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Hello, I have a Lost Omens subscription but for some reason it doesn't seem to show the Lost Omens Character Guide as upcoming item for me and tells me that my next item is God's and Magic. Should my subscription include the Character Guide?

Also the discount from having four subscriptions won't kick in until I receive an item from the rule book line, correct?

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Somebody from Paizo will have to sort out when you get Paizo Advantage, as the rules are a bit tricky to work out. The item from the rule book line would qualify you for the discount if it is your 4th qualifying subscription, and then that discount would be applied to the subscription order that contains the qualifying item(s).

But in regard to the Lost Omens Character Guide, that book is part of the October subscription shipment and thus should be in the process of becoming part of your subscription shipment right now. Your "My Subscriptions" page is going to look a bit weird until the Paizo folks finish generating the orders, hopefully today or tonight. The main thing you may notice there is that items that are going to ship starting next week (such as the Lost Omens Character Guide) will have disappeared from that page.

Once your order is authorized, you will get an e-mail you listing the items that are going to ship to you, that Lost Omens Character Guide should be among the items listed in that e-mail, and that book should reappear on your My Subscriptions page with a status of "pending" until it actually ships.

Ok, thanks.

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Hello The Only Star,

It looks like David was able to give a thorough explanation. Your subscriptions are set up right and it looks like your Lost Omens Character Guide shipped out! That subscriptions page can look odd during the release time of those products are being generated. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

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