Help me refine my GM skills


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Ellioti wrote:
Ellioti wrote:
Wilhim wrote:
Well, thanks. I sought to work to make myself a better DM, and you've killed all interest in doing that for me.

Don't give up, because if some people's misinterpretation. Some of us did understand your intent. Like this guy:

Markus the Librarian wrote:
Sounds almost like recruiting encounter playtesters.
And me. I only skimmed over your 4 1/2 lines of text and immediately started thinking, what kind of character I could offer you...

Aaand I'm back. I guess I'm a bit late to the party and you don't need a fifth wheel.

A fifth member is perfectly in line with the average. Go ahead.I usually end up running six anyways when I try to DM because I don't want to tell anybody no.

Artemis Thornborne wrote:

Moonwave here, this will be the build I'll be using. It's 90% complete, just have to fix prepared spells and minor details.

I tried to follow PFS guidelines on Additional Resources pdf, if I missed something please let me know.

Your cleric lacks the Handle Animal skill. It's a DC 10 check, free action, to make your companion perform a trick it knows. Yes, you could also use your Speak with Animals spell-like, but that's limited in uses and a standard action to activate.

@Wilhim, another character with a large animal is probably too much, isn't it? :D:D Just asking, because I never played a Hunter before

You are definitely right, I totally forgot about Handle Animal checks to direct animal companion, will fix that.

I don't think melee will be so much crowded, 3 of us are fine staying at range. As of now, only Markus, my Ape (providing nice flanking bonuses with a wonderful Menacing Amulet of Mighty Fists) and summons (which could also be ranged or flyers) are in melee. I think there is still room for frontliners.

My character will be the standard cleric support build, focusing on buffing summons and keeping that Menacing Amulet online for melee, so another striker is welcome I think. Spontaneous summons help.

I love hunters, and builds focusing on teamwork feats. Will he be melee or ranged?

melee focusing on AoO with Outflank and Paired Opportunist. Probably a reach build to create lots of AoOs. Will focus on STR and CON.

working on boss, I'll be ready to go on monday, so you have until then to finish up. make sure to deplete about half your resources, potions, spells, arrows etc to simulate your adventuring through a dungeon

Here's my Hunter. He's also a Wild Child Brawler. He's been raised by wolves and his brother Bob became his hunting and travel companion. He even speaks the language of the wolves!

Been down the last couple of days. I won't be able to start tomorrow, maybe tuesday. Good news though, I ran the boss with a couple of friends so I can now better refine it for you.

Sorry guys, I'm swamped. I promise I'll be ready by next monday

And I've lied again. Have you guys given up on me?

Wilhim wrote:
And I've lied again. Have you guys given up on me?

Nope, just let us know when you are ready!

I can actually start whenever, i'll open up the discussion and players can check in

You still looking for more players? Or all done now?

build a character, just note, you really only need the mechanics since this is a playtest instead of an adventure.

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