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One of my players had a question about how the damage combines on these abilities.

If the PC hits both attacks, one Slashing and one Piercing, it says to combine the damage for the purposes of resistance/weakness. Do the damage types combine as well?

say they hit for 10 slashing, 2 piercing, combine to 12 slashing and piercing damage.

target has resistance piercing 5, does the 12 become 7?or does it only reduce the 2 piercing to 0?

if it's the former it would have been better to not double slice at all since the 2nd weapon hitting actually lowered the damage from the first hit.

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I don't read anything about combining damage types, so I would keep those separate, but combining damage of the same type for the purpose of overcoming specific resistances.

If you had say a enchanted club dealing 6 blunt and 4 fire damage and an enchanted sword dealing 8 slashing and 3 fire damage, I'd combine the 2 instances of fire damage together and only appy an eventual fire resistance 5 once.

You swiftly attack your hunted prey with both weapons. Make two Strikes against your hunted prey, one with each of the required weapons. If both hit the same hunted prey, combine their damage for the purpose of its resistances and weaknesses. Apply your multiple attack penalty to each Strike normally.

Seems that you deal a hit by merging 2 weapons into one for what concerns that specific hit.

So if you hit with a piercing weapon and a slashing weapon, you will overcome both slashing and piercing resistances.

Same goes for the rare materials.

Could like this because in this version you don't have primary and secondary attacks, and all attacks counts toward the multiattack penalty. So you will be using just one weapon.

Normally you will hit with your main weapon. Or the weapon which is enchanted.

Also it is a Flourish attack, so 1 per turn, probably meant for a skirmisher ranger with agile weapons, which has the lowest multiattack penalty in the game.


An enemy with 5/B resistance

A player with spiked glove and light mace

Normally you would consider both rolls separately, because of the resistance.

The feat says that you have to combine them for the purpose of the enemy resistances.

The fact that they decided to write this in the feat can only mean that you have to use them altogether to solve the damage reduction.

There is room for different interpretations, but it is a fact they deliberately decided to specify that you have to combine thr damage to check the final result.

If it would have worked in the Normal way,they shouldn't have said a thing.

The ranger in my group right now has been breaking the class wide open with a pure archery, monster hunting build. His MAB is on par with the duel welding ranger, but it takes a single turn to set up. So the first round on combat he has a lower MAB, but after that it is similar if not better.

K1 wrote:
So if you hit with a piercing weapon and a slashing weapon, you will overcome both slashing and piercing resistances.

What if a creature has both resistance against slashing and resistance against piercing?

They um cancel?

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I would say if you hit an opponent with double slice/twin takedown which has resistance 5 slashing, and weakness 10 piercing you would subtract 5 from your damage and add 10 to your damage.

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