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I'm looking at running a game for a first-time game for a group of kids ranging from 8 to 11. Are there any kid friendly Adventure Paths or Society Adventures that you guys would recommend. The only AP that I've run is Rise of the Runelords and while it's a great AP for adults, not so much for kids I think. I'm looking for something official and published that I can give their parents ahead of time so the parents know exactly what's going on. Any insight you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Wellllllllllll... I'd say all of them require some editing if you're concerned about Impressionable Young Minds. A lot of what you'd need to look out for is going to vary by what a given group of parents might get upset by.

Trial of the Apprentice is a third party AP dedicated to this.

Of the official ones, Crypt of the Everflame is pretty good module for beginners with generic undead being the worst content wise (and in video games, that doesn't even warrant an E10 rating), plus plot-wise it's a coming of age scenario that could have younger than normal PCs. It has a pair of followup modules, but book 2 is sketchy on use for young children (or players that aren't idiots since it outright tells you to homebrew if the players don't jump in front of the railroad tracks and do something really stupid) while book 3 is kinda meh and needs an in-character way to tell some treasure is fake patched in. Iron Gods doesn't really have anything too bad, but tech rules aren't exactly for new players (especially so if you're converting to 2E).

Going further back, to my memory Age of Worms doesn't really have anything beyond typical undead and generic "bad guy will destroy the world if you fail", especially so if you flavor Diamond Lake's missery as primarily the result of a historical style "company store" type scam. Red Hand of Doom is a bit higher level, but has no content problems I can think of beyond the generic ones I've mentioned already. Level range starts where Trial of the Apprentice leaves off (If anyone knows of a good module that goes ~3-5 and could be worked to connect Crypt of the Everyflame to RHoD, I'd love to hear it), though you may need to adjust the story a bit to make that work.

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Thanks for the advice thus far. I haven't even thought about the kids playing characters who are children. Just didn't even cross my mind, so an AP for just that sounds great.

For a starting adventure maybe We Be Heroes? Not sure in APs though.

You can probably run Mummy's Mask as a very Indiana Jones-flavored youth-appropriate adventure. Definitely the first dungeon, at least, though I don't know about throwing animated objects at kids.

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The Mosquito Witch scenario has guidelines for tweaking the adventure to anything from a survival horror story to a goofy Scooby-Doo style of mystery. I haven't seen how the light-hearted version works at the table, but that's worth keeping in mind if you want something short and tonally flexible.

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I went by my FLGS to order Trial of the Apprentice but it's been discontinued. One thing I haven't found is what age should characters be when the player's themselves are young. On one hand I can see where it might be fun for the kids to play as grown-ups (or at least teenagers) on the other a Goonies style game where the characters are kids might be cool too. I've never had a child PC at my table and I'm not sure that I'd allow it with a table of adults. But I've also never ran a game for kids so I'm not sure how to handle it.

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Trial Of The Apprentice

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I'm a children's librarian who regularly runs gaming programs. I am not incredibly familiar with what's out there for PF, but Monte Cook Games has a great product called "No Thank You, Evil," that has some good advice for running games for kids - even if you don't use that rules system (I think it's a variation of their Cypher System).

I think anything you do would need to be modified based on the children. I have run for groups of kids that wanted to commit no acts of violence. Then I had a group containing an adorable 4 year-old who wanted to go murder hobo on surrendering goblins.

You just never know.

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@Harels, what age do you have younger players make their characters?

I was thinking about what to run for my son who is currently two on his fourth or fifth birthday just for fun.I hadn’t thought about pre published stuff but I do have a few years for planning. Instead I was working on a fun little adventure based on a couple nursery rhymes, little bunny foo foo and maybe hickory dickory dock. Basically making a pre gen mouse type character and letting him run through a relatively bloodless game. Could put in some combat to delay the vile bunny until he gets gooned though.

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Grenn the scarred wrote:
I was thinking about what to run for my son who is currently two on his fourth or fifth birthday just for fun.I hadn’t thought about pre published stuff but I do have a few years for planning.

There are several publishers who wrote adventures for young kids using PF1 rules

AAW Games has a series of free adventures in their "Snow White" Series

You might use those for inspiration

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Given all of the following are first edition, so you would need to convert monsters, DC, and treasure to run them as second edition.

Back with first edition, I ran two of my children through the Skeleton King’s Crypt and Black Fang's Dungeon which cam in the Beginner Box. The first is in the Hero's handbook (a solo adventure) and the second is the Game Master's Guide.

After those I started having them do some of the free adventures from the Beginner Bash Demos. There are four short adventures titled, Relics, Ruins, Terrors, and Tomes. I had them do the Relic's adventure, and was beginning the Terrors adventure but we got interrupted, and didn't get back to it yet. [ended up doing some starfinder]

I have some preliminary work on converting Black Fang's dungeon for second edition, but got a little hung up on redoing the treasure. If you want what I have, let me know.

I might try tackling converting something like the Relics adventure if that would help someone. [give a free simple adventure someone could download, and then get the suggested conversion info] and be able to play it with a group.

The beginner Box GM kit also had a quick adventure called the Deadly Mine. But it also would have to be converted.

I really think a group of such age can handle most adventures. I'll obviously avoid any evil characters at the table, and will paint most of the adventure in bright colors. As long as you avoid sexual expliciy content (I've rarely faced any) and don't go into details about the bad guys wrongdoings, it should be fine. I watched Terminator at 8 and didn't make nightmares out of it.

I think the biggest issues you will face are concentration and level of play.
I would avoid anything really complex, like puzzles or long investigation or tight diplomacy. I'll also make fights quite easy, and avoid anything like deaths or crippling fights.
And I'll stick to short sessions, no more than two hours, with very quick actions (no long duration fights, very quick switches between exploration, roleplay and fight). This last point is the toughest as you may lose everyone in a matter of minutes. The hardest being fights, as waiting between rounds can take ages, especialy if you are incapacitated. I don't know how big your table will be, the smallest the better. And if some adults play, ask them to play very quickly.

SuperBidi wrote:
if some adults play, ask them to play very quickly.

Good advice whether you have kids at the table or not! :)

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