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The bonus to damage from Arcane Strike is based off of Caster Level, starting at +1 and increasing by +1 for every 5 CL’s. How dose that interact with CL boosters?
For example, lets say we have a level 4 Magus. Would any of the following take her to +2 damage from Arcane Strike?

Orange Prism Ioun Stone (+1CL)

Arcanist Reservoir (Free action +1 CL for any one spell)

Varisian Tattoo (+1 CL for one School of Spells)

Pyromaniac Gnome Race Trait (+1 CL to Fire Spells)

Gifted Adept Trait (+1CL to one Spell)

Any overall caster level bonuses would apply, but specific (spell school, type, or specific spell) would not, since Arcane Strike does not belong to any of those. Believe the Orange Prism Ioun Stone is the only one you listed that would work, though also the Magical Knack trait (+2 to caster level in a class, up to your HD). Although magical knack obviously still has it's "up to current HD" restriction.

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Just the Orange Prism Ioun Stone -- the others are for specific spells or groups of spells, and you are not actually casting a spell when you use Arcane Strike.

There are a couple of traits that could be useful if you are multiclassed, but only to compensate for your lost caster levels.

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