help me maximize my scorpions grapple.


Conditions : Verminous celestial hunter, with halfling caretaker to remove mindless trait and grant int at level 1.

Helpful halfing s well, to give aid another bonus of +4. With retraining available as a PFS character at level 7 so far i have the following:

Scorpion level 7 = BAB of +4
Strength score 23= +6
Grab = +4
Leech aspect(or other grapple boosting one) for +2
Size(large) = +1
Improved Grapple feat = +2

total of 19 when fighting alone

outflank= +4
dirty fighting while flanking +2
Aid another (with benevolent weapon) = +5
Magic fang to claw = +1

total of 31 if i help.

The scorpion has an armor, but no other slots currently in use (only neck is available without a feat)

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments?

I'm not looking to neccessarily grapple one bad guy constantly, but rather, trying to make use of grappling with only one claw (-20 penalty) reliably on squishier less beefy characters like rogues, to keep them busy while other enemies are dealt with.

Your halfling could take a +1 menacing weapon. This would make all attacks for Flankers at +2 more.

adding another +1 bonus on the +1 benevolent naginata wouldn't be that helpful, considering the price, but good thought and thanks. If i were a dual wielder (or thought of it when i created the character, one weapon that way, and one with benevolent would have been real smart...

Keep in mind the bonus affects everyone in the flank. You dont have to be flanking if another is.

1) magic armor for the Scorp : Brawling, Adhesive
2) AoMF +2 or betterfor the scorp - adds to the to hit, replaces magic fang. Also, could use Greater Magic Fang.
3) Violet Thorny Ioun Stone
4) Extra Slot + Assorted Magic Items for the scorp, eg. Anaconda's Coils
5) Alchemical Resin, Dessicating Lubricant, tanglefoot bags (effects their cmb/cmd via entangle's -2 to hit)
6) Resinous Skin spell

I have noticed resinous skin, and considering taking it, wasnt sold just yet.

I am aware of anacondas coils, and not sure if i want to burn the feat and the cash, but i might..( the issue here is the bonus to grapple doesnt actually stack with a grapple aspect, same bonus, but it would allow me to boost something else)

violet thorny is a good suggestion, but like the coils i dont think it stacks with an aspect.

I have been considering the aomf, but they are pricey, so will probably just buy a rod of extend and GMF

I was unaware of the armor enchantments i will look into those.

Keep suggestions coming folks! Even if i shoot em down now, i may change my mind later if saomething new crops up.

Sovereign Court

Probably be worth it to add in Spiked Armor/Armor Spikes/Rosewood Armor. There is some discussion in these forums on how Armor Spikes work in a grapple, but I am of the school of adding a d6 in damage when your grapple does damage(constrict).

I have a pet class(Life Shaman) that utilizes grab a bit, but its a mauler familiar King Crab. Mostly I use it as an intelligent mount that occasionally grabs goblins.

Bone Fists, Thorn Body, Frostbite are all useful to keep the damage relevant, though you may need Share Spells.

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