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can someone help me in converting a homebrew class? i found one in D&D 5.0 that i really liked but have no idea how to convert it this is the class in question https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Behemoth_(5e_Class)

I think you'd be well served making it a Fighter or Barbarian archetype.

i have no idea how to do any of that..which is why i posted for help here

I'm not a 5E player, so I don't have much knowledge of what many of the terms used refer to, but to start off, I would suggest you look find what abilities/saves/etc in PF you think matches up best with the 5E ones and replace them.

Then use the Barbarian (I think the Fighter matches up, in regards to flavor and fluff, a bit better than the Barbarian, but the Barbarian has more variety of abilities) and use it as a template. Try to replace Barbarian abilities and features with your Behemoth's abilities.

This will not be balanced in any way, but it is a way to go about kind of learning how to go about adapting something. Once you've got a rough outline, people here much more experienced and better at class balance than I am, could probably give you pointers or suggestions in how to finalize it.

pretend your all talking to someone who is really bad at math has no idea how to do any kind of conversion for pathfinder at all and may be a bit of a redneck idiot.....you know what? dont pretend... i cant do any of this stuff..i dont know how..if i did...i wouldnt be on the furoms asking for help.

What I suggested to do doesn't really involve math, what it does involve is you putting in some effort though. 5e uses terms, abilities, and systems that PF doesn't. Look at the terms and abilities in 5e and try to find what seems to match the best in PF. Once you do that, replace things in either the Barbarian or Fighter class with those.

For instance if your homebrew class has an ability that increases every 4 levels, put that ability in place of the fighter/barbarian abilities. Like I said, it won't be balanced, but once you have that rough outline, it'll be easier for others to help.

Key word, 'Help' not 'Do it for me'.

You said you don't know how to do any of it. You've been given a very rough outline to begin learning how to go about it, now it takes effort to do it.

i made an attempt...this is my first attempt at a conversion....https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1l97vdy8wnahul/Iron%20Solari.txt?d l=0\

which i took from this homebrew class i found https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Iron_Solari_(5e_Class)

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Just looked at it quickly and there are terms used that do not apply in PF: Long Rest, Radiant damage, Reaction. What are these? Looking through PF, what do you think would be the most similar? Once you've found those, replace those 5e terms and if need be rework the class ability to make it better fit PF.

Pathfinder has Archetypes for classes, but not the way that 5e apparently does, so that wording would need to change. Take a look at the Barbarian's Rage ability and its Rage powers, the Ranger's Combat Style ability, or even the Unchained Monk's Ki Power ability, to get an idea of how you could make it more PF friendly and get away from using Archetype within the class itself.

Redemption looks most like the Cleric's Channel Energy ability, so I suggest reading up on that.

pathfinder does have a long rest? a long rest is 8 hours or more..and radiant damage is a thing..its essentially a form of holy damage...

I'll echo Egeslean05 here. It's hard to judge the class, because it's not using the right lingo, so it's not always clear what the abilities are meant to be doing and how they will interact with the rest of Pathfinder.

It also sounds like it might be better served as a paladin or cavalier archetype. That way you can let an existing class handle the bones of the class, and only focus on what makes this character special. It's also much easier to balance, because you can look at the power of what you are trading out for what you are getting.

In general, start with an archetype and see if you can get the flavor with a few ability swaps, which I totally think we can here. Designing an entire class is incredibly difficult, and requires a ton of system expertise and a lot of play testing.

Skoll Drachen wrote:
pathfinder does have a long rest? a long rest is 8 hours or more..and radiant damage is a thing..its essentially a form of holy damage...

If that's what a 'Long Rest' means, then yes..but it's not called that. Most classes that have abilities have them essentially 'recharge' once per day. For instance, Monks have a Ki Pool (their mystic power), each day after 8 hours of rest (does not need to be consecutive for the monk), it replenishes. Spellcasters have their 'Spells per Day', how many spells of each level they can cast per day, resets after 8 hours of rest. Things like that.

If there's a 'Long Rest' does that mean there's a 'Short Rest', because if there is, I don't think that would fit into PF.

As for 'Radiant Damage', PF would most likely call that 'Positive Energy'. Like I said, check out the Cleric's Channel Energy ability.

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