Four questions about broodmaster summoners looking for clarification.

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So I was recently looking at this class out of curiosity though I doubt I'd ever get to play it. Anyway there's four things. I'd like to get a clarification on in regards to the broodmaster archetype to ensure I'm correct.

1) It say's at 8th level and 13th level you can spend points to expand the number you summon e.g...

[b]At 8th level, the broodmaster can spend 4 evolution points from the evolution pool for the large evolution; unlike with other evolutions, he spends these 4 points before he assigns evolution points to his individual eidolons (for an 8th-level broodmaster with 11 evolution points, this leaves 7 evolution points to distribute among the eidolons). This allows him to summon two Medium eidolons, four Small eidolons, or one Medium eidolon and two Small eidolons.[/b[

Is this in place of or in addition to the normal points spending. So you could spend 4 points to summon 2 small creatures and 1 medium one then spend 4 points to make the medium one large leaving you 3 points to spend on the 3 as you like?

2) Am I correct in my interpretation that once you hit 20th level you can no longer change your Eidalon's choices and are permanently locked into whatever you've chosen by that stage?

3) How/do you adjust stats for the 2 smaller Eidolons? It say's . . .

Each eidolon has it own base form and associated base statistics and free evolutions. Regardless of the number of eidolons in the brood, each eidolon has the same base attack bonus and base saving throw bonuses, but the rest of the eidolons’ base statistics must be divided between the eidolons, including Hit Dice (minimum 1), skill points, number of feats, armor bonus, Str/Dex bonus, evolution pool (but see below), and maximum number of natural attacks.

Which would imply you select a base form for each then assign stats but that gives you stats designed for a medium Eidolon e.g. small cat size golden dragon (I've been reading dragon riders of pern) and it'd get Str 12, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11. Those values seem pretty high for something that small but there's nothing about reducing that I can see only splitting the bonuses. However all I can see about small size is things other than base stats with stat changes being due to age in one form or another.

4) Finally it's dragon template say's take avian as the base form but a dragon (chromatic and metallic at least) are 4 legs + wings so is that a just a general guideline for this kind of thing where you can take the more thematically appropriate base form e.g. avian for flight then add extra's like having its free limbs evolution be legs with clawlike hands as the dragons of pern are described using theirs to perform tasks? to get what you want e.g (for examples sake) Tauran then add extra's to make it an angelic winged centuar?

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As no one's replied I'll toss this extra one in out of curiosity for mythic play (I know not popular play style which is why it wasn't part of the original questions).

If a summoner took mythic leadership would you allow them to apply the cohort benefits to their Eidolon instead? That is instead of having Mythic Summoner, Eidaolon, Mythic Cohort (1/2 your tier) you'd get Mythic Summoner, Mythic Eidalon (1/2 your tier), other leadership mobs as appropriate to leadership score?

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