Help me make a monstrous (Literally) Gestalt character


My goal is to make a character who is as freakish and monstrous as possible in terms of looks. I can build the character gestalt with the only restrictions being no third party content and no summoners. Ideally, we'd want to make the character functional as well but mostly I want to focus on how many unnatural things we can do to them.

Let's just say the character is level 10 with the standard wealth for that level (62,000g) and let's just say the race is human for simplicity's sake.

I personally think that an alchemist might be the best way to go with one part of it thanks to discoveries like vestigial arm, Parasidic twin, and whatnot. but beyond that I'm not sure, What are your ideas on making my character as monstrous and mutated as possible to the point of not being a recognizable member of his own race anymore?

Anything that effectively physically changes the character permanently (Without just being a straight debuff) is basically what I'm looking for, Stuff like any traits, feats, spells, or classes that would let me do something like that is what I'm looking for.

There's a bunch of rage powers which can change you as long as you're raging, and barbarian // alchemist is a workable combo.

Alternately a mutated defender vigilante has at least one mutation, more if you spend vigilante talents.

Or if you'd prefer to go caster (a definite option if your alchemist gets a cognatogen) then mutation mind psychic could work well.

Tieflings get a few body mod feats IIRC.

So, how about a Druidzilla Build?

You take enough levels in Druid to get Wildshape, then take Shaping Focus so your nondruid levels count as Druid levels for the purpose of Wildshape.

Then you take levels in levels in Warpriest so use Warpriest Sacred Weapn Damage instead of regular natural attack damage, which is usually pretty lame.

This build favors Giant Octopus with 8 Tentacles all with Grab and Constrict and a Bite Attack. I have a suit of octopus-shaped barding made for this character, Lamellar horn or Stone Plate with Armor Spikes, so that they do extra damage with every successful Grapple Attack. The Tentacles provide 8. Witch's White Hair provides one. and when you take Hamatula Strike, the Bite and Gore (from 2 levels in Barbarian) provide 2 more. This character also uses 2 weapon fighting and unarmed strikes. Tentacles are already secondary natural attacks, including regular attacks into the full attack won't turn tentacles into Tertiary Natural Attacks, and the Multiattack Feat downgrades the penalty from -5 to -2. Anyway, this character gets 24 attacks in her Full Attack that all do a respectable amount of Damage, plus Attacks of Opportunity from Snake Fang, because why not?

The the whole build is truly monstrous in every sense of the word!

Druidzilla Build

1Barbarian1: 2 Weapon, BAB+1
3B1D2: Weapon Focus Armor Spikes, BAB+2
4B1D3: BAB+3
5B1D4: Wild Shape, Natural Spell, BAB+4
6B2D4 Lesser Fiend Totem (Gore Attack), BAB+5
7B2D4Warpriest1: Weapon Focus Tentacle, Shaping Focus
8B2D4W1Fighter1: Multiattack, BAB+6
9B2D4W1F1Brawler1: Unarmed 1d6, Martial Flexibility, Martial Cunning, Martial Training Improved Grapple BAB+7
10B2D4W1F1Bw2: Hamatula Strike, BAB+8
11B2D4W1F2Bw2: Martial Versatility Weapon Focus, Greater Grapple, BAB+9
12B2D4W1B2Witch1: White Hair, King Crab Familiar
13B2D4W2B2Bw2H1: Fervor 1d6, Snake Style, BAB+10
14B2D4W3Bw2H1: Snake Sidewind, BAB+11
15B2D4W4Bw2H1: Combat Reflexes, BAB+12
16B2D4W5Bw2H1: Snake Fang, Sacred Weapon 1d8

I like Natural Attack builds.

If you want to go slightly more normal than being a Giant Armored, Horned, Hairy, Octopus, maybe a Natural Attack build with a Tengu.

Tengu get Claws as an alternate racial trait.

Take 2 levels in Barbarian for that Gore Attack.

Take 1 level in White Haired Witch for that Hair Attack.

Then take mostly levels in Warpriest so your Natural Attacks all do Sacred Weapon Damage.

You need to take Weapon Versatility so that your Claws can do Piercing Damage so then all your weapons benefit from the free Grapple Attacks through Hamatula Strike and all do Armor Spike Damage.

I'd have you dip a level in Ranger so you can benefit from a Wand of Strong Jaw and a level in Living Monolith so you can Enlarge Person as a Swift Action.

Lots of high-damage attacks as a giant crow-person!

I have another build for a Goblin that uses Panther and Snake style Feats and does Sneak Attack damage.

Scarred Monk makes me physically queasy to think about. It stacks with Sensei! Which is cool because you can pile on Wisdom to have very high DCs.

You should also try to get a Corruption – probably needs GM approval and deciding whether you will be in danger of getting all the way to NPC.

For the other class... several options come to mind...
- Mutated Mind Psychic as mentioned
- Mutated Defender Vigilante
- Any flavor of Alchemist (Herbalist can cast through Wisdom, so it works well with Scarred/Sensei Monk)
- Hive-curse for Oracles?
- Weird Sorcerer Bloodlines like Nanite?

Secret Wizard is spot on with the sacred monk.

For the other class, go with a crossbred/Wildblooded sorcerer with the Warped and Empyreal bloodline. Focus on Transmutation spells to allow you to change forms into even more disturbing thing. This will allow you to use WIS for your sorcerer spells and get a couple of decent abilities.

If your GM will allow it go for a Nosferatu-Born Dhampir for race.

Kraken Caller Druid.

Wild Shape wrote:

The kraken caller can alternatively expend a daily use of wild shape to grow tentacles out of her body while otherwise retaining her own form. This effect lasts for 10 minutes per level, or until the kraken caller changes back.

At each of 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th levels, a kraken caller can grow an additional tentacle. As a move action, she can retract or regrow any number of the additional tentacles, redistributing the mass of any retracted tentacles. For every 2 retracted tentacles, she can increase the reach of the remaining tentacles by 5 feet (to a maximum of 15 feet), or increase the damage dealt by her tentacles as if she were one size category larger.

Unfortunately the top shelf body shaping ability isn't available till 14th level as an evangelist of Socothbenoth.
"Three times per day, you can cast polymorph any object as a spell-like ability. Unlike with the spell, you are not limited to existing forms; you could turn the target into a three-headed nymph or a centaur-like creature made only of human body parts, for example (although this does not apply to inanimate forms, such as turning a human into a sculpture of soft clay or vice versa). You can also perform partial transformations, such as granting additional body parts, changing a creature’s limbs into something else, or transforming only a creature’s tongue into a tentacle."

I think if you went with that kraken caller as your main class, swarm shifter as your second class with that shifter prestigeing to evangelist at 5th level, heading toward socothbenoth, you'd be in good shape.

You could follow Mazmezz to turn into a drider at 11th level instead, earlier payoff but less flexibility.

Not being a follower of Lamashtu or Zon-Kuthon as this build is outrageous.

I think I would like a Scarred/Sensei Monk + Verminous Hunter, applying the Leech Animal Focus to your grapples so you can suck the blood of your enemies while you spread your bones and skin over them.

You can add a vermin companion with something awful like the Accursed Companion archetype, with Rabid Vomit and Festering Flesh perhaps.

There is also the Outer Rift Exploits of Arcanist, like: Fiendish Probosis (your mouth becomes that of a fly), Blood Tears (your eyes become red and you cry tears of blood), or

Tentacles (As a swift action, the arcanist can spend 2 points from his arcane pool to sprout a pair of rubbery tentacles that grow from his upper chest. At the same time, his arms shrink into sickly, malformed stubs, capable of only rudimentary actions such as lifting small objects or making somatic gestures.)

There is also the mutant Vigilante archetype.

If you're going to go Druid and use Giant Octopus (or Kraken Caller archetype), Rime Spell + Frostbite can rack up damage really quick. May the gods be with your enemies if you have a decent Dex and get Combat Reflexes.

Metamorph Alchemist/Aberrant bloodline bloodrager

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