Why Does Halcyon Spellcasting Top Out at 7th Level Spells?

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What it says in the title. I'd expected Halcyon spellcasting to be a Dedication, and it is, but unlike other Dedications it tops out at providing 7th level spells. Is that an error? If it isn't, then why does it stop there? The only thing I can guess is because the caster can choose whether or not a given Halcyon spell is Arcane or Primal, unlike normal Dedication spellcasting. For example, a wizard can cast heal as an Arcane spell or a druid could cast sleep as a Primal spell, with all the benefits of doing so. Is that the rationale?

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More important than choosing how you cast Halcyon spells is the fact that you pull from both traditions when choosing spells. Being able to pick from both the Arcane and Primal lists is significantly broader access than a traditional spellcaster dedication would give you.

Whether or not that ends up balancing itself out in the long run is still up in the air, of course.

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Multiclass spellcasting dedications from the core rulebook top out at 20th level with one 8th level spellslot. With Halcyon ending at 7th, it's really not that far behind.

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In fact with one of the paths within the archetype, you can choose your halcyon spells from *any* list, which is definitely worth the reduction in max spell level.

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