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I'm set to play in the Passing the Torch scenarios later this month and could use some advice on what gear / equipment might be helpful to have. I'll be playing a level 12 paladin of Sarenrae. No spoilers please, but any tips would be appreciated. (This will be my first tier 12+ scenario experience, so I'm a bit nervous.) Thanks!


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That depends on what you currently have and how much money you have to spend.


andreww, of course, is correct.

Generally for seeker level content you should probably go over your character and make sure you have appropriate tools to deal with things that can end your career prematurely. Think back over the last few scenarios with this character, especially in the 10-11 tier. Where did you struggle? Did that expose gaps in your character which might be exploited again? If so, maybe look to buy items now.

Check that your saves are about as high as you can get them. I was told a long time ago and always try to keep my fort/will save at least as high as my character level, if not higher. A bad saving throw is ultimately what can ruin your day. In the event that doesn't work, look to have:

Ways to deal with ability damage/curses/diseases/poisons/petrification
Ways to deal with obscure combinations of defenses (DR/Resistances)
Ways to deal with different environments / hazards / terrains

If you know your team, you can coordinate and split up who buys what but even then it's often prudent to spread those tools around.

If you made it to 12 already have good saves and a lot of answers to common conditions, then you might not have bought a cool signature item yet. If you haven't and you have the wealth, it's worth considering doing so now. For a martial character, that might be juicing your primary weapon. For a caster, it might be getting a cool metamagic rod. There's a lot to be said for doing something fun at this tier to break out an awesome trick at this tier.


I have not played or run these scenarios so this of course I don't have spoilers.

In general, if you thinkn you are in for a rough day a couple L1 pearls of power (1000 each) to recover heroic defiance will save your life.
Depending on your focus, I love bracers of the avenging knight and bracers of the merciful knight.
Paladins are often bad at perception. Eyes of the eagle may help a bit.
Always carry a couple potions of fly, and maybe a snapleaf.
A way to gain freedom of movement is always handy.
Never know when you will be put into a squeezing position and need a corset of the vishkanya.
Paladins are hard up for swift actions, so you may want a corset of nimble moves for that time you need to do two swifts instead of a move and a swift.

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Given your character is a paladin, saving throws might be just fine with less effort. That would allow for more budget on the other defences and/or boosting the offence. I might have some idaes (but it's as you see fit and you might have something else in mind) :

- Spending PP (and some coins) to retrain the HP

- Amulet of natural armor (or any AC boost outside ring of protection, this one is usually covered by smite unless you still want a ring against everybody) -> if minimizing damage suffered is the focus

- Blood-Boiling Pills : even if bleeding worse is riskier, at these levels there's the need to act ASAP as who goes first don't always win, but can help dictate the game

- Boosting the weapon straight to +5 in case of possibly encountering non-evil creatures (so smite's not working) or boots of speed (mmmh, more damage or extra attack ?)

Nothing else that immediately comes into mind, others already covered the rest

Thanks for the advice, everyone. My character has about 12,000gp to spend, so I’ll see what I can do.

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(in the email I got before a game once...sent to all the players by the judge):
I will remind you to be prepared for the basics.

Ability damage (potentially drain)
Invisible opponents
Incorporeal opponents
Extremes in temperature
Being grappled
Religious extremists who do not like you
Travel in an area where Pathfinders are not legal

Then, after you leave the venture captains office...

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