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Back in the playtest, I liked to keep a list of things I felt were issues with the game as it stood, and order them from most concerning to least. I think it'd be fun to do that again, but with a focus on what we'd like to see Paizo add to the new edition!

Here's mine:

1. Errata of the most glaring issues. (This is currently confirmed for late October!)

2. More ancestry feats/heritages. I think this is critical, since there are so few options right now, and 17th level is completely blank! I think we need a bushel of new ancestry feats for every ancestry as soon as possible.

3. Class archetypes. This would give me some of the extra level 1 tweaking that I find I'm missing in PF2, and open up some personal preference options (like legendary armor fighters?)

4. More magic items. I'll be honest, the loot I'm spreading into my campaign is looking pretty thin! Animal companion gear is a big missing piece too! And we need more interesting staves!

5. Firearms + technology. I group these together, because I sincerely hope technological items like rail guns and arc rifles can follow the same design principles as the rest of the game, instead of feeling too tacked on.

6. More spells. Mostly need to fill in old standbys and flesh out certain lists focused on a single type of spell.

7. Monster building/item designing rules for GMs. I need to augment my game!

8. More classes. There's a reason this is down at number 8. I'd love to get a handful of more options, but I think what we have is already pretty good.

9. More ancestries. I actually don't think I'll be *too* excited by new ancestries until the current ones feel like they have enough feat options.

What do your guys' lists look like?

For fun, here are my last playtest issues and what happened to them:

1. Lack of combat style customization and flexibility outside of class
Update: A surprising amount of combat customization can come from ancestry feats. I still feel general-feat weapon or armor style archetypes may be in order, but overall it's not going too badly. Houserules are also easy fixes for this.

2. Weak spells
Update: Not an issue for me any longer.

3. Limited class options (narrow feat level tiers, enforced party roles, "least bad" feat selection)
Update: In general, there's always a feat I want at each tier, even if it's a multiclass feat. This issue seems resolved.

4. Limited first/early level customization
Update: I still feel things take a longer time than I want to come online. House ruling extra feats solves this, and may show up in the GM guide.

5. Over-reliance on a designated "healer"
Update: Medicine and focus healing has largely made this a non-issue.

6. Low success rate for optimized characters
Update: Non-issue, with high end optimization reaching ~95% chances of success.

7. Heavy armor being too heavily penalized
Update: Fixed.

8. Skill feats taking too much away from baseline skill functions
Update: Largely fixed.

9. Class specific problems (Retributive Strike, Hunt Target)
Update: The different class paths make these a much smaller issue, letting you pick your flavors.

10. Bland races
Update: Almost fixed. We need more ancestry feats!

11. Focus
Update: Non-issue.

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1. More ancestries. The core ones aren’t terribly inspiring for my friends and me after being used to the more exotic options for years. It’s our biggest homebrew priority. The ancestries and heritages of the APG are great for this.

2. More classes. Get some more of that juicy uniquely Pathfinder flavor back. The four classes covered by APG are great for this.

3. Generic archetypes. We’ve got a bunch of very specific organization archetypes; I’m looking for stuff to slap armor focus on a class, make an assassin, focus on a familiar, and so on. The APG will have 60 pages.

4. More class options. Some classes are doing pretty well! Alchemist could use some more options, but the casters are doing all right, and could be a little lower.

5. Major errata. We’ve got this coming this month.

6. More items. Especially cool utility alchemical stuff for higher levels.

7. Monster creation rules. On their way soon.

8. Round out summoning lists with Bestiary 2, and start covering stuff like kytons.

9. Caster options. Gods, bloodlines, spells. I love me some casters, but the twenty starter gods, eight schools, and ten bloodlines are a good enough start for me to start.

10. Summoner. I need it for a homebrew setting, and I want my Arcane fiend summoning.

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1: Errata/redesigns for things before there's technical debt and it can't be changed

2: a better FAQ/errata system. Random posts and clips from 4 hour streams, twitter, etc. Doesn't cut it. You have your own website to put things on! Put things there!

3: a way to get the Mount ability on something that isn't a horse (preferably at low levels). Elk riding elves, gobbo dog riding gobbos, Orc on a bear, halfling on a bird - these are a few of my favourite things.

1. A FAQ system that isn't videos/posts in random threads.
2. Release the Lost Omens Character Guide on schedule (lots more options).
3. Errata for the CRB.
4. Update to PFS guide to include additional resources.
4.5: EDIT: Add more ancestry feats... they're pretty lacking right now. LOCG may actually cover this however...
5. Get to the rest after this, I don't so much care about ordering :).

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tivadar27 wrote:

racial feats.

You misspelled "ancestry".

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1. Fix/provide errata for all content in CRB and Bestiary

2. Work on providing missing core options from 1e that were iconic and heavily used such as Magus, Oracle(LOCG), Weird alchemist options like extra limbs and construct creation.

3. Class archetypes some classes really need these to get back what they had in 1e like rangers with spells/powers. More deity specific options for champions and more power choices. Easy homebrew but Str as a primary stat for druids or a build that leans into the wild morph more.

4. More ancestry feats.

5. More general feats and scaling or generic archetypes that allow for scaling like Heavy armor archetype or martial weapon archetype.

1) More ways to get good at heavy armor. MC champion is a rather unsatisfying option for a lot of reasons, I'd really appreciate some armor archetypes.

2) Update some of the content that expanded classes in 1e over to 2e. Subschools and opposed schools for wizards, subdomains for clerics, wildblooded bloodlines for sorcerers, etc.

3) More spells. It is hard to specialize in a school of magic of that school is heavily uncommon or fails to offer spells at some levels.I

4) More ritual support. Some skill or archetype feats that let you do more with them.

5) Monster building rules and more Equipment. GMing feels great but treasure feels awfully thin and they aren't going to come out with a bestiary to fit all my monster wants. If I want a carnivorous whale sloth I need to custom make it, so I need me some monster building rules.

6) Clarifications on rules.

7) More of everything. Just, more.

8) A book giving more details on the Impossible Lands in the Inner Sea region so I know how much my campaign is diverging from canon.

1. Some errata should be top priority to prevent technical debt (eg fix the alchemist before making class-specific archetype for it)...

2. More player option (class feats, class archetype, class, ancestry feats, skill feats, etc).

3. Other less important errata/faq.

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After eratta and such. Preferably a slight rejigger of Alchemists (My favorite class. but I would love if more number fixers were built into the class, and then interesting or flavorful feats instead)
More Alchemical Items for me.
In particular.

Liquid Blade.
Shard Gel,
Dust Knuckles.

I want these three the most. And I want them to be scaling to some extent-not just a lv 1 or 2 item forever.

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Nicolas Paradise wrote:
2. Work on providing missing core options from 1e that were iconic and heavily used such as Magus, Oracle(LOCG).

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by core options here. I would think that to mean options (classes in this case) that were available in the 1e CRB which doesn't describe either the Magus (UM) or the Oracle (APG)

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