The finale of Diaspora Strain **spoilers**

Signal of Screams

My table is at the finale of book 1 and so far it’s been a total flop. What reads as a final exciting chase to their starship with a multitude of corrupted guests chasing after them is playing out as a the players murdering 50+ guests without breaking a sweat. The stats for the corrupted guests are so low they literally can not touch the two front line melee PCs and even the technomancer has some dr that leaves them doing no more than a point or two of damage. This has left the players to being content to just stand there and kill everything coming at them, even when I have left a path open to escape and and urge them to do so. I started giving the guests names and doing little flashbacks on how the PCs met the guest earlier to drive the point in that these are unfortunate innocent victims and that got me a player switching to non lethal damage. Other than throwing away the corrupted guest stat block and finding some very deadly monster out of the various archives to take its place, I really don’t know how to make this final flight of escape a truly terrifying experience befitting the first half of the book.

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