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Are there any good Pathfinder-oriented podcasts out there that are NOT actual-play podcasts, and are updated fairly regularly? I've been looking for RPG discussion/news podcasts for a while, and figure a system as popular as Pathfinder would have something like what I'm looking for!

Dice and Slice has discussion episodes in addition to their AP content.


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KnowDirection is a standard for news, reviews, and interviews in the Pathfinder space.

I strongly recommend Classic_DM on youtube, he has alot of good breakdown videos on pathfinder 2e

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Why does nobody want evil Pathfinder podcasts?

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Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone!

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QuidEst wrote:
Why does nobody want evil Pathfinder podcasts?

If you’re looking for evil stuff I GM the Hideous Laughter Podcast and we have a side campaign running against our Carrion Crown party that is all evil. Most recently I homebrewed a trip to Nidal that was a lot of fun, but we have 12 evil episodes so far!

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Hey all, for those of you new I'd like to introduce you to the Roll For Combat Actual Play Podcast!

So what are you playing on the podcast?
Currently, we have two actual play podcasts -- the Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path and The Fall of Plaguestone Pathfinder Adventure. You can find them both here:
• Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path:
• The Fall of Plaguestone:

So what is your group's playstyle?
On both podcasts, we play a mixture of "rules as written" (we play as closely as possible to the original rules) and role-playing. The Dead Suns podcast is a bit more "beer and pretzels" type of game, where we make jokes and rag on each other during the show. While the Plaguestone podcast is heavily into roleplaying and a bit more serious.

How are you playing?
Since we are scattered throughout the country we play online using a mixture of Discord and D20Pro.

How often do you post your show?
The Fall of Plaguestone podcast posts every Tuesday and the Dead Suns podcast posts every Friday.

What else do you do on the show?
We have a large number of interviews on the show, which you can view here:

We also play Starfinder Society games, which you can view here:

We also review most Paizo hardcover books, which you can view here:

I hear you also play games on your Discord channel?
Yes, we are an official Paizo Lodge for Play-by-Discord games. You can learn how to join or run a game over at our Discord channel. Games are running all the time and we run both Pathfinder and Starfinder games. You can join our Discord here:

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