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I am currently running Age of Ashes as a GM and both me and my players are having a blast going through it.
As usual, the art is amazing.The NPCs/monsters are really high quality and i really enjoy incorporating them into our session by showing my players what they are up against.

That being said, I was wondering if you considered adding a PDF dedicated only for the art shown in the book? just like the interactive maps.
I don't know how many people use the pictures from the books to show their to their players, but i feel like its a shame not to show them in their original state, without background, name tags or having been cropped.

Hope you will consider this.

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The upcoming Battle Cards might be what you want, for Bestiary monsters at least. I will be making my own cards for anything not included in that product (items, NPCs, etc.) and have already started sharing some in the community content thread for Age of Ashes.

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