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Fiery Form (Su) wrote:
As a standard action, a blood hag who has removed her skin by using mask evil can assume the form of a flying ball of fire for up to 12 rounds. After leaving fiery form, a blood hag must wait 1d4 rounds before assuming it again. A blood hag in this form who enters the same space as another creature stops moving for that round and deals 3d6 points of fire damage (Reflex DC 20 negates) to that creature. A blood hag can suppress her heat and dim her light to that of an ember if she chooses, and can pass through openings and cracks as though in gaseous form. A blood hag in fiery form retains her AC and also has immunity to non-magical attacks and effects. A successful targeted dispel magic spell or 20 points of cold damage returns her from her fiery form to her normal form. A blood hag can assume fiery form a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier (typically 4). The save DC is Charisma-based.

This ability states that the Blood Hag takes the form of a flying ball of fire. My question is - can she still use her natural attacks while in this form? The ability description doesn't address her natural attacks at all. It's not a Polymorph effect, so her physical stats/abilities shouldn't take any mechanical changes (except what's specifically covered in the description - Flaming Sphere movement rules, and Gaseous Form squeeze rules/magic damage rules).

Bonus question - as she needs to enter a creature's square to deal her Fiery Form damage, wouldn't this provoke, barring an Acrobatics check?

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It is likely intended to have been a polymorph effect, but just got left out. The blood hag is even a shapechanger, a subtype that all have some kind of Change Shape Universal Monster Ability, which specifies that it is a polymorph effect.

So RAI probably not. But RAW, sure I guess, though I'm not sure how it'd be making claw and bite attacks as a fiery ball without limbs. If it's your game, run it how you'd like, but if it were my game I wouldn't give it the attacks.

As for your second question, that's a pretty clear Yes, the blood hag would provoke.

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I think it is pretty clear that the intent to become a ball of fire that just does ball of fire things. I would certainly rule it that way.

You are correct though that technically they failed to create binding legalese on this.

Hmm, fair points, thank you.

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