a good fortitude save, and a not as good will save. You're also behind 2 caster levels unless you use feats or talents to get them back, and you probably want to spend the 2 feats to keep your wizard progression on track. Transmuter specialized so you can buff yourself more often. You should probably become a bad touch caster.

The other way to go is to pick up Arcane Trickster. First level Rogue. 2-4 Wizard. 5+ Arcane Trickster. You'll need Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat to pull this off. This one leans a lot more strongly into your campaign trait. It also encourages you to do range touch spells on targets within 30' so you can sneak attack them. Or backstab with a touch spell. Adding sneak attack to a Vampiric Touch is a lot of fun.

Honestly, out of the two builds I think the Arcane Trickster would be more fun.

Options to consider:
- Halcyon Druid (unfortunately, if I were to go druid, wildshape is too important to me)
- Reach Cleric (not enough skills)
- Wizard (Not very viable for front line)
- Shaman (Worth considering)

Reach Druid does sound appealing, though I'll have to find a replacement for spontaneous summoning.

One Hour Later

Found the Ancient Guardian archetype. I'll start fleshing this out in a few.

Thank you guys. Again, I appreciate the help.

Trickster is kind of a meh mythic path for most 9 level caster classes.

How do you feel about Alchemist?

You're in Wrath of the Righteous, so demons are going to feature heavily.

I'd recommend a Ravener Hunter/Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor. Only 6th level caster but you get lots of power boosts that work in that game. Going Elf would hurt your Con but there's an alternative racial trait that gives you +2 dodge bonus against demons and chaotic creatures. That's VERY strong.

I ALSO recommend a Skald. There are several rage powers which very much come in handy in that campaign and you can be right there at the front lines with the rest of the party.

But definitely recommend Shaman as others have. Unsworn is nice for the extra Witch hexes it can take and the ability to swap them out daily (in case you know you'll need to brew a potion tomorrow but need Slumber and Flight today).

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Halfling uRogue4/PaladinXth

...won't have 9th-level casting, but your UMD will be through the roof, you'll be class in almost every skill in the game, with Fey Foundling + Greater Mercy + halfling paladin LoH alternative level bonus choice essentially granting inexhaustible hitpoint reserves. Your saves should be the highest in the party, and damage quite good by mid-level, and even top-notch given frequency of evil-outsiders promised by the AP. You'll never lack for something to do. Weakness: damage poor at low-level (but offset some by sneak-attack, as well as ability to avoid some unnecessary encounters via skill use).

STR- 8 or 10
DEX+ 18
CON: 14 or 12 (halfling, 16,15,14,12,10,7 20pt array)
INT: 12 or 14
WIS: 7
CHA+ 17 (all bumps)

racial alternatives: Danger Detection, Fleet of Foot, Small Quarter Ally
character traits: Fate’s Favored, Natural Flyer
01 paladin1 [core] Fey Foundling
02 uRog1 [core][SA+1d6][Weapon Finesse]
03 paladin2 [Divine Grace], Two Weapon Fighting
04 uRog2 [evasion][Talent:Combat Trick: Quick Draw]
05 paladin3 [Aura of Courage][SA+2d6], Greater Mercy
06 uRog3 [dex>damage:kukri][SA+2d6]
07 paladin4 [channel][smite:2/day], Risky Striker
08 uRog4 [debilitating injury][uncanny dodge[Talent: Ninja Trick: Combat Trick: Piranha Strike]
09 paladin5 [weapon bond][SA+3d6], Accomplished Sneak Attacker
10 paladin6 [trade mercy for DFT:Iomedae's Inspiring Sword]
11 (continued paladin),Deadly Aim

Levels: can be taken in nearly any order, but interleaving enables concentrating rogue-level skill-loads into the four or five you wish to keep maxed (e.g., Disable Device, Diplomacy, Fly, Perception, Use Magic Device)

Equipment: Agile Inheritor's Light longsword w/Effortless Lace (upgraded), adamantine kukri, sling w/variety bullets, Dex belt, Cha headband, 5x5 Carpet of Flying, (misc other paladin-related gear, e.g., smite bracelets, wands of pally 1 spells, etc), Meditation Crystals, wand of Longstrider, Opalescent White Pyramid Ioun stone (cracked: martial proficiency: heavy repeating crossbow)

Tactics: Be the monsters' rubber chew-toy, keeping their damage off your allies.

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