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The pricing shown in the email I received about order 7914022 appears to be incorrect.

The order includes three Adventure Card Game Class/Character decks.
(it actually includes four decks, but one of those is already on sale).
As I am an Adventure Card Game subscriber these should be discounted 20%,
but they are all listed at full price.

The order also includes a Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes set.
This does seem to have been discounted 20%, but that's wrong;
I should only get my Paizo Advantage 15% discount on this item.

The last item in the order - a Flip-Mat - should also receive
the Paizo Advantage 15% discount, but is listed at full price.

And, finally: before I changed this order to be shipped with
my next subscription shipment it was set to ship by the cheapest
possible method. This showed the items would be shipped in six
different packages, for a total shipping cost of over $30!

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Lost Omens, Maps, Pawns, Rulebook Subscriber

Update: I've just received the advance email for my October subscription order (Order #8180044), which has picked up these products from my sidecart.

The Adventure Card Game Class Decks (apart from the one already on sale) now do show up at a discounted price. But it's only the 15% Paizo Advantage discount - as I am a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscriber I thought these qualified for a 20% discount.

Similarly, all the Pathfinder Maps products (the one from the sidecart order and the two from the subscription) are only discounted 15%, not the 20% I would expect to see as a Pathfinder Maps subscriber.

The Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes, though, still shows a 20% discount, which I believe to be incorrect - I think this would only qualify for the 15% Paizo Advantage.

If I were to take a guess as to what is going wrong here I would suggest that the higher discount rates from subscriptions are incorrectly being applied to the first item in the order (the Pathfinder Battles, in this case) rather than to the qualifying item(s)

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello JohnF,

I think the Adventure Card Game discount not applying to some of those items is an error. I'm checking with our store person to see if they can fix to get those items to recongize the discount. Once we have it straightened out, I can refund the overcharge to your store credit, which you can use for any future subscription items to balance out your costs.

The Maps that didn't get the discount tell me they are not because the 20% does not apply to subscription generated items. Essentially, you don't receive that 20% on the new releases for each month, but do receive 20% off of previously released maps. This 15% instead of 20% appears intentional due to this.

The Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes does apparently fall under the selection of products to receive a 20% discount from the card game subscriber discount. Which seems odd, but all the Iconic Heroes sets are listed as products to receive that discount so I doubt that's a mistake and I'm certainly not going to take that discount away from you.

I'll follow up once I've got the Card Game decks discounted and any overcharge refunded.

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