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Hello to anyone who is reading this, hopefully an official Paizo employee. I have a question about Oozemorph and the level 20 capstone (either original or alternate). Is the oozemorph supposed to be incapable of benefiting from either capstone or should it get its own capstone ability? Because as it stands right now, the only things they get at level 20 are improvements of other things they already get at earlier levels. None of which are unique to the oozemorph archetype except for the damage reduction they get.

You won't gat an official reply - Paizo stopped caring about PF1 a year and a half ago, and this would require extensive erratum.

While it's true that both the regular capstone, and the Shifter-specific one from CoL, are useless for an Oozemorph, you could still select one of the generic alternate capstones from CoL, e.g. Won’t Stay Dead.

That's how oozemorph is, it's both a weak archetype and a poorly edited one. You lose abilities you don't have(chimeric form rather than chimeric aspect), gain abilities that do nothing(A thousand faces is a weaker version of your earlier alter self that doesn't function with morphic weapons), and find that you can make use of very little of the game through this archetype(equipment mostly).

Make a vigilante with the "maleable flesh" and "morphic weaponry" vigilante abilities and you have most of what makes the archetype interesting covered.

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Oozemorph, a poorly designed archetype to a poorly designed class.

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What the others have said...Paizo has moved on from PF1, so don't expect anything official from them.

Plus, the Shifter class in general was poorly written and edited, and the Oozemorph archetype just compounds that and makes a barely playable class into something that (while cool in concept) is utterly worthless in play.

The Oozemorph basically gives up everything that the Shifter class gets, in exchange for weaker versions of similar abilities, while also giving up the ability to communicate with your party or NPCs, use equipment or cast spells for most of your play time.

If you really want to play one, several people have made good homebrew versions, talk to your GM and see if they will allow you to play one of those.

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