Subscription discounts a little odd (Order #8127435).

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Hi Paizo people

I'm not really sure what is supposed to happen, but it looks like the discounts on my subscription order might be being messed up (?)

I am being granted 30% off the PF Adventure Path instalment which seems to be higher than it should be. (The others are all 15% off, as expected except for the PFBattles item which is 30%).

If you wouldn't mind looking into that for me, I'd appreciate it. Is the 30% maybe something to do with the legacy discount? It's entirely possible I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick. :)


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I posted this in the other thread, but I'm pretty sure this answer is correct:

My understanding is that the "Legacy Advantage" applies in two big ways:

1. It retains for PF1 Adventure Path subscribers the ability to retain their (near) site-wide 15% Paizo Advantage on products and other subscriptions alike without needing four or more subscriptions.

2. It retains the 30% off the Pathfinder Adventure Path subscriptions we were getting pre-PF2.

The "Legacy Advantage" applies for those people who were signed up for the Adventure Path during the PF1 run, and the switch over to PF2.

In other words, the "Legacy Advantage" is a way to maintain the status quo for the many long-time subscribers like you and me (and many, many others).

If you signed up post-PF1, the Adventure Path subscription counts as just one of FOUR total subscriptions you need to obtain the 15% (near) site-wide Pathfinder Advantage. And from what I can tell, under this deal you only get 15% off the Adventure Path, effectively dropping the price from $24.99 to $21.24. (Instead of down to the 30% off price of $17.49).

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Also, I think that technically the 15%-off Paizo Advantage plan also applies to the Battles line. So if you only had the Paizo Advantage plan, you could still order products from the Battles line at a 15% discount.

However, the Pathfinder Battles subscription discount of 30% off the case and 75% off the incentive is separate from the Paizo Advantage. Despite being separate, it supersedes (and does not stack with) the 15%-off the Paizo Advantage offers.

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Is 30% off for PFBattles one-off items correct? (It’s the legendary heroes item, not a full case).

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Hello Steve,

Pigraven gave really thorough and entirely correct information about Legacy Paizo Advantage and the other subscription discounts.

You do also get the 30% discount off other qualifying Pathfinder Battles items purchased outside the subscriptions, so long as your subscription is active and has already sent you a case to make this discount active.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

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