Converting Adventure Paths to Savage Worlds


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For funzies, I have decide to start converting all of the Pathfinder adventure paths to Savage Worlds. I am trying to restrict myself to content from the core book (SWADE) and the (soon to be obsolete version of the) Fantasy Companion, although I may refer to other books if necessary (most likely the other Companions or the Hellfrost bestiaries).

I've used the linked article as my guide, specifically the bit about capturing the feel of the adventure, rather than the mechanics. Consequently, I've chopped and changed the AP as written to make it more Fast, Furious and Fun. Full disclosure, none of this has been playtested. I wish I had the time to!

Anywhere here is the first half of Rise of the Runelords, converted to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. I'll add more as the project continues.

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Some home-brewed house rules I think could be good....

Allies in Battle: the party may collect allies during a game.
Instead of statting them up and running them as NPCs, each ally
grants a particular bonus to the party (for example: one ally might
have a pool of bennies the party can use, another might grant a free
ranged attack once per round, or give the befits of a particular Edge).
Only one ally can be assigned to the party at a time, so the PCs might
switch them in/out for particular quests when they return to base.

Currency: 1 silver piece = $1, so 1 gold = £10.

Recurring Enemies: if you want an important/interesting enemy to fight
the party, but live to fight another day, apply the Recurring Enemy
template. The wound cap for this enemy is three, instead of four.
Upon taking a third wound, the villain immediately (even if it is not
their action) retreats from the battle, swearing vengeance on the
party. Give every player a benny. Don't use this option too often, or
your players will get sick if it, reserve it for those truly memorable
villains, or those who are protected by plot armour.

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Rise of the Runelords 1: Burnt Offerings (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

Swallowtail festival (Desna) in the coastal town of Sandpoint.

NPCs in Sandpoint;
Mayor Kendra Deverin.
Sheriff Belor Hemlock.
Father Zantus (Priest of Desna).
Ameiko Kaijitsu (proprietor of the Rusty Dragon).
Aldern Foxglove (nobleman, staying in Sandpoint while his manor is
being renovated), his wife Iesha and their manservant Craesby.
Ven Vinder (general store owner) and his daughter Shayliss.
Orik Vancaskerkin (spy in Sandpoint, WC, Common Mercenary, FC).
Shalelu Andosana (half-elven ranger).

Goblins attack the town during the revelry (tactical combat), diversion while Nualia Tobyn steals her father's bones from the graveyard.
Goblin (SWADE)

Quick Encounter to restore order to the town.

Shayliss tries to seduce handsome PC.

Aldern buys a horse for PC who most impressed him.

Sheriff Hemlock deputizes PCs while he goes for reinforcements from Magnimar (and gets captured by Thistletop goblins on route).

--- PART TWO ---

Ameiko Kaijitsu disappears, PCs to investigate. She was lured to the waterfront, where Tsuto, Orik (hooded) and some goblins bundled her into a boat and took her to Thistletop.

Shalelu reports several goblin tribes gathering near Thistletop.

Travel in the Sandpoint Hinterlands;
Spades/Enemies: the Sandpoint Devil (Nightmare, FC, add Flying
speed and the ability to breathe fire, as the Burst power).
Hearts/Strangers: wounded deputy who escaped the goblin ambush.
Diamonds/Treasure: a merchant's cart, laden with fireworks for the
festival. Goblins have killed the merchant and set off some fireworks,
accidentally starting a fire, that could quickly get out of control.
Clubs/Obstacles: a goblin druid (WC) Gogmurt is creating walls of
dense, thorny brambles across the road, to stop adventurers getting
too close to Thistletop.

Journey takes two days on foot or one day on horseback.

--- PART THREE ---

Lots of goblins gathering near Thistletop (too many to fight), also wolves, hobgoblins, maybe an ogre.... Encourage PCs to sneak around/through.
Goblin, Orc, Ogre (SWADE).

Goblin Fact: Goblins love pickles!

Rickety rope bridge from mainland to goblin fort, haphazardly built on the top of a giant stone head (collapsed statue of Karzoug). Fight on ropebridge if the PCs are noticed.

Thistletop Throne Room. (WC) Warchief Ripnugget (Goblin, SWADE) and his 'elite' bodyguards; two Redcaps (FC) and two Hobgoblin wizards (SWADE, add Spellcasting skill). The warchief pretends otherwise, but he is terrified of Nualia. Ripnugget surrenders if all his bodyguards are slain.

Shark infested waters around Thistletop. Secret entrance via underwater tunnel. Ruined pirate ship, guarded by giant crabs and ghost of the (WC) pirate captain (ghost pistols!). Treasure and two blackpowder pistols in sunken chest encrusted to the back of the biggest crab. Steps lead to secret door to the temple of Lamashtu.
Ghost (SWADE), Giant Crab (FC).

Goblin gaol. Obese hobgoblin gaoler and hooded goblin torturers guard prisoners: Sheriff Hemlock, Ameiko * and a scholar of Thasillonian lore called Lyrie Akenja (who knows Nualia is trying to summon Malfeshnekor to destroy Sandpoint).
Goblin, Hobgoblin (SWADE).
* Ameiko knows Orik helped the goblins capture her.

The Temple to Lamashtu. (WC) Nualia prepares the ritual to summon Malfeshnekor, her father's fire-blackened bones strewn across the unholy altar (clerics must roll Spirit-2 or be fatigued by the evil here). Also present are (WC) Tsuto Kaijitsu (who is having second thoughts, but is in love with Nualia) and several uneasy goblins/hobgoblins. If Orik is with the party, he betrays them during this battle. Nualia wearing Sideheron medallion (grants wearer the Nerves of Steel Edge).
Nualia (Priest of War, FC).
Tsuto (Ranger, Typical, FC).

On the off chance that things go badly and Nualia actually succeeds in summoning (WC) Malfeshnekor (she needs to accumulate five successes/raises on her Faith skill and prioritizes this over attacking the heroes until she is wounded) he appears as a huge demonic wolf.
Malfeshnekor (use Dire Wolf, add Demon template (FC) make it Size+6.

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Rise of the Runelords 2: The Skinsaw Murders (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

Aldern and Iesha Foxglove return to their mansion (Misgivings). Unfortunately, while excavating wine cellar, the workmen broke into the sealed laboratory of Aldern's evil grandfather Vorel Foxglove and released a virulent strand of ghoul fever. Ghouls are now running amok through the Sandpoint hinterlands.
Ghouls (FC).

Farmer Grump staggers into Sandpoint, ranting about walking scarecrows who ate his farmhands and livestock. Sheriff Hemlock asks the party to investigate the old man's wild claims.

Reaching the farmlands takes one day on foot or half a day on horseback;
Spades/Enemies: a pack of hungry ghouls (disguised as scarecrows)
attempt to ambush the party.
Hearts/Strangers: one of Farmer Grump's dogs, afflicted with (but not
yet succumbed to) ghoul fever - roll Vigour d6 daily, turns on failure.
Diamonds/Treasure: a fine riding horse (with expensive saddle worth
100gp) runs through the fields, pursued by a pack of hungry ghouls.
Clubs/Obstacles: a farmhouse and the surrounding fields are ablaze, a
farmer tried burning a ghoul and the fire spread beyond his control.

The party reach the Grump farmstead. It is ominously quiet.... A large ghoul pack approaches through the fields, too many to fight head on, encourage party to defend the farmhouse.

Dramatic Task to barricade the farmhouse before the horde arrives.

Quick Encounter to actually defend the farmhouse (with modifier determined by how successful the Dramatic Task was).

PC's recognise one of the unmasked ghouls as Craesby, Lord Aldern Foxglove's manservant (who they met in the previous chapter). This should direct them to Misgivings.

Reaching Misgivings takes one day on foot or half a day on horseback. Use the travel encounters above.

--- PART TWO ---

Misgivings is a creepy old mansion perched on the edge of a cliff. There is evidence that renovation work is underway (wooden scaffolding, tools, ect). The old well descends into the sea caves beneath the manor. The ghouls come in/out this way at night.

Ground Floor: Evidence of bloodshed, when the first workers succumbed to ghoul fever and attacked their fellows. Bloodstains generally lead toward the cellar. Furniture covered by dust sheets during renovation work, several ghouls hiding underneath, attempt to attack with The Drop.
Ghoul (FC).

First Floor: Mostly bedrooms. Aldern Foxglove hiding in a wardrobe, he has been there for days and is fatigued and half mad after watching his wife Iesha get attacked and turned into a ghoul. Once the PCs calm his down, he can tell them what happened when the workers broke into his grandfather's sealed laboratory.

Basement: While extending the wine cellar, workmen broke into a secret staircase leading down to Vorel Foxglove's secret laboratory. There they inhaled fungal spores infecting them with ghoul fever. There are 1d8+2 expensive bottles of wine in the cellar, worth 50gp each. Notes in the laboratory (locked draw) indicate Vorel sought immortality by transforming his body into a necrotic, grey fungus, that has now spread throughout the house (disturbing the fungus releases spores that spread ghoul fever, roll Vigour to resist). Vorel can't be destroyed until ALL the fungus has been destroyed, which probably means burning down the mansion. Another secret door (hint: follow the blood) leads to the sea caves.

Seacaves: The ghouls (including Iesha Foxglove) rest here during the day, clinging to the ceiling like bats. They attack if disturbed. Vorel Foxglove has created several Mossmen (FC) that spread ghoul fever via their spores. Vorel likely knows the PCs are coming if they interacted with any of the fungal growths throughout the house. 1d6 ghouls wake up per round (there are 12 total hanging from the roof).

If the party slay all the ghouls and destroy Vorel utterly, Aldern gives them his +1 masterwork rapier and the deed to his townhouse in Magnimar as a reward.

--- PART THREE ---

Travelling from Sandpoint to Magnimar takes five days on foot, three days on horseback and two (uneventful) days by ship.
Spades/Enemies: a doppleganger (Shapechanger, FC) has killed and
and assumed the form of an old woman. Her visiting granddaughter
realised something was off and ran away to hide, the doppleganger
is trying to find (and eat) her and doesn't want the PCs involved.
Hearts/Strangers: one of the NPCs from Sandpoint.
Diamonds/Treasure: the carriage of Lord and Lady Mortwell has veered
off the road (the driver swerved to avoid a deer, being chased by
wolves) and is stuck. The grateful lord gives two Chellish opera
tickets, worth 75gp each to anyone who stops to help.
Clubs/Obstacles: a band of brigands led by Shaz "Redshiv" Bilger
(Bandits and Bandit Chief, FC) stop travellers on the road and
demand a 50gp toll (per person).

When the PCs travel to Magnimar to visit their new home, they hear about a series of brutal murders, where a strange symbol has been tattoed into the bodies of the victims.
The symbol matches the Sideheron medallion they took from Nualia in the previous chapter. If a guard spots a PC wearing the medallion, the will try to arrest them on the spot.
Watchman (FC).
(WC) Justice Ironbriar, the elf in charge of the investigation is under Xanesha's control and will try to frame the PCs for the murders.
Justice Ironbriar (Watch Captain, FC).

Social Conflict: the party are taken to the Pediment Building to stand trial for murder before Mayor Haldeem Grobaras. They must persuade the mayor of their innocence.

The best way for the party to prove their innocence is to solve the murders themselves. All the victims were tattooed with the Sideheron after attending the Paradise club (a ship moored on the waterfront), Xanesha then targeted the greediest souls to be murdered by her dopplegangers. Ironbriar worked this out, but when he visited the ship to investigate, he was mentally dominated by Xanesha and remains in her thrall. He provides descriptions of the PCs, so Xanesha recognises them if they turn up.
Quick Encounter to gather clues leading to Paradise.

The ship has been re-fitted for use as a gambling den, the top deck is a bar and the hold is a casino, whores operate a brothel from the crew cabins. Xanesha's office is in the captain's cabin. Most of the staff are oblivious humanoids, but several are dopplegangers in disguise.
There is a lot of money changing hands at the tables.

Evidence in Xanesha's safe reveals the plot and Ironbriar's treachery, also that Xanesha has ordered the Justice to assassinate Mayor Grobaras (after carving the Sideheron into his fat flesh).

(WC) Xanesha confronts the party on the boat. She is a Recurring Enemy and cannot be killed at this time. When she is defeated, she triggers the countdown on an alchemical bomb in the bilge. Dramatic Task to find and disarm the device or evacuate the ship. The party must decide whether they will stay to save the people aboard Paradise or rush to save Mayor Grobaras from Ironbriar's treachery. They may have to split the party to achieve both.
Xanesha (Corrupt Naga, FC),
Dopplegangers (Demon/Changeling, FC).

Dramatic task to reach the mayor's home in the Alabaster District in time to stop the murder. If they fail, Ironbriar has just finished carving the Sideheron into the mayor's back, but the party still have time to save him.
(Master Assassin and Demon, Shapechanger, FC).

If the party save Mayor Grobaras, he gives each PC 1000gp.

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Rise of the Runelords 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

Mayor Grobaras asks the party to collect overdue taxes from the villages of Ravenmoor (insert the Feast of Ravenmoor module here) and Turtleback Ferry.

Shalelu Andosana wants to join the group, as she heard her estranged father Jakardros signed up with the Black Arrows at Fort Rannick.

Travel from Magnimar to Ravenmoor takes four days on foot or two days on horseback. Travel from Ravenmoor to Turtleback Ferry (on the shores of Lake Claybottom) takes a further two weeks on foot or one week on horseback.
Spades/Enemies: the party spot a Unicorn (FC), it is not hostile.
Unicorn horn can be crushed into a powder that reverses death (as
the Resurrection power), but killing a unicorn curses anyone involved
in the murder with the Bad Luck Hindrance.
Hearts/Strangers: a dwarven snake-oil salesmen called Silas Tor (and
his trusty mule) selling "authentic" magic potions by the roadside. No
refunds, no returns!
Diamonds/Treasure: the parry spot a large Boar (FC) with a golden ring
around one of its tusks (Ring of Flight). When it notices the party, the
boar takes to the sky! Quick Encounter to catch the beast.
Clubs/Obstacles: river has burst its bank due to the heavy rainfall. A
crude wooden dam crosses the water. A family of giant beavers
(HFXP1) defend their home.

When the party reach Turtleback Ferry, Mayor Shreed asks them to check on the Black Arrows at Fort Rannick. The rangers have been ominously quiet and the beasts that they normally held in check are becoming more bold.

On the way to Fort Rannick, the party meet an injured bear being hunted by an ogre and its hounds (Bear, Ogre & Dire Wolf, SWADE). Shalelu recognises the bear as Kibb, her father's animal companion. Kibb accompanies the party to Fort Rannick.

--- PART TWO ---

Fort Rannick has fallen to a band of savage Ogres (FC)! Severed heads line the walls and the river/moat is full of decapitated bodies (Fear-2 roll). A storm is rolling in; thunder, lightning and heavy rain. A secret tunnel behind the waterfall leads into the sealed crypt below the fort. Shalelu remembers Jakardros mentioning the secret entrance to her mother.

Courtyard: The undisciplined ogres are not guarding the gates/walls. Instead, they gather around a large fire in the courtyard, cavorting drunkenly (+2 Stealth to sneak passed). The body of the fort's commander was burnt in the pyre. There are too many ogres here for the party to defeat without casualties.

Sealed Crypt: The Black Arrows bricked up the entrances to the crypt after several of their fallen brothers rose as undead. By opening the crypt, the party inadvertently release a malevolent Wight (FC) and a whole bunch of skeletons & zombies (SWADE). The bricked up exit from the crypt leads into the prison area.

Prison: The last three surviving Black Arrows are locked up in the cells. They are Jakardros Sovark (Shalelu's human father), Vale Temros (half-orc) and Kaven Windstryke (elf). Several ogres guard the prison, but they have lost the keys (Kaven lifted them through the bars). If the Black Arrows manage to escape, they head for the armoury on the ground floor to gear up before taking on any more ogres.

Ground Floor: Barracks for the Black Arrows and an armoury, full of mundane weapons and armour. The walls, floors and ceiling are splattered with gore from the massacre. There are a few ogres wandering around for the party to either fight or sneak passed.

First Floor: Mess Hall, where the ogre leader (WC) Jaagrath Kreeg (huge Ogre with metal jaw and hook hand) holds court (boss battle).

Griffin Stable: The ogres have slain the griffins in their stalls. If Kaven is with the party, he becomes distraught, as he had raised many of the griffins.

Commander's Tower: Quarters of the former Black Arrow commander Lamatar. The ogres have trashed his room but overlooked some loot; Notice roll to spot Boots of Water Walking among the wreckage. Lamatar's Ghost (SWADE) asks the party to bury his remains and restore the Fort Rannick and the Black Arrows to their former glory.

Once Jaagrath Kreeg is dead, the party are able to drive the leaderless ogres out of Fort Rannick. Jakardros becomes the new commander and sets to restoring the Black Arrows, with the party's help.

--- PART THREE ---

Frustrated by the loss of Fort Rannick, Barl Breakbones orders the destruction of Turtleback Ferry. Ogres are dispatched to Skulls Crossing to destroy the dam and drown the town. The party are called on to help evacuate the town as the floodwaters rise.

Dramatic Task to save as many townsfolk as possible.

The PCs must stop the ogres before they flood the whole valley! Atop the dam, the party face off against ogres and (WC) Black Magga, an aquatic monstrosity drawn to the fighting.
Ogre (SWADE), Black Magga (Hydra, FC).

Inside the dam, another Dramatic Task to operate the ancient Thasillonian technology and relieve the pressure on the floodgates before they burst.

--- PART FOUR ---

Mayor Shreed and Jakardros encourage the party to climb Hook Mountain and find out who is pulling the strings behind the recent attacks. In doing so, they learn the ogres have been subjugated by a stone giant (Barl Breakbones) and forced to make weapons for a giant army!

Entrance: Several Ogres (SWADE) guard the entrance to the mine, PCs can fight them (tactical combat) or perhaps negotiate an audience with Barl.

The Mine: Quick Encounter to represent fighting through tunnels and putting the exhausted ogre miners to the sword.

Battle with Barl: The stone giant (WC) Barl Breakbones confronts the party over a pit of molten iron (which the ogres are smelting into weapons and armour for their giant allies). (WC) Xanesha is with him.
Barl Breakbones (Common Giant, FC), Xanesha (Corrupt Naga, FC),
Ogre (SWADE).

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Rise of the Runelords 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

A year has passed since the end of the previous adventure. Ask the players what they have been doing during this interval. Use the Interlude rules to elaborate on their downtime action.

Each PC receives an invitation to the Goblin Day festival in Sandpoint, celebrating the one year anniversary of their defeat of the Thistletop goblins. This involves children wearing goblin masks and playing pranks. Mayor Deverin wants the 'Heroes of Sandpoint' to be present.

Gloss over the journey back to Sandpoint and move on to Part Two.

--- PART TWO ---

The heroes are welcomed back to Sandpoint as returning heroes. Everyone wants to hear their stories and buy them a drink. Mayor Deverin asks one of the heroes to give a speech.

Halfway through speech, a rock is thrown against the cathedral, causing the bell tower to collapse. Agility rolls to avoid taking 3d6 damage from falling rubble. A raiding party of giants are attacking!!

Dramatic Task to defeat the Giants attacking the gate before they break through and run amok!

(WC) Longtooth, a red Dragon (SWADE), coerced into fighting for Mokmorian, strafes the battlefield with dragonfire (Agility-2 or 3d6 fire damage). The Sideheron has been carved into the dragon's scaly flank.

The dragon lands in the town square (near the damaged cathedral) for tactical combat against the party. Longtooth is backed up by two Guants (FC). After taking two wounds, Longtooth takes flight (even if it is not his turn to act). After taking another two wounds, Longtooth retreats (use the Recurring Enemy template). When the dragon flees, so do the giants.

Sheriff Hemlock reports that the fleeing giants took prisoners, stuffing them into huge sacks as they fled! Enough friendly NPCs should have been taken to motivate the heroes into mounting a rescue.

--- PART THREE ---

Travel from Sandpoint to the Storval Stair takes two weeks on foot or one week on horseback.
Spades/Enemies: a group of Ogre (FC) deserters raid a farm for
livestock to eat.
Hearts/Strangers: a kobold and (self proclaimed) giantslayer called
Enga Keckvia in battle with a single giant. If Enga learns the party
are also hunting giants, she insists on coming with them. Enga is an
ally, who grants the entire party the Giant Killer edge for one
encounter per session.
Diamonds/Treasure: an empty village, evidence of giant attack, its
residents either fled or dead. If the party loot the village, they gather
Worthwhile loot (1d10 x 100 gold) with a 25% chance of finding a
random magic item of the GM's choice.
Clubs/Obstacles: a convoy of wagons decimated by dragonfire.
Longtooth attacked the travels out of malice, after being defeated by
the heroes. Several burnt up bodies, one badly burnt survivor who can
be saved with Healing.

The cliff separating the plateau from the lowlands is 1000ft tall. Giant sized steps ascend the cliff face. Vigour roll or Fatigued by the long climb. Tactical combat: a pair of Giants (FC) throw boulders at the party, the boulders are Earth Elementals (SWADE).

Travel from the Storval Stair to Jorgenfist takes two days on foot or one day on horseback.
Spades/Enemies: a patrol of one Giant (FC), one mammoth (War
Elephant, FC) and several Ogres (SWADE).
Hearts/Strangers: the party camp in a cave containing strange stone
altar to the giant god Minderhal. During the night, they are visited by
the ghost of a giant elder called Conna, slain by Mokmorian where he
took control of the tribe. She is familiar with the layout of Jorgenfist
and knows about the secret entrance.
Diamonds/Treasure: a statue of a Shoanti hero, partially buried by
blood red sand. The statue holds a Staff of Heaven and Earth (+1
weapon, Elemental Manipulation), but taking it triggers an ambush
by bulletts (use Great White Shark, SWADE, replace swim speed with
Clubs/Obstacles: two rival tribes encountered each other on the way to
Jorgenfist and came to blows. Several dead giants litter the field.
Several giant vultures (Giant Eagle, HB) are feeding on the dead.

--- PART FOUR ---

Jorgenfist is a walled citadel surrounded by a large camp of giants, waiting for Mokmorian to order the invasion of the lowlands. There are hundreds of giants present, way too many to make a frontal assault. The walls are 50ft high, six watch towers manned by one giant each. Longtooth (red Dragon) makes intermittent aerial patrols of the area.

Secret Entrance: Jorgenfist sits near the edge of a deep ravine, filled with webs, rushing water 1000ft below. Notice-2 to spot hidden ledge, Athletics to climb down. A secret tunnel (that the giants are unaware of) leads into the citadel. The tunnel is occupied by a swarm of giant, undead spiders called Deathwebs (Giant Spider, SWADE, add undead traits, size+4).
Searching the lair reveals the body of a previous explorer cocooned in webbing, carries +1 masterwork longsword and a suit of platemail.
The secret tunnel ends at a hidden door into the giant larder.

Jorgenfist Compound: A sinkhole in the centre of the compound descends into lower level. Mammoth stable (War Elephants, FC) and Feasting Hall (Fire Giant and Frost Giant (both, FC) envoys awaiting audience with Mokmorian).

Sinkhole: when not patrolling the skies over Jorgenfist, Longtooth is chained up in this area. She is furious about this state of affairs, but the giants are holding her eggs hostage. If the party persuade her they will liberate her hatchlings, she deigns to let them pass, but attacks in earnest if they return empty-handed. If the PCs return the hatchlings, Longtooth and her brood leave Jorgenfist - after strafing the giants camped outside the citadel with dragon fire.
Dragon (SWADE).

Giant Kitchen: blind giant cook Grumelda prepares food for the giants of Jorgenfist. Adjacent larder contains huge mammoth steaks. A hidden door here opens into the Deathweb tunnel.
Giant (FC, add Blind hindrance).

Sideheron Chamber: large cavern with seven pointed star etched into floor. Prisoners (missing NPCs from Sandpoint) shackled to pillars at the points of the star. They have all been branded with the sideheron. Sacrificial altar in the centre of the room (where those marked with the sideheron are ritually murdered to send their souls to Karzoug's runewell). The lamia sisters Seleval & Zaelsar (in human form) are here, preparing a sacrifice. The party can fight the sisters here, but they escape (as per the Recurring Enemy house rule) to Mokmorian's side for the climatic boss battle.
Seleval & Zaelsar (Corrupt Naga, FC).

Runeslave Cauldron: a huge, iron cauldron inscribed with Thasillonian runes. Any sentient being immersed in the cauldron for at least one round must roll Spirit-4 or become a mindless puppet of Karzoug's will.
Two giants are struggling to manhandle a red dragon hatchling (called Flare) into the cauldron as the party enter. A second hatchling (called Cinder) is caged nearby. These are Longtooth's children.
Giant (FC) and Dragon Hatchling (HB).

Thasillonian Library: large stone doors inscribed with Thasillonian runes. Wide 50ft pit in the floor lined with shelves of ancient books. Statues of the seven Runelords stand in alcoves around the room. Broken construct is a clockwork librarian (recruitable ally: free re-roll on Research checks), needs to be repaired before it becomes operational.
(WC) Mokmorian awaits the heroes here, with two lamia sisters (WC) Seleval and Zaelsar, keen to avenge their third sibling, Xanesha.
Mokmorian (Giant, FC, wearing Robe of Runes (AV1, Improved Arcane Resistance and wielding Runechill Hatchet (greataxe that inflicts +2 cold damage)), Seleval & Zaelsar (Corrupt Naga, FC).

After defeating Mokmorian, the statue of Karzoug animates to mock the heroes. Map among Mokmorian's possessions marks the location of Runeforge in the Rimeskull Mountains. Mokmorian sent a group of giants (lead by General Galenmir) to secure the site and prevent anyone else getting inside.

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Rise of the Runelords 5: Sins of the Saviours (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

Clues uncovered in the previous chapter direct the heroes to find Runeforge, a Thasillonian facility for arcane research. The entrance is near a circle of seven stone heads on the bank of Lake Stormunder, in the Rimeskull mountains.

The journey from Sandpoint to Runforge involves getting a sea voyage to Riddleport, then following the river north along the edge of Lurkwood, into the foothills of the Rimeskull mountains.

The sea voyage from Sandpoint to Riddleport takes four days.
Spades/Enemies: a pirate ship spots the heroes' vessel and gives
chase, Quick Encounter to escape the pirates, possibly resulting in
tactical combat (Bandits and WC Bandit Leader, FC).
Hearts/Strangers: several sailors have heard/seen something (bigger
than a rat) in the hold and ask the heroes to investigate. A young boy
from Sandpoint called Alergast Barrett has stowed away, hoping to
become a famous hero, like the PCs.
Diamonds/Treasure: a mermaid lounges on a rock, her song attracting
any men who hear it into the water (Spirit-2 to resist). The men who
are affected tread water and try to impress the mermaid (Persuasion
roll). The mermaid rewards the most persuasive fellow with a (salty)
kiss, a large pearl worth 500gp and a Mermaid's Earring (wearer can
breathe underwater).
Clubs/Obstacles: a violent storm gathers, threatening to sink the ship.
Dramatic Task to save the vessel before she is capsized! In the worst
case scenario, the half drowned heroes wash up on a beach one day
from Riddleport.

Riddleport is a lawless port ruled by pirates and criminal gangs. The GM may want to run a side-adventure here, or simply move on to the next stage in the journey to Runeforge.

To reach the Rimeskull mountains, the party must charter a riverboat. The river winds north, along the western edge of the Lurkwood. Elves used to patrol the ancient forest, but some great evil drove them out.
Those who travel along this stretch of river do so blindfolded, or risk being drawn into the Lurkwood by compelling visions, never to be seen again. Treat as an Interlude / Backstory. Each PC, sees/hears something from their past, attempting to lure them into the forest. Spirit to resist, -2 if not using a blindfold.

Those who fail are drawn to an evil temple full of feral, vampiric elves, using a strange crystal to lure in travellers. One of the crew is lured into the woods, the riverboat captain wants to abandon the poor fool, but Heroic characters may want to do otherwise. The riverboat will wait until one hour before dusk, if anyone needs to be rescued. At dusk, the vampire elves swarm from the temple. This could involve a Chase back to the boat.
Vampire Elves (Elf, FC add undead trait).

After leaving Lurkwood, the party disembark and head into the Rimeskull mountains on foot.

--- PART TWO ---

The mountain air is icy and the party are subject to the Cold hazard (SWADE Adventure Toolkit). The journey from the foothills to Lake Stormunder takes the better part of one day. A ring of seven 10ft tall stone heads (depicting the seven Runelords) stand on the eastern shore. A half dozen dead giants (Galenmir and friends) lie nearby, savaged and mutilated by the ancient white dragon (either SWADE or HB) Arkrhyst, who lairs in the cave above the stone circle. Arkrhyst sleeps until either the seven stone heads are activated, or the party go out of their way to wake him up.

Activating the seven stone heads requires an Occult roll.

Activating the stone heads causes a portal to open in the nearby cave. The party see a flash of light and hear a roar as Arkrhyst wakes up. The white dragon emerges from his lair to hunt the party, who he suspects are near the stone circle. Dramatic Task to stay hidden (unless the party decide to face the dragon head on). Arkrhyst returns to his lair and pretends to sleep, peeking through a crack in his eyelids for anyone trying to reach the portal (opposed Stealth vs Notice). The dragon's hoard consists of several Treasure Troves (4d10 x 1000 gold, plus 4 magical items of the GM's choice), but the coins are frozen together by the dragon's icy breath and must thaw before they can be spent.

Passing through the portal transports the party to Runeforge.

--- PART THREE ---

The central hub of Runeforge is a circular chamber dominated by a large pool of (what looks like mercury, but us actually a magical element called) Ithiliom. By immersing both a sinstone and a weapon into the pool and making an Occult roll, the weapon becomes a +1 runeforged weapon (weapons that already have + modifiers retain existing bonus and gain the Runeforged tag, the + modifiers do not stack). The weapon glows the same colour as the sinstone used to create it. Each sinstone can only be used once. There are seven exits from this central hub, each leading to a challenge associated with one of the seven Runelords. Completing each challenge rewards the party with a sinstone.

There are a circle of seven 10ft tall statues around the pool, depicting the seven Runelords. The statue of Karzoug watches and mocks the party from the moment they arrive. The statues can be destroyed.

A 60ft shaft descends into the ground, filled with green eyed spirits
hungry to leech the vitality from the living. The green sinstone of envy
is glowing at the bottom of the well. Athletics roll to descend,
opposed Vigour vs ghosts' Spirit to resist energy drain. Repeat saves
on the way back up.

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Envy
gives that character the Jealous Hindrance.

A golden statue of Karzoug stands over a shallow pool of crystal
clear water. The bottom of the pool is covered with gold and gems.
Several large goldfish swim in the water. Breaking the surface of the
water causes transformation into a goldfish (no save). Studying the
statue (Notice) reveals the yellow sinstone of greed embedded into
the eyes. Climbing up to get it requires an Athletics roll. Once the
stone is removed, the pool loses its transmutation powers and any
goldfish resume their normal form. The treasure in the pool is worth
1d10 x 500gp.

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Greed
gives that character the Greedy Hindrance.

A laboratory/assembly rune (F9), four flesh golems lie upon four
stone slabs, overseen by the lich Kazaven, who wears the purple
sinstone of gluttony around his neck. Kazaven offers to trade the
stone for a fresh corpse, but has no intention of honouring that
bargain. Kazaven is armed with the Staff of Hungry Shadows (+1
staff, 10PP, allows user to use following powers with Occult roll;
Entangle (shadows grapple target), Teleport (between shadows) and
Kazaven (WC, Lich, FC), Flesh Golem (FC).

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Gluttony
gives that character the Obese Hindrance.

A smoky, opulent chamber where beautiful men and women lounge
seductively. These alluring figures are all succubi/incubi, who try
to seduce the heroes with their oily bodies, honeyed words - or failing
that, the Puppet power. Sweet smelling, rose coloured smoke rises
from a brazier decorated with lewd images, Spirit to resist being
Fatigued. The pink sinstone of lust is inside the brazier, removing it
causes the smoke to disperse and the demons to attack.
Succubi/Incubi (FC).

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Lust
gives that character the Jealous Hindrance.

Several large, gold framed mirror with a peacock motif hangs on the
walls of this chamber. These mirrors generate a copy of each hero
(use character sheet), -2 to attack any character but yourself (due to
the uncertainty of who is who). Each time a copy is destroyed, a
mirror explodes (Burst power). When the last mirror breaks, the party
see the orange sinstone of pride lying among the shattered glass.

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Pride
gives that character the Arrogant Hindrance.

A pack of Hellhounds (FC) lie sleeping around the room. The floor is
covered with gnawed bones that will make a racket if disturbed.
Dramatic Task to sneak passed the hounds and grab the blue
sinstone of sloth before the pack wake up and attack.

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Sloth
gives that character the Hesitant Hindrance.

A large arena surrounded by empty stands. An iron portcullis in the
opposite wall rumbles open and a Metal Golem (FC) enters the arena,
mounted on the back of an iron War Elephant (FC, add Construct
traits). An illusory crowd appears in the stands, presided over by an
illusory Runelord Alaznist. If the heroes defeat the golem, the illusory
Runelord tosses the red sinstone of wrath down to them, then the
illusion disappears.

Wielding a runeforged weapon created with the sinstone of Wrath
gives that character the Bloodthirsty Hindrance.

Once the party have created all the runeforged weapons they need, there is no reason to stay in Runeforge. If Arkrhyst has not been slain, he attacks the party when they return to the riverboat (icy breath freezes the river). Gloss over the return journey to Sandpoint.

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Rise of the Runelords 6: Spires of Xin Shalast (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

In Runeforge, the heroes learnt the name of Karzoug's capital, the lost city of Xin Shalast, but not the location. Research uncovers a pair of dwarven brothers (Silas and Karivek Vekker) claimed to have uncovered the entrance to a golden city whilst mining in the Kodar mountains. If the heroes find the Vekker's mine, they'll find the entrance to Xin Shalast.

Travel from Sandpoint to the Kodar mountains (nort-east of Jorgenfist) takes four weeks on foot or two weeks on horseback.
Spades/Enemies: Karzoug dispatches the blue dragon Ghlorofaex
(Dragon, SWADE), to destroy the party. The dragon swoops from the
sky, hoping to kill the heroes with his electric breath weapon.
Hearts/Strangers: Gyukak, son of Galenmir has been hunting the
heroes as he believes they probably killed his father outside
Runeforge (it was actually Arkrhyst that killed Galenmir). Unless the
party can persuade Gyukak otherwise, he blames them for his
father's death and attacks (WC, Giant, FC).
Diamonds/Treasure: the heroes wander into a wyvern graveyard tended
by an ancient (WC) Dragonman Sorcerer (FC). The sorcerer has been
harvesting teeth, which he keeps in a leather pouch. The dragonman
uses a tooth to summon a skeletal Wyvern (FC, add undead traits)
and attacks the party. The pouch contains another 1d4 teeth.
Clubs/Obstacles: a herd of wild mammoths (Mammoth, FC) migrate
across the plain. If the party spook the herd, they could trigger a
stampede (Quick Event).

--- PART TWO ---

Once the party reach the mountains, they see a dwarf (really a ghoul) panning for gold in the river. The dwarf disappears, but tracks lead to the Vekker brother's cabin. The ghouls converge on the heroes here. The ghost of Silas Vekker calls the heroes to shelter in the cabin (where his gnawed bones lie scattered, after his brother Karivek and the other miners turned on him).

Tactical combat if the party take on the ghouls in the open.

Dramatic Task to barricade the cabin before the horde arrives.

Quick Encounter to actually defend the cabin (with modifier determined by how successful the Dramatic Task was).

Assuming the heroes survive, the ghouls retreat to the mine and the ghost of Silas Vekker tells the party that to reach Xin Shalast, they will have to travel through those same tunnels. He also tells how the brothers disturbed an evil spirit called a wendigo, who cursed the miners and turned them to cannibalism.

Hidden under the floorboards in the cabin are ten satchels packed with gold dust (scraped from the golden door in the mine), worth 50 gold per bag.

The mine is unnaturally cold (as per the hazard section in the SWADE adventure toolbox). A frozen dwarf clutches a satchel of dynamite. To pass through the mine, the heroes must fight through dwarven ghouls (Ghoul, FC, pace-1, TN+1), (WC) Karivek Vekker (Ghoul, size+4, pace-2, TN+1) and (WC) Wendigo (Wight, FC with Damage Field - cold).

The antlered Wendigo Crown is a magic item that grants Improved Cold Resistance (+4 to resist cold effects and actual cold damage -4).

A large golden door leads out of the mine and into the Icemist Fen.

--- PART THREE ---

Survival roll (-2) to navigate the fen without falling through a patch of thin ice. The water almost immediately re-freezes over anyone who falls in. 2d6 damage (bypasses armour) every round spent in the freezing water, also risk of drowning (see Hazards, SWADE adventure toolkit).

The guardian of the fen is a dryad called Svevenka (Dryad, FC, bonded to the swamp). She approaches the party if they get appear friendly or get into trouble. A giant frost serpent (Sea Serpent, FC) attacks the party and she drives it off, then gives the heroes a safe place to rest. She knows giants are amassing in the ruined city to the north and a group of frost giants are building a road through her precious fen. If the heroes stop the giants, Svevenka offers them a Sideheron Ring (+1AV), which one of the giants dropped.

The Frost Giants (FC) are not so much building a road, as supervising their slaves build a road. The slaves are large, hairless, albino humanoids who call themselves the Spared (Caveman, FC). The Spared speak Ancient Thassilonian and Giantish. They cower when the heroes attack the giants and try to communicate with their saviours, offering to lead them into the city undetected. The spokesperson of this group of Spared is called Morgiv. If the heroes agree to follow, he leads them into the warrens of his people, below Xin Shalast and shows them a tableaux/prophecy of the group saving the Spared from their giantish overseers. Each PC gets a benny, to use fulfilling their destiny.

The Spared can help the heroes reach the Pinnacle of Avarice (Karzoug's golden tower) whilst avoiding most of the giants encamped throughout the city. Unfortunately, this involves passing through the lair of something the Spared call 'The Hidden Beast'.

The Hidden Beast lairs in an underground gallery beneath the streets of Xin Shalast. It is essentially a giant, psychic demon octopus clinging to the ceiling, invisible. It has posed a skeleton on a throne and moves it clumsily with Telekinesis, while throwing its voice to sound as through the skeleton is speaking. It demands that the party swear their fealty and sacrifice their life essence as tribute and cannot be negotiated down. Several undead Spared serve the Hidden Beast.
Hidden Beast (Giant Octopus, FC, add Demon traits and Arcane
Background: Psychic, Smarts d10 and other relevant skills).
Undead Spared (Caveman, FC, add Undead traits).

If the party decide to traverse Xin Shalast without help from the Spared, treat as very dangerous Quick Encounter with -4 on whatever skill rolls the party make. Anyone surviving the Quick Encounter arrives at the Pinnacle of Avarice.

--- PART FOUR ---

The Pinnacle of Avarice is a tall golden tower rising beside the face of Karzoug carved into the mountainside, overlooking Xin Shalast. A cascade of molten gold obstructs the entrance, it parts for those wearing the Sideheron and those with the Greedy hindrance. Anyone else takes 5d6 fire damage as they are showered in molten metal. The entrance is guarded by a pair of heavily armoured Fire Giants (FC, +2AV).

A large golden disc in the floor rises the height of the tower to final confrontation with Karzoug. Karzoug projects an image of himself here to mock the heroes.

The Runelord's throne room consists of three tiers. The first tier is guarded by an honour guard of armoured Fire Giants (FC, +2AV).

The second tier is guarded by undead versions of the three Lamia sisters the party fought earlier in the campaign; (WC) Xanesha, Seleval & Zaelsar (Corrupt Naga, FC, add Undead traits).

On the third tier, (WC) Runelord Karzoug (Archmage, FC, +3 wounds) waits on his golden throne, with Chellan (the +3 Sword of Greed) resting across his lap.

Floating above the throne is a huge, blue crystal called the Eye of Avarice. When a greedy soul marked with the Sideheron is sacrificed, their soul is absorbed into the crystal to empower Karzoug. The Eye flashes every time it absorbs a greedy soul and Karzoug regains a wound. The Runelord cannot truly be defeated until the Eye of Avarice has been destroyed (TN12, +2 to hit, 5 wounds, every time the crystal takes damage, it triggers a counter-attack against the person who damaged it, as per the Bolt power; Shooting d8). When the Eye is destroyed, Karzoug loses the ability to heal and there is a (literally) blinding flash; roll Vigour or gain the Blind major hindrance.

Once the party defeat Karzoug, they have (temorarily) thwarted the Rise of the Runelords. The tower shudders ominously, then stills. The giants are freed from Karzoug's will and gradually drift apart, although many do remain in the city. The people of Sandpoint and Magnimar celebrate the hero's accomplishment. Wrap up the campaign by running an Interlude, describing what the individual heroes do in the aftermath of their grand adventure.


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Curse of the Crimson Throne 1: Edge of Anarchy

--- PART ONE ---

The adventure begins in the city of Korvosa. The heroes share a common enemy in Gaedren Lamm, a fact exploited by the fortune teller Zellara to bring the party together at her home. Zellara claims Lamm murdered her son, but enough corrupt watchmen take his coin that he will not be punished. Encourage the heroes to describe their grievance against Lamm as an Interlude. Zellara knows Lamm is hiding out in an old fishery near the river and wants the party to take him out.

Zellara is being mostly truthful, but is hiding something. After Lamm killed her son, she confronted the old rogue herself and he murdered her too. Now her ghost has bought the party together to avenge her.

(WC) Zellara - Commoner, FC, add Occult d8.

Lamm is hiding out in a dilapidated fishery near the river. The floors are slippery with fish guts (if anyone runs, roll Agility or fall prone) and the whole place smells bad. The fishery is guarded by Lamm's goons (Bandit, FC) and several badly treated guard dogs (Dog, SWADE).

Lamm 'adopts' orphans to steal for him (his "little lambs" - Commoner, FC, -1 Size) and they sleep in drafty upper floor of the fishery.

An old, half sunken ship named the Kraken's Folly is moored behind the fishery, the deck is rotten and the hold is a nest of Giant Spiders (SWADE). Jigsaw Sharks (Shark, SWADE) swim in the river.

Lamm has a pet alligator called Gobblegut - Alligator, SWADE.

(WC) Lamm - Assassin, FC, armed with Rapier disguised as a cane.

Lamm's treasures are Worthwhile (1d10 x 100 gold) and include a box containing Zellara's severed head and a broken brooch depicting the royal crest. Common Knowledge roll to recall several pieces of jewellery were stolen from the castle several months previously.

Zellara's ghost appears before the party and gives them her deck of Harrow cards. Once per session, the party can summon the fortune teller's spirit to perform a reading (a bit like the Divination power, but the answer to their query must be interpreted from the cards).

--- PART TWO ---

When the heroes leave the fishery, they realise Korvosa is in chaos. Parts of the city are burning and the streets swarm with rioters! Looters clash with the City Watch, but flee from the Hellknights. The party learn that King Eodred is dead, apparently murdered, although nobody knows much more than that.
Looters - Bandit, FC. City Watch - Watch, FC. Hellknight - Knight, FC.

Traveling through the city is perilous in these unstable times;
Spades/Enemies: the street buckles as two otyugh (Giant Octopus,
FC) emerge from the sewers to investigate the commotion.
Hearts/Strangers: a watchman called (WC) Grau Soldado attempts
to stop a group of violent looters assaulting a young nobleman
called Amin Jalento. Grau offers his thanks to any heroes who help,
while Amin rewards them with a pouch containing 50 gold.
Diamonds/Treasure: the sound of breaking glass draws the party to
a jewellery shop in the midst of being looted. The stock represents
treasure (1d10 x 100 gold) - if they steal it themselves. There
is no sign of the owner, but a Hellknight and several watchmen turn
up if the party linger at the crime scene.
Clubs/Obstacles: a tenement building has caught fire and their are
people trapped inside! Dramatic Task to rescue them before the
building collapses.

When you are ready to move the adventure forward, suggest to the players that there will likely be a reward for returning the stolen brooch to the castle.

Castle Korvosa is built atop a huge Thassilonian ruin in the centre of the city. The castle is under lockdown in this time of civil unrest and Veteran Watch (FC) guard all approaches. The Queen's bodyguard - and some say, lover - (WC) Sabina Merrin (Veteran Knight, FC) questions the party and takes them to meet Queen Ileosa if they present the missing brooch.

Queen Ileosa thanks the heroes for returning her property and asks them to serve their city by helping restore order to Korvosa. The heroes are encouraged to report to Commander Croft at Citadel Volshyenek. Before dismissing them, Ileosa rewards the party with 500 gold.

(WC) Queen Ileosa - Noble, FC, add Very Attractive Edge.

--- PART THREE ---

Once the party are settled into the citadel, (WC) Commander Croft (Watch Captain, FC) assigns the heroes their first mission. A group of Watch (FC) have deserted and holed up in an butcher's shop. Croft wants an example made, before any more men abandon their posts.

When the heroes return to Citadel Volshyenek, they are introduced to the famous fencing instructor (WC) Vencarlo Orisini (Master Assasin, FC, armed with rapier, does not utilize poison). Vencarlo knows the Chelaxian ambassador is planning to stir up more trouble, but he can intimidated into backing off if the heroes secure the blackmail evidence held by criminal kingpin Devargo Barvasi at Eels End in Old Korvosa.

Eels End is a large ship that has not left its mooring in years. It functions as a gambling hall, tavern, brothel and drug den. The watch are not welcome here and muscular thugs (Bandit, FC) guard the ship. (WC) Devargo Barvasi (Bandit Chief, FC) is covered in spider tattoos and enjoys games of chance, although he always cheats. Use the Gambling rules. He could be persuaded to wager the blackmail evidence, otherwise the heroes will have to steal it from the locked safe in his cabin (which also contains treasure worth 1d10 x 100). Once Commander Croft has the blackmail evidence, the mission is complete.

A few days later, as order is mostly restored to Korvosa, Queen Ileosa b
Publicly announces the identity of the King's murderer, an artist called (WC) Trinia Sabor (Thief, FC). Mobs of angry people begin hunting for the assassin. Commander Croft wants the heroes to detain Trinia and bring her to the citadel before she is torn apart by mob justice. Use Networking rules to find out Trinia is hiding in a slum called the Shingles. Trinia notices the heroes and flees, triggering a Chase across the rooftops.
If the heroes catch Trinia, they are confronted by a mob of angry Commoners (FC) out for the "assassin's" blood. Trinia pleads her (genuine) innocence. Quick Encounter to dissuade them from mob justice.
If Trinia escapes, Commander Croft later reports the "assassin" was picked up by Hellknights and taken to the dungeon in Castle Korvosa.

--- PART FOUR ---

When the heroes return to Citadel Volshyenek, they are introduced to (WC) Thousand Bones (Cave Man Shaman, FC) of the Shoanti. Thousand Bones' grandson Gaekhen was murdered in the recent riots and his body sold to a necromancer called Rolth, operating out of the Grey District. To avoid war with the Shoanti, Gaekhen's body must be returned to his people. Gaekhen was a muscular young fellow covered in distinctive Shoanti tattoos.

The Grey District is one huge cemetery in the middle of the city. Two graverobbers; Elkaris (Thief, FC) and Cabbagehead (Ogre, SWADE) can be found digging up more corpses for the necromancer and loading them into a wheelbarrow with a squeaky wheel. These two vultures can lead the party to the necromancer's lair, through a secret door in an old crypt.

Entrance: The entrance to the necromancer's lair is guarded by a group of Skeletons (SWADE). They recognise the graverobbers and escort them to Rolth's lab, but attack anyone else.

Garbage Pit: Rolth casts unwanted body parts into this pit, to be devoured by the fat and happy otyugh (Giant Octopus, FC) living at the bottom. It's grasping tentacles can reach heroes standing near the edge of the hole.

Exsanguination Chamber: Buzzing from bird cages stuffed with bloodthirsty stirges, each cage contains a small Swarm (SWADE). Two stone slabs where victims are drained of their blood. A single Zombie (SWADE) shuffles about the room, awaiting instructions from its master. It tries to open the cages, if it notices intruders.

Skull Corridor: Skulls line both sides of this tunnel. The floor is trapped (Notice-2) to trigger Bursts of acid from several skulls - Agility-2 or 2d6 damage, bypassing armour and reducing armour value by 1.

Rolth's Laboratory: Combination of alchemy lab (D7) and stitchery (D11). (WC) Rolth (Veteran Mage, FC) is working on his latest creations, a pair of Corpse Golems (FC) mismatched from Gaekhen's headless body and other corpses. Gaekhen's missing head is in a jar of preservative slime on a case of similarly preserved heads.
Other treasure: a box of 1d6+1 ghoul fingers - thrown weapon that triggers ghoul's paralysis ability, a single-use scroll of human skin containing the Zombie power, and various trinkets harvested from the dead worth 1d10 x 100 gold.

When Gaekhen's body is delivered to Thousand Bones, the shaman leaves the city, promising he will do what he can to prevent a war.

--- PART FIVE ---

Wherever the alleged assassin Trinia Sabor ended up in part three of this adventure, she is found and taken to Castle Korvosa, where Queen Ileosa commands that she be executed without trial. A crowd is gathering in the shadow of Castle Korvosa, where the queen sentences her helpless scapegoat to death. The execution is interrupted by a masked vigilante called Blackjack (really Vencarlo Orisini in disguise), who fights the executioner and rescues Trinia. Run a Quick Encounter to establish what the heroes are doing, but remind them that openly defying the queen (without obscuring their identity) could be a really bad idea.

The first chapter of the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path should end with both Blackjack and Trinia escaping into the city.

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Curse of the Crimson Throne 2: Seven Days to the Grave (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

A mysterious - and seemingly unmanned - ship sails into Korvosa, ignoring all commands to drop anchor and be inspected. The ship was lit by yellow lanterns, it is Common Knowledge that this warns of quarantine. The city watch use trebuchets to sink the ship to the bottom of the river. The ship was carrying chests of gold coin infected with the Blood Veil disease, that soon begin to wash up on the banks.
Commander Croft reports this event to the party retrospectively, or they hear about it from their other contacts.

Several days after the sinking of the ship, an unknown illness begins to sweep Korvosa (Blood Veil, although nobody knows this name yet). If the heroes investigate or speak to the victims, they might learn that children playing by the river found a box of gold coins the day after the ship went down and spent the coins on new toys. The toymaker is also sick and the coins are now in circulation throughout the city. Any contact with an infected person or coin requires a Vigour save to resist becoming infected also (-2 on particularly close contact).

Blood Veil: the victim suffers a level of Fatigue and starts coughing up blood. Every subsequent day, the victim must make another Vigour save or become Exhausted, then dead.

The Hellknights are still scouring the city for the fugitives Blackjack and Trinia Sabor. Both are hiding out at Vencarlo's fencing academy in Old Korvosa. Vencarlo invites the heroes to meet him at the school. Vencarlo claims he has been sheltering Sabor on behalf of Blackjack, but now needs the heroes help to smuggle her out of the city. Assuming the players agree, run the escape as a Quick Event, determined by the party's plan.

Several days pass and the number of people afflicted with Blood Veil multiply. Many have died and the temples cannot heal this many people. A mob of sick and worried Commoners (FC) have gathered outside the Temple of Abadar. Commander Croft sends the heroes to defuse the situation, using the Social Conflict rules to disperse the crowd.

When the heroes return to Citadel Volshyenek, they find Commander Croft greeting a group of masked healers. These strange physicians answer directly the the Queen, their spokesman is the mild mannered WC-Doctor Reiner Davalus (Master Assassin, FC). The Queen's Physicians (Priest of Death, FC) are really evil clerics of Urgathoa. The Grey Maidens (Knight, FC) are brainwashed fanatics loyal to Ileosa, who guard the physicians as they go about their business. Commander Croft has orders to provide Doctor Davalus with whatever assistance he requires.

--- PART TWO ---

While the Queen's Physicians pretend to help the victims of the Blood Veil, the heroes can actually have a meaningful impact on the body count.

Snake Oil Salesman: a disreputable dwarven merchant called WC-Silas Tor (Thief, FC, Vigour d8, TN+1) is selling a cure to Blood Veil. Unfortunately for the people buying it, it does not work. Silas hopes to get rich selling a fake cure, then flee the city before anyone catches on. He has set up shop in an abandoned tavern and has hired a few thugs (Bandit, FC) to watch his back. Commander Croft asks the party to verify the authenticity of the cure. Silas has 1d10 x 100 gold on his person from sales of his fake elixir.

While digging a mass grave for the plentiful dead, the caretakers of the Grey District inadvertently disturbed a nest of Ghouls (FC) that are now menacing the cemetery and growing fat (add the Obese hindrance) on diseased carrion. Commander Croft asks the heroes to slay the ghouls.

While looking for someone to blame for the Blood Veil, the people of Korvosa have decided to take out their frustration on the peaceful wererats (Ratmen, FC) living in the sewers. An old fishwife (and wererat) called Eries Yelloweyes asks the heroes to help defend the wererat den below the city. The leader of the wererats is called Girrigz. The angry Commoners (FC) are in no mood to talk and must be driven off with non-lethal force. Several particularly belligerent ringleaders (Bandit, FC) lead the attack. If the heroes defend the wererats, Eries Yelloweyes rewards them with Pipes of the Sewer (Performance roll to summon a Swarm of Rats).

If the heroes think to dive down to the wreck of the ship at the bottom of the river, they'll first need the means of breathing underwater. Swimmers in the dark water attract a school of hungry Sharks (SWADE). Investigating the wreck reveals 1d8+1 small chests filled with infected gold (50 gold per box) and the drowned body of one of the Queen's Physicians. Searching the body reveals a holy symbol of Urgathoa around its neck!

--- PART THREE ---

Hopefully the heroes have cause to suspect the Queen's Physician's by this point in the adventure. If not, Commander Croft raises her own concerns and asks the party to investigate the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden. The hospice was formerly a warehouse used to store exotic animals, now it is being used as a hospital. Grey Maidens guard the front and rear entrance and do not admit anyone unless they are both unarmed and showing symptoms of the Blood Veil.

Sick Ward: Hundreds of beds occupied by sick and dying Commoners. The Queen's Physicians move among the beds, while more Grey Maidens patrol the catwalks overhead.

Loading Bay: A large, empty space with a few crates and cages from when the warehouse was used to store animals. Two Grey Maidens guard a large freight elevator that obviously goes up and secretly goes down (Notice-2 or Repair).

Doctor Davalus' Office: Davalus returns to his office when he is not 'tending' to his patients. He maintains his cover for as long as possible, but attacks the party with a poisoned scalpel if cornered. A secret compartment in the doctor's desk (Notice) contains Davalus' notes, incriminating the Queen's Physicians in the creation of the disease. His notes and a blood sample from the immune patients beneath the hospital can be used engineer an antidote to the Blood Veil. Several healing potions actually contain contaminated blood.

Prison: The secret elevator descends into a long room lined with cells, where patients with a natural resistance to the Blood Veil are being experimented on. The death cultists down here don't bother to disguise themselves or their nefarious deeds.

Blood Vats: Clerics of Urgathoa stir huge vats of diseased blood. Clouds of toxic mist fill the chamber. Anyone breathing this foul air must roll Vigour-4 or be infected with Blood Veil. This room is where the disease originated. Anyone falling into a vat is automatically infected.

Hall of Pestilence: Priestess of Urgathoa WC-Lady Andaisin (Priest of Death, FC, armed with a scythe) awaits the heroes before a golden statue of her monstrous goddess, attended by several death cultists. Seven tall glass tubes around the room each contain a gelatinous horror (Dissolver, FC) and may be shattered by accident or design to release the hungry ooze trapped inside. When any of the cultists (including Lady Andaisin) die, they vomit forth a foul, sentient slime that animates and attacks (Mud Elemental, FC). Heroes must make a save against Fear/Nausea the first time they witness this.

Her plans foiled, Queen Ileosa declares Davalus a traitor and disbands the Queen's Physicians. The Grey Maidens become more prominent throughout the city. The Blood Veil is bought under control once the heroes help create the cure.

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Curse of the Crimson Throne 3: Escape from Old Korvosa (Complete)

--- CUTSCENE ---

The heroes may or may not be present for this scene, but players should understand they are there to watch, not wade into a situation that will end very badly for them.

Queen Ileosa appears publicly (with Sabina and Togomor) to announce the Grey Maidens will be taking over the defence of the city and the City Watch will assume a reduced role. The Queen also introduces new laws to oppress the people of her city. The audience become restless. One malcontent struggles to the front of the crowd, cries "Your shameful reign ends now! Korvosa will be free again!" and shoots Ileosa in the head with a crossbow.
Ileosa staggers, then pulls the bolt out of her skull. Togomor wiggles his fat fingers and the would-be assassin is lifted into the air, then explodes, showering the rest of the crowd with gore. Sabina looks sickened by the spectacle.
"This shall be the fate of all enemies of Korvosa!" Ileose cries, tossing the bloody crossbolt away, "Mark well his death! It is only the first!"
The Grey Maidens wade in to disperse the crowd and seize anyone openly defying the queen. Ileosa and her minions return to the castle.

--- PART ONE ---

After rioting and plague, Korvosa seems a different city; its streets and people muted, subdued and sad. The Hellknights have been recalled to their fortress and the City Watch are greatly reduced - yet the number of Grey Maidens patrolling the city has multiplied greatly. The city teeters on the brink of martial law. There are rumours of people being dragged from their homes and into the dungeons below the castle for speaking ill against the queen.

If the heroes have been particularly vocal in their criticism of Ileosa, they might be visited by a group of Grey Maidens (Knight, FC) in the dark hours.

Commander Croft seeks out the heroes, coming to them in disguise. She has received a letter from Vencarlo, indicating he has discovered information pertaining the the queen's terrible powers. Croft wants the party to find Vencarlo, but the Grey Maidens have destroyed the bridges, sealing off Old Korvosa from the rest of the city. Resourceful heroes should have little trouble crossing the river.

--- PART TWO ---

WHAT HAPPENED: The day of King Eodred's murder, seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis arranged to meet with his old friend Vencarlo Orisini to discuss his mounting suspicions regarding Queen Ileosa. Ileosa learned of the meeting and moved her plans forward, killing her husband and sending the Red Mantis after the seneschal. Neolandus fled to Old Korvosa, where he was picked up by the Arkona family. Concerned that his friend had not arrived at their rendezvous, Vencarlo/Blackjack investigated and learned where his friend was being held. He infiltrated the Arkona mansion, but was not prepared to face a family of powerful vampires and is now their prisoner also.

Smoke rises from the direction of Vencarlo's school, the building is on fire. The heroes should be motivated to enter the burning academy, Vencarlo could still be inside! Treat this as a Quick Encounter. The party reach Vencarlo's private rooms, but the fencing master is not present. Searching the smoke-filled room (Notice) reveals a secret panel hiding the Blackjack suit (+1 light leather, grants the Acrobat & Combat Acrobat Edges) and Blackjack's +1 masterwork rapier.

As the heroes are leaving the school, they are ambushed by Red Mantis assassins (Assassin, FC), who are searching for the old king's seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis. Tactical combat in the burning fencing academy, lots of swords lying around.

Networking rolls to find Vencarlo direct the party to the self proclaimed Emperor of Old Korvosa, WC-Pilts Swastel (Commoner, FC, add Delusional hindrance, wearing Cloak of Charisma - grants Charismatic Edge). The Emperor holds court in a dilapidated theatre. His prop throne sits centre stage, beside a very real guillotine. Seats from the first floor have been ripped out, clearing an arena for the Emperor's second favourite entertainment; bloodpig! (His first favourite entertainment is sending people to the guillotine). When the party first arrive, the Emperor is passing sentence on a young nobleman (Amin Jalento, whom the heroes might have met earlier in the adventure) for the heinous crime of being born with a sikcer spoon up his arse.

The Emperor knows the Arkonas have Vencarlo, but won't divulge this information freely. The heroes can beat the info out of him, but they'll have to go through his goons first (Bandits and Bandit Chieftains, FC). Alternatively, the Emperor offers to tell them everything if they beat his goons in a (unfriendly) game of bloodpig. The aim of bloodpig is to catch a terrified pig and get it into your opponents pit (which contains a savage wolf that tears the poor swine apart). Violence is encouraged, but weapons and spells are forbidden. Treat this as a Dramatic Task.

If the party lose, they'll have to make the Emperor talk the hard way. Even if they win, the Emperor throws a tantrum and orders his men to execute them for 'cheating'. A Persuasion/Intimidation roll at -4 can avoid further bloodshed. Once the Emperor has been compelled to speak, he directs the heroes to the Arkona estate.

--- PART THREE ---

Very few people know the Arkona family are vampires, presided over by two cunning and ruthless siblings called Glorio and Vimanda (both WC, Vampire, SWADE). The vampires are not idiots and when a group of heroes turn up at their gates, they immediately suspect they know about the two prisoners and play along. The charmed staff (Commoners, FC) serve poisoned food/wine to knock the heroes out. They are disarmed off their gear and placed in bedrooms to sleep off the poison, waking up at dusk. Give each player Conviction for being a good sport about getting captured.

The mansion is sealed and the vampires offer the party a deal: survive until dawn and they can take the prisoners and go. The charmed guards (Veteran Watch, FC) guard the doors to prevent the heroes leaving the grounds; if they do get out, the game is lost. The two proceed to hunt the party through the huge, sprawling mansion. Run several Dramatic Task to stay hidden all night, failure results in tactical combat with the two vampires. The heroes will have to find improvised weapons to fend off the undead predators.

A secret door in the drawing room (Notice-2) leads to secret dungeon where the vampires keep their coffins and their prisoners. The door is trapped to ring a large bell audible throughout the mansion; if the vampires hear the bell, they rush to defend their den. Secret door at base of stairs leads to den, obvious door leads into deathtrap room. Two (cheap/fake/empty) coffins on stone dais, Notice-2 to spot pressure plate under step triggers walls close in to crush victims, drains in floor strategically placed to collect blood. Run Dramatic Task to disam/jam/escape the trap.

Vencarlo, Neolandus and several more terrified Commoners are locked in dungeon. A secret door (Notice-2) leads to secret dock where the vampire's private barge is docked (and guarded by more Vetern Watch, FC). Once a prisoner has been drained of blood, they are tossed into the river here.

The vampires have no intention of honouring their promise. If the party do stay hidden, (expendable) servants lead them to the secret deathtrap room, where two more (equally expendable) servants wait with bags over their heads. The vampires lurk in the adjacent sanctum, waiting to lap up the blood collected in the drains.

Once the vampires have been dealt with, the heroes can rescue Vencarlo and Neolandus. The seneschal knows Ileosa found an artifact (the Crown of Fangs) in the dungeons of Castle Korvosa and is now possessed by the spirit of an ancient draconic warlord called Kazavon. To learn more, the party must leave the city and seerk the Shoanti tribes in the Cinderlands, who previously defeated Kazavon and may be able to help free Ileosa from his influence.

However the party opt to escape Korvosa, they face one final encounter with the Red Mantis (Assassins, FC) who pick up Neolandus' trail after the heroes rescue him from the Arkonas.

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Curse of the Crimson Throne 4: A History of Ashes (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

The heroes have fled Korvosa in order to seek answers from the Shoanti tribes, re: the fangs of Kazavon, which Queen Ileosa has fashioned into a crown. The party head to the Blackbird Inn in the farming community of Harse, where one of Vencarlo's old adventuring allies (Jasan) can hide them from the Queen's agents. Trinia Sabor is already there, after escaping Korvosa earlier in the AP. Trinia is bored of hiding and wants to accompany the party into the Cinderlands (she sneaks after them anyway, if they turn her down).
Trinia is an Ally. She grants the party use of the Elan Edge.

Neolandus encourages the heroes to seek Shoanti shamans who might know how to defeat Kazavon. Jasan mentions the Shoanti tribes are stirred up about something and unusually hostile. The heroes might remember Thousand Bones' warning about the death of Gaekhen triggering a war.

WHAT NEOLANDUS KNOWS: thousands of years ago, a group of heroes revealed the warlord Kazavon to be an evil blue dragon in the service of Zon Kuthon (god of darkness, pain & loss). The heroes defeated Kazavon and scattered his bones across Golarion to prevent him being returned to life. The fangs of Kazavon ended up in the Thassilonian monument that now serves as the foundation to Castle Korvosa. Queen Ileosa stumbled upon the fangs and fell under Kazavon's influence.

Reaching the Cinderlands requires passing through the tiered city of Kaer Maga. Kazavon/Ileosa anticipates this and sends a group of Grey Maidens (Knight, FC) to search for them, on the spurious charge of high treason. There are wanted posters up throughout the city and the party could end up in a fight with local authorities (Watch, FC) if they are recognised.

--- PART TWO ---

Traveling in the Cinderlands can be perilous.
Spades/Enemies: a pack of bulettes (Shark, SWADE, add Burrowing
ability) pick up the party's trail and attack them in the open.
Hearts/Strangers: the party encounter a group of young Shoanti
warriors (Caveman, FC) holding up heavy totems, part of their
passage into manhood. Interfering with this ritual could result in
Diamonds/Treasure: the party come across a fallen Shoanti warrior.
The fighter has driven his +1 tribal spear through the heart of a
basilisk, but been turned to stone as the monster died. The spear
allows the user to use the Improved First Strike edge.
Clubs/Obstacles: an emberstorm picks up - seemingly out of
nowhere - the party must make a Survival check to find shelter.
Anyone caught in the open must roll Vigour-2 or take 3d6 damage.

Heroes seeking wisdom from Shoanti shamans (or Thousand Bones specifically) are directed to the Kallow Mounds, where Shoanti souls are laid to rest. WC-Thousand Bones (Cave Man Shaman, FC) remembers the heroes and agrees to gather the other shamans to speak with them that night.

Shortly after the party arrive, Shoanti warlord WC-Krojun-Eats-What-He-Kills (Cave Man Chieftain, FC) arrives, having tracked the party across the Cinderlands. No violence is permitted in the Kallow Mounds, so Krojun challenges one hero to a "friendly" wrestling match, run as a Dramatic Task.

That night, the Shoanti shamans gather from the Moon, Sun & Skull tribes. They listen to the heroes but cannot give them the answers they seek, as that lore is forbidden to outsiders. The only way is if they become honorary Shoanti by re-enacting the legend of Skurak. Witnessed by a warlord (Krojun), they must tame one of the giant Cindermaws (Giant Worm, SWADE) in the furthest reaches of the Cinderlands.

Krojun leads the party to Cindermaw's hunting ground. Spilling blood on the sand attracts one of the enormous monsters. The hero attempting the trial must complete a Dramatic Task to mount and somehow subdue their beast. Failure to tame a cindermaw triggers Tactical Combat, or a Chase if the heroes decide to run away.

--- PART THREE ---

Once at least one hero has tamed a cindermaw, the party can return to the Kallow Mounds to be made honorary Shoanti. The ritual will be held the following morning at dawn. During the night, a large group of Red Mantis assassins attack the camp. Tactical Combat to defend the Kallow Mounds. The enemy force consists of;
Red Mantis Assassins (Assassin, FC),
Grey Maidens (Knight, FC),
Gargoyle Mercenaries (Natural Gargoyle, FC).

Once the Queen's forces have been defeated, the shamans complete the ritual and tell the party that to defeat Kazavon, they must recover the magic sword Serithtial from the ruins of Castle Scarwall (Kazavon's old crib) in the orc infested land of Belkzen.

Each of the shamans grants the party a boon, in reward for protecting the Kallow Mounds;
Sun Token, grants the wearer +4 environmental resistance to heat/fire.
Moon Token, grants the wearer Low Light Vision.
Skull Token, allows the wearer to cast the Fear power with Occult, 5PP.

Krojun offers to accompany the party on their quest. He is an Ally granting the party use of the No Mercy Edge.

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Curse of the Crimson Throne 5: Skeletons of Scarwall (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

To reach Castle Scarwall, the party must cross the orc-infested land of Belkzen, a journey which takes twelve days.
Spades/Enemies: an Orc (FC) raiding party mounted on Boars (FC)
spot the heroes and attack. They all wear necklaces of rotting
Hearts/Strangers: the party encounter a heavily guarded caravan
travelling to Trunau, the only non-orc settlement in Belkzen. The
guards (Mercenary, FC) are suspicious, but not hostile unless the
party give them a reason to be. The merchants are happy to trade.
Diamonds/Treasure: the party find the ruin of a relatively small,
previously undiscovered dwarven citadel nestled in the mountains.
It is full of ancient brittle skeletons of both dwarves and orcs and
ancient weaponry. A mummified dwarven king wears a mithral
crown worth 1000gp. Any dwarves in the party gain a point of
Clubs/Obstacles: the party blunder into a stretch of caustic
swampland. Survival save or Pace permanently reduced by 1 by
horrible, painful burns on feet (this is treated as a Crippling Injury
for purposes of healing).

Castle Scarwall sits on an island in the middle of a dark lake. A high arched stone bridged leads to the distant gatehouse. Strange looking birds (actually gargoyles) flap around the imposing edifice. Ghostly lights flicker in the otherwise dark and watchful windows.

Assuming the party even remember the fortune teller from the first part of the AP, Zellara's ghost can sense the great evil lurking in Scarwall and refuses to enter the castle.

As they approach the gatehouse, the portcullis rises and a skeletal knight (Veteran Knight, FC, add Undead trait) astride a skeletal warhorse (Warhorse, SWADE, add Undead trait) leads a large squad of Skeletons (SWADE) to intercept the heroes.

If the party try to cross the lake, they are attacked by giant lake serpents (Sea Serpent, FC). If they try to fly to the castle, they are attacked by Stone Gargoyles (FC).

--- PART TWO ---

Castle Scarwall is a huge, sprawling fortification. Rather than mapping it all out, draw a card and consult the table below to establish which location the party have discovered. Once the party have discovered a location, they can return there at any time.

If a hero tries to rest within the castle, they suffer awful nightmares and must a Spirit save or roll on the Fear table.

Two: The entrance to the castle dungeon is sealed by four spirit locks,
resembling ghostly chains knotted through the eye sockets of four
ghastly skulls. Killing the four spirit anchors throughout Scarwall
(Belshallam, Sir Castothrane, Mithrodar and Bishop Ravenka)
unseals the portal.

Three: Kitchen. A Hag (FC) called WC-Malatrothe has entered Scarwall
to collect components for her evil magic. She is collecting ghosts in
spirit jars. She offers to trade potions (any Novice/Seasoned power)
for spirits and gives each hero a jar to catch ghosts in, if they agree.
She will not trade for anything else.

Four: While exploring the castle, the party encounter a pair of
mute, ghostly jesters wearing what looks to be a grinning mask of
human skin. The two Ghosts (FC) perform some slapstick comedy
make enough racket to attract several Skeletons (FC) if the heroes
don't silence them. These ghosts can be captured in spirit jars.

Five: At an intersection between two gloomy passages stands a tall,
humanoid statue (of Kazavon in human form) with a sack covering
its head. Removing the sack causes the statue (Stone Golem, FC) to
animate and attack!

Six: Ballroom. Ghostly figures dance to eerie music. The spirits part to
let the heroes join the revelry. If two heroes dance together (co-
operative Performance roll) well enough to impress the spirits, they
both gain Conviction. If they get a raise, they also get a Ring of
Telekinesis (roll Occult, PP10). There are enough ghosts here to fill
all four spirit jars, but doing so ends the revelry.

Seven: Barracks/Armoury. Several Skeletons (FC) lie on the beds in
silence, when not on duty, rotating with the active 'guards' every
twelve hours. A locked door (the key is lost) opens into the castle
armoury. The armoury contains ancient, rusty weapons and armour.
There is also one +1 weapon of the GM's choice.

Eight: A large, gloomy library stacked with books. The dominant
genres represented in Kazavon's collection are military histories &
tactics and religious tomes devoted to Zun-Kuthon. A ghostly
librarian attends the books and can help the party find specific
tomes. This ghost can be captured in a spirit jar.
A hero rolling Research could find one of several unique scrolls, roll
1: A scroll detailing the Warriors Gift power, a hero with Arcane
Background (Miracles) can add this power to their character sheet.
2: A book of military tactics by the infamous General Gorstav. One
hero who reads this gains d6 in the Battle Skill (or increases their
existing skill by 1 if they already have it).
3: 'My Greatest Weakness' by Kazavon. The scroll is a fake and
breaking the wax seal triggers a flash of blinding light. The person
holding the scroll must roll Vigour-2 or be permanently blinded, as
per the Blind hindrance this is treated as a Crippling Injury for the
purpose of healing).
4: An illustrated book of torture techniques favoured by devotees of
Zun-Kuthon. One hero who reads this gains the Menacing edge.

Nine: The party reach the base of a tall, hollow tower. Dangling chains
enable the heroes to ascend with Athletics. The tower is 80ft high,
falling heroes roll 1d8 to determine how high they were when their
grip failed (1d6 falling damage per 10ft fallen, bypassing armour).
At the top of the tower is a windy balcony overlooking the castle. A
locked chest (Thievery to open) is packed with cursed skulls that can
talk when picked up. The skulls belong to the enemies of Kazavon,
executed during the height of his power and kept as trophies. The
skulls crumble to dust if removed from Scarwall or the curse is lifted.

Ten: The party cross the crumbling battlements overlooking the lake.
Several Stone Gargoyles (FC) animate and attack.

Jack: Gatehouse. WC-Sir Castothrane (Unholy Knight, FC, add Undead
traits and Damage Field, fire), former commander of Scarwall guards
this area, with several other Skeletons (FC). He is wreathed in flame
from the Ring of Immolation (Damage Field, PP5) he wears. The
other skeletons within the castle defer to anyone wearing the ring.
Defeating Sir Castothrane shatters one of the spirit locks in the

Queen: Courtyard. Instead of a regular warhorse, Kazavon rode an ill--
tempered Drake (FC, add Undead trait) called WC-Belshallam. The
skeletal drake now guards this area and attacks any intruders. A
couple of Stone Gargoyles (FC) join the battle.
Defeating Belshallam shatters one of the spirit locks in the dungeon.

King: This Great Hall was (literlly) the seat of Kazavon's power. A
golden throne sculpted to resemble a rearing dragon with precious
gems for eyes (500gp each) stands atop a raised dais. WC-Mithrodar
(Lasher Demon, FC), former castellan guards this area and summons
Demon Soldiers (FC) to aid him against the party.
Defeating Mithrodar shatters one of the spirit locks in the dungeon.

Ace: This chapel to Zun-Kuthon is part temple and part torture
chamber. WC-Bishop Ravenka (Priest of Death, FC, add Undead trait)
leads a congregation of undead monks (Zombie, SWADE) in prayer to
their dark deity. A chorus of ghastly shrieking is provided by ghostly
figures trapped in a cycle of endless torture. These ghosts can be
captured in a spirit jar.
Defeating Bishop Ravenka shatters one of the spirit locks in the

Joker: The party find the remains of Mandraivus, one of the heroes
who fought alongside Skurak to defeat Kazavon. He felled many
enemies but ultimately succumbed to his wounds. His ghost can
answer any questions the party may have about the castle (or be
captured in a spirit jar). He wishes the heroes luck (each hero gains
Conviction) and encourages them to take his magic Angelplate
armour (4AV, grants Flying speed 12").

--- PART THREE ---

After defeating the four spirit anchors, the party can descend into the dungeons below Scarwall. Steps descend into a large chamber littered with dragon bones. The +2 magic sword Serithtial (grants user the Holy Warrior Edge, 10PP) has been buried to the hilt in the massive skull. The sword is sentient and can communicate with the party telepathically from across the room, it tries to communicate with the most lawfully good character in the party. Removing the sword triggers the dragon bones to rattle and reform into an incomplete jigsaw of WC-Kazavon (Dragon, SWADE, add Undead trait). The party can fight here or flee with Serithtial (the sword is NOT happy about running away), triggering a Chase through the castle. If the heroes make it back across the bridge, the skeletal dragon turns to dust.

Once the heroes have recovered Serithtial, they are ready to return to Korvosa and face the Queen.

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Curse of the Crimson Throne 6: Crown of Fangs (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

The party return to Korvosa; now a grim, silent city in the grip of an oppressive Queen. Their allies have left the Blackbird Inn and gone ahead to make contact with the rebels and arranged to rendezvous in the catacombs beneath the Grey District. All gates into the city are guarded by squads of Grey Maidens (Knight, FC). A giant statue of Ileosa is being built by small army of stonemasons. New laws impose a strict curfew and require each citizen to pay taxes in both blood and coin (the blood ie being used in the ritual to grant Ileosa eternal youth).

The heroes must cross the city, avoiding patrols, to reach the cathedral in the Grey District. They are admitted by a nervous monk and lead down to the catacombs, where their allies (Croft, Vencarlo, Neolandus, ect...) are waiting.

The heroes must rouse the people of Korvosa to rebel against their evil queen and defeat her two most formidable servants; Sabina Merrin and Togomor.

To draw Sabina out, the heroes must kindle the flames of revolution. This a Social Encounter to draw a crowd nd convince them to take up arms against the queen.
Ileosa's spies catch wind of what's happening and a group of Grey Maidens are dispatched to disperse the crowd and apprehend the heroes. They are lead by WC-Sabina Merrin (Veteran Knight, FC) mounted on a Wyvern (FC).

WC-Togomor (Archmage, FC, add the Obese hindrance) can be found supervising the construction of the giant statue of Queen Ileosa. He animates piles of loose rock into Earth Elementals (SWADE) to hold off
the party while he teleports into the scaffolding around the legs of the statue.

Witnessing the heroes defeat the queen's two most powerful minions boosts confidence in the party. The city enters open revolt against the queen!

--- PART TWO ---

While the people rise against their oppressors, the heroes storm Castle Korvosa. To capture the enemy stronghold, the party must complete three consecutive Quick Encounters.
The first QE represents assaulting the main gate and securing the entrance to the castle.
The second QE represents fighting within the castle walls.
The final QE represents the final push to the doors of Queen Ileosa's throne room, where her remaining minions make their final stand.

The heroes confront Queen Ileosa (Noble, FC) in her throne room, where they first met her at the beginning of the AP. Ileosa has replaced the old throne with one that strongly resembles Kazavon's dragon throne from Scarwall, where the queen is seated as the party enter. She is defended by a group of Grey Maidens (Knight, FC) and several Hellhounds (FC, Size +3).

The thing on the throne is not Ileosa, but a realistic simulacrum created using the queen's blood. When defeated, the simulacrum collapses into a puddle of blood and oozes back toward the Everdawn Pool beneath the castle, where the real Ileosa is submerged. If the heroes follow the blood, it will lead them to the secret door in the royal apartment.

Papers in the royal apartment reveal Ileosa's plan to sacrifice the entire population of Korvosa to gain eternal youth for herself, using the Everdawn Pool beneath the castle.

--- PART THREE ---

Secret passage leads from the royal apartment to the Thassilonian ruin beneath the castle - and the final confrontation with Queen Ileosa.

WC-Ileosa (Noble, FC, add Very Attractive edge) is bathing in a pool of blood, which cascades down several tiers toward where the party enter the room. Several Blood Elementals (Water Elemental, SWADE) rise from the blood to defend the queen. Ileosa does not leave her bath. When the party defeat her, she sinks below the blood - only to reappear moments later as a serpentine monster with the head of a beautiful woman (WC Sea Serpent, FC).

Even after Ileosa is defeated in her final form, the party must still sunder the Crown of Fangs, which can only be achieved with Serinthtial.

The heroes have saved Korvosa, but left the city leaderless. Who will govern the city now? Conclude the adventure by establishing what each hero will do in the aftermath.


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Second Darkness 1: Shadow in the Sky (Complete)

These conversion notes are to be used alongside the excellent adventure path modules available from the Paizo website.

During this AP, the party will be fighting a lot of dark elves, the following template can be applied to existing entries in the SWADE or FC bestiaries (or adopted by players that want to play drow heroes).

Drow trait: Agile, Charismatic, Immune to Poison, Lightblind (-1/-2 to all actions requiring vision in areas that are lit/brightly lit), Low Light Vision, Outsider.

--- PART ONE ---

A strange black spit hangs in the sky over the city (a side-effect of the drow weapons test on a nearby island, more on that in the next part of the AP). Draw a card every day the party are in Riddleport, the blot causes unnatural weather effects if the card drawn is a club.
2-10: minor effect, metal objects become magnetized, wind vanes
twist to point toward the blot, sea gulls go mental, strange tides.
Q>A: major effect, a shower of shiny, black space rocks fall over the
city, Agility-2 to find cover, or 2d4 damage.
Joker: catastrophic effect, a boulder-sized lump of space rock falls
into the harbour, destroying a ship and causing a huge wave that
floods the lower half of the city (including the Golden Goblin).


The Golden Goblin casino is reopening under a new owner, the gregarious human criminal Saul Vancaskerkin. A devil-themed gambling tournament is being held to attract business. The staff are wearing devil masks/costumes and a genuine Imp (FC) sulks in a birdcage near the main entrance. The heroes are all attending the event, for their own reasons, which the players should describe when they introduce their characters. Use the gambling rules in the SWADE book to represent participation in the tournament.

A group of masked thugs, not associated with any of the major gangs, try to rob the casino during the tournament. Most of the guests flee or hide, but hopefully the heroes intervene. If the party stop the robbery, Saul is so impressed he offers the party employment. The players should understand that this employment is likely to be of a criminal nature.

Riddleport Thug, 2x per hero, use Bandit, FC).

--- PART TWO ---

The four major NPCs in the Golden Goblin are;
Saul Vancaskerkin: short, ambitious human boss. His left hand was
removed by a rival, he has replaced it with a large golden key that
opens the vault in his casino.
Bojask: Saul's half-orc bodyguard, formerly a gladiator in Clegg
Zincher's arena, but was cast out due to his drinking habit and
violent mood swings.
Feldin: dwarven accountant, fudges the numbers in the casino's books.
Liry: pretty young woman who tends bar in the Golden Goblin. She was
placed there as a spy by Clegg Zincher and is passing on information
about Saul's operation.

Quick Encounter to represent the kind of jobs the heroes are doing around the Golden Goblin, ie: running games of chance, greeting guests, intimidating people who owe Saul money, ect...


Saul sends the heroes to collect a wine shipment from the docks. Some of Clegg Zincher's goons have bribed the ship captain and flee with the stolen wine in back of two wagons. Chase scene to catch the wagons and recover the shipment.

Riddleport Thug, 2x per hero, use Bandit, FC.


In response to the attempted theft of his wine shipment, Saul instructs the heroes to take out one of Zincher's champion gladiators, Splithog Pauper, who fights in a pit beneath St Casperian's mission. Audiences file into the church and down to the crypt, where they can bet on the outcome of bouts between fighters. Saul provides a dagger laced with deadly poison (Vigour-2). A hero can get close to the target by fighting him in the pit. Treat the bout as a Dramatic Task, but the situation will likely escalate once the heroes make their move.

WC - Splithog Pauper, use Ogre, FC.

Riddleport Thug, 2x per hero, use Bandit, FC.


Saul suspects that one of his employees is a spy working for Zincher and asks the party to investigate. Quick Encounter to investigate. If the investigation is successful, the party learn that Liry's uncle is one of Zincher's gladiators and she has been meeting him in secret to pass on information. Saul orders the party to follow Liry and eliminate both her and her uncle when they next meet, sending Bojask along to make sure the job gets done. Bloodthirsty or Ruthless characters might not have any qualms about killing Liry, but other heroes may balk at this task.

Liry, use Commoner, FC.

WC - Bojask, use Bandit Chief, FC.

Gladiator, use Bandit Chief, FC (remove WC status).

--- PART THREE ---

Feldin spots discrepancies in the casino's ledgers (payments from the drow) and approaches Saul, who murders the dwarf to maintain his secret. Anxious about what the heroes might piece together, Saul opts to eliminate them also, by sending them into an ambush by his drow allies.

Saul tells the party that Zincher's men have abducted Feldin and are holding him in an old wreck in the Boneyard (ship graveyard outside the city, also functions as a dumping ground). Feldin's hooded body is tied to a chair in the hull of an old wreck, a couple of unwitting goons stand guard (expendable muscle hired by Saul). Drow assassins lurk nearby, waiting to ambush the party after they assault the ship.

Riddleport Thug, 2x per hero, use Bandit, FC.

Drow Assassin, 1x per hero, use Assassin, FC (apply the Drow traits).

An elven ranger called Kwaya cones to the group's aid, he is investigating drow activity in the city and belongs to the Shin'Rakorath (elven for Lantern Bearers). He knows the drow are working with someone in Riddleport, but not who.

Kwaya is an Ally. His hawk companion Ganmeed (Bird of Prey, FC) attacks once per round and can be used to deliver messages and scout wilderness terrain, ect....

--- PART FOUR ---

Heroes must return to the Golden Goblin to deal with Saul and learn more about his alliance with the drow. Feldin's ledgers have been sealed in the casino's vault, they reveals mysterious shipments to a nearby island called the Devil's Elbow. The heroes will need Saul's golden key to open the vault.

WC - Saul Vancaskerkin, use Thief, FC, add edges: Extraction & Feint,
armed with sword cane (as rapier, -2 to notice the carrier is armed).

WC - Bojask, use Bandit Chief, FC.

Riddleport Thug, 3x per hero, use Bandit, FC.

The raid on the Golden Goblin could play out in many ways, determined by the strategy elected by the players.

As well as the missing ledgers, the vault contains 1d10 x 500gp and the deed to the Golden Goblin, making the heroes the new owners of the casino.

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Second Darkness 2: Children of the Void (Complete)

Individual fragments of skymetal found throughout this adventure are worth 50gp each.

--- PART ONE ---

At the end of the previous chapter, the party discovered the presence of drow on a nearby island. Before the heroes travel to the Devil's Elbow, the mysterious blot in the sky over Riddleport falls to earth, striking the island with catastrophic effect. Several other groups sail to the Devil's Elbow to seek the precious sky metal that fell from the stars;
... a group of dwarven prospectors lead by Gravin Goldhammer.
... a gang of Riddleport thugs lead by Clegg Zincher.
... a research team of Cyphermages.

If the party took over management of the Golden Goblin, ask what they plan to do about running the casino while they are off adventuring.

Kwaya notifies his superiors in the Shin'Rakorath about the drow presence on the Devil's Elbow and arranges passage to the island aboard the Flying Cloud, captained by Josper Creesy.

The night before departure, saboteurs working for Zincher set the Flying Cloud aflame with bottles of alchemists fire. One of Creesy's sailors is sent to the Golden Goblin. Dramatic Task to save the ship. If the fail, their departure is delayed by a week as Creesy makes repairs.

--- PART TWO ---

It takes 1 day to sail from Riddleport to the Devil's Elbow, an ominously silent, forested island mostly surrounded by dangerous reefs. Two towers rise from a tall ridge along the centre of the island and a huge crater has been blasted into the earth of north-east side. An eerie yellow light flashes from the top of the closest tower, spooking the crew (actually a distress call from the trapped Cyphermages). There is only one safe place to dock the Flying Cloud, but Captain Creesy is reluctant to stay moored at the island overnight and arranges to return for the heroes in seven days.

Gravin Goldhammer and the survivors from his group spot the Flying Cloud and approach the ship as the heroes disembark, asking to buy passage back to Riddleport. They are desperate to quit this cursed island. Creesy is happy to take them home, then return for the party, but if the heroes try to stop them leaving, the dwarves get angry and attack.

The dwarves know the Cyphermages are holed up in a tower at the top of the ridge. They scoured the crater, but did not find any sky metal. They were attacked by strange blue wolves (akata), their bite carries a strange disease that turns people into monsters (void zombies).

WC - Gravin Goldhammer, use Dwarf, FC.

Dwarven Prospector, 1x per hero, use Dwarf, FC.


EXPLORING THE ISLAND: There are several major encounter areas across the Devil's Elbow, detailed below. When the party move between locations, draw a card as per the Travel rules in the SWADE adventure toolkit.
Spades/Enemies: a mated pair of bears lived on the island prior to
events of this adventure, they have both been afflicted with void
death and transformed into dangerous monsters.
Hearts/Strangers: a group of Riddleport thugs 1x per PC, see below)
from Zincher's camp collecting fire wood and muttering about how
much they hate this cursed island. They are attacked by a pack of
1d6+2 Akata (see below) and transformed into void zombies if the
heroes don't intervene.
Diamonds/Treasure: the party find a smaller crater overlooked by the
drow, where they can gather 3d6 fragments of skymetal
Clubs/Obstacles: in the aftermath of the meteor strike, a shower of
shiny, black space rocks fall over the island, Agility-2 to find cover,
or 3d4 damage.

Void Bear, x2, use Bear, SWADE, add Undead traits and Horrid Tongue Lash (Str+d4, range+1, roll Spirit or be Distracted).


The Harbour: the only safe place on the island to dock a ship as large
as the Flying Cloud. A couple of ruined buildings served as a base for
Goldhammer's dwarves. They have abandoned some basic supplies.


Witchlight: abandoned village, where the last surviving Cyphermage is
besieged by void zombies. When the party first arrive in Witchlight,
only a small number of zombies are present (1x per PC). Once they've
been dealt with, Samaritha Beldusk lets the heroes inside the tower.
Samaritha came to study the crater, but now she just wants to get off
the island alive.

Soon after the party enter the tower, a larger mob of void zombies
attack, scrambling up the exterior walls to break in through the upper
floors. Run a Quick Encounter to streamline the defence of the tower.

Samaritha is an Ally, she grants the party use of the party +2 on any Academics or Research skill checks.

Void Zombies, 2x per hero, use Ghoul, FC, remove Paralysis ability, add Horrid Tongue Lash (Str+d4, range+1, roll Spirit or be Distracted).


Crumbling Lighthouse: ruined and partially collapsed tower built
precariously close to the edge of the cliff. Clegg Zincher and his
cronies have set up camp and dug a pit in which to imprison
captured void zombies. Zincher is open to a truce with the party until
they can all get off the island.

Shortly after arriving, the void zombies in the pit begin retching up
the akata larvae growing inside them. The young Akata quickly
escape the pit and wreak havoc in the camp.

WC - Clegg Zincher, use Bandit Chief, FC, add Sweep edge, armed with giant pickaxe (Str+d10, -1 Parry).

Riddleport Thugs, 2x per hero, use Bandit, FC.

Akata Cub, 1x per hero, see below, add Small (-1 Size & Toughness).


Crater: created when the starstone hit the island. The drow collected most of the skymetal fragments, but overlooked a few scraps. Each hero can gather 1d6 fragments (up to a maximum of 15 total) per hour spent searching the crater. While doing so, they encounter a clutch of strange blue cocoons containing hibernating akata. The aliens burst from their shells to attack the party.

Akata, 1x per hero use Dire Wolf, SWADE, add Tentacle Slap (Str+d4, range+1), Void Hop (free action to Teleport 12") and Void Larvae (targets bitten by an Akata must roll Vigour save or suffer Void Death; Fatigue > Exhaustion > transfomation into mindless Void Zombie).


Sea Caves: the drow on the Devil's Elbow are hiding out in the network
of sea caves beneath the island. This area is detailed further in Part

--- PART THREE ---

The sea caves beneath the island used to be used by smugglers and pirates, now they are occupied by the drow. Two sisters; Depora and Shindiira oversee the drow operations on the Devil's Elbow.

Their ship, a sleek, black ship called the Savahara is moored here. The drow collected most of the skymetal from the crater, it is now stored in crates in the hold of their ship (10 crates, each crate contains 3d6 skymetal fragments). The drow have also captured 1d8+2 Akata in warded cages that negate their ability to teleport. The captain's cabin holds a locked/trapped (Notice/Thievery-2, deadly poison dart d8), chest containing Shindiira's notes on the test firing of what the drow are calling the Armageddon Echo. These notes indicate the existence of a drow enclave in tbe ruins of Celwynvian. A ballista is mounted on the prow of the ship (3d8, range 25/50/100, AP4, crew 2, reload 1).

An adjacent cavern (previously used to store smuggled goods) was used by the drow mages to conduct the ritual that pulled a starstone from the heavens (Occult roll to work out purpose of the arcane glyphs scrawled across the floor/walls).

A Giant Octopus (FC) lairs beneath the water, taking an interest in anyone who ends up in the drink.

WC - Depora, use Veteran Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

WC - Shindiira, use Veteran Mage, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 2x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Wizard, 1x per hero, use Mage, FC, add Drow traits.

--- PART FOUR ---

Once the party have defeated the drow and recovered Shindiira's notes on the Armageddon Echo, the adventure is effectively over. Kwaya wants to report these findings to the Shin'Rakaroth ASAP. The party can return to Riddleport immediately, or continue to explore the Devil's Elbow.

During the return voyage, the GM can run an optional encounter. The Araska's Teeth, a pirate ship ruled by Captain Grudge is waiting to plunder vessels laden with skymetal as they leave the island.

This encounter could play out as a Chase (if the Flying Cloud tries to run) or a Tactical Combat, if the two ships come together. If the party defeat the pirates, they can steal their treasure, worth 1d10 x 500 gold. The GM may add magic items to this hoard, at their discretion.

WC - Captain Grudge, use Bandit Captain, add Sailing d10.

Pirates, 3x per hero, use Bandit, FC.

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Second Darkness 3: Armageddon Echo (Complete)

--- PART ONE ---

The heroes return to Riddleport, likely with a hold full of valuable space ore to sell. Allow one month of downtime for the party to pursue their own interests. After this time, Kwaya contacts the party and asks them to accompany him to Crying Leaf, where he hopes their testimony will convince his superiors in the Shin'Rakaroth to take action against the drow forces gathering in Celwynvian (ruined elven city around a massive crater).

The party must travel north to Crying Leaf, beneath the boughs of the Mierani Forest. The journey will take seven days.
Spades/Enemies: a group of Hobgoblin mercenaries (FC) marching
to join the drow army in Celwynvian. They have a pair of tamed and
muzzled Drakes (FC) with them.
Hearts/Strangers: the party encounter a herd of Centaur warriors
(FC) led by Windbraid, heading off to slaughter a troublesome tribe
of goblins. If the heroes assist in a Quick Encounter, Windbraid
rewards the party with a bow that ignores the Unstable Platform
Diamonds/Treasure: an abandoned watch tower, before they were
caught and hanged, a group of bandits buried their loot beneath the
floor. Notice roll to spot disturbed earth. Buried chest contains
1d10 x 100gp and an Amulet of Deflection (5PP), that did not save
its previous owner.
Clubs/Obstacles: a fallen tree spans the Velashu river. A single
Goblin (FC) has set himself up as "bridge keeper", demanding a toll
of 1gp (or something it can eat) to cross.

--- PART TWO ---

The party reach the Mierani Forest. Their arrival is noted by elven scouts hiding in the trees. Before long, the heroes are intercepted and interrogated by an elven ranger called Kaerishiel. Once she is satisfied that the party are friends, she escorts the party to Crying Leaf. The town is surrounded by a wall of living vines, which part to allow the heroes inside. They are taken to meet the elven leader, called Eviana.

The heroes must convince Eviana that the drow present a real and immediate threat to Golarion. Her advisor Nolveniss argues otherwise, claiming the party are warmongers or spies. In truth, Nolveniss is a cunning drow wizard who has hidden his true nature to infiltrate Eviana's council. Treat this debate as a Social Encounter. If the heroes win, or Nolveniss' treachery is revealed, Eviana is convinced to go to war. If the heroes lose the debate, Kaerishiel raises her suspicions about Nolveniss and asks the party to investigate the treacherous advisor. Nolvenissis a Recurring Villain, so if the heroes do get into a fight here, make sure that he gets away.

Run the battle for Celwynvian using the Mass Battle rules in the SWADE adventure toolkit. The elves can field more troops (10 tokens) than the drow (7 tokens), but the drow have a +1 tactical advantage by defending the ruins. Unless one of the heroes has the battle skill, Eviana commands the elven army, she has Battle d8. The drow general also has Battle d8.

During the battle, have the heroes pass a statue depicting an elven wizard called Ilamin Silverwind.

If the elven army wins, they corner the last remnants of the drow in the ruins of an ancient, partially collapsed observatory. If Nolveniss has not already been uncovered as a spy, he reveals himself now, by trying to assassinate Eviana. Kaerishiel intercepts the attack, sacrificing herself to save her commander. Once Nolveniss is defeated, he uses a wand to send the heroes into the past, to the day before Earthfall. Nolveniss expects the party to be annihilated by the ancient catastrophe.

WC - Nolveniss, use Archmage, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 2x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Wizard, 1x per hero, use Mage, FC, add Drow traits.

--- PART THREE ---

The party have 24 hours to get back to the future, before they are wiped out by the giant meteor speeding towards them. The city of Celwynvian is restored to its former splendour, but the population is in a state of panic as their doom descends from the heavens. To return to their own time, the heroes will need the aid of a powerful wizard from this age, Ilamin Silverwind (the heroes may recall seeing his statue in the present day). Ilamin and several other elven wizards are in the city library, searching for some way of averting the impending disaster.

The heroes must convince Ilamin that they are from the future and that Earthfall cannot be stopped, run this as a Social Encounter. Ilamin takes the news quite well and redirects his efforts towards getting the party back to the present with as much elven lore as they can carry.

A group of elven doomsayers storm the library, hoping to disrupt whatever efforts the mages are making to avert Earthfall. They plan to burn as many scrolls as they can. Run this as a Quick Encounter.

Each hero is given a satchel stuffed with ancient lore and ushered into a magic circle. Ilamin and the other wizards cast a spell that returns the party to the present. They reappear (with the Drop) moments before Nolveniss kills Kaerishiel and have another chance to save their ally. When Nolveniss produces his wand, the heroes are ready to interrupt his action. The wand allows the user to cast Sloth/Speed with an Occult roll, 10PP.

WC - Nolveniss, use Archmage, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 2x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Wizard, 1x per hero, use Mage, FC, add Drow traits.

Once Nolveniss and the other drow have been defeated, the ruins of Celwynvian are reclaimed by the elven army.

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Second Darkness 4: Endless Night (Complete)

SUMMARY: The heroes infiltrate the drow city of Zirnakaynin, disguised as dark elves. They pose as lowly servants within the compound of noble house Vonnarc. When General Allevrah Azinrae visits the Vonnarc matriarch, the heroes learn of her plot to destroy the elven homeland with another big space rock. They must then escape Zirnakaynin with this intelligence.

--- PART ONE ---

The elves eagerly study the scrolls rescued from pre-Earthfall Celwynvian. They discover the secret to activating the ancient elf gates across Golarion and suggest opening a portal to Zirnakaynin, the drow capital in the Darklands. Rather than sending an elven army, Eviana wants the heroes to infiltrate the drow city and uncover their plans.

Each hero is given a spider brooch that permanently disguises them as a dark elf and grants low light vision, as long as they are wearing it. The magic will only last seven days. The players retain their normal stats, but can pass as drow, although their mannerisms might still give them away.

Eviana activates the elf gate, opening a portal to Zirnakaynin. She gives the party a Sending Stone, which they should activate when they are ready to return.

--- PART TWO ---

The drow city occupies an enormous cavern, shrouded in inky darkness. The elf gate opens into a dank grotto near the edge of the city, dimly illuminated by glowing fungi and mostly forgotten by the drow. A small number of bored guards are surprised as the portal opens for the first time in centuries. They are suspicious of the party, despite their disguises. Social Encounter to persuade the guards the heroes are not enemies, or straight up combat if the party are in no mood to talk.

Drow Captain, use Veteran Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 1x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drider, 1x per two heroes, use Centaur, FC, add Bite (Str+d4), Poison (-4), Wall Walker & Webbing (Shooting roll to fire sticky web - small burst template - range 6", target Entangled - or Bound with a Raise).


Once the heroes enter Zirnakaynin, a Networking roll reveals the following intelligence;
the recent drow incursions onto the surface world were ordered by a drow general called Allevrah Azinrae.
General Azinrae is meeting with matriarchs of the major drow families in Zirnakaynin to gather support for the next stage of her plot.
House Vonnarc is hiring new servants, after their previous staff were sacrificed in a demonic ritual.

Hopefully the players will allow themselves to be steered (some might say railroaded) into seeking employment in House Vonnarc.

--- PART THREE ---

House Vonnarc is ruled by the extremely elderly Matron Pravora. Her two daughters, Alicavniss (a cold, calculating wizard) and Faidaeva (a sadistic nymphomaniac), are getting tired of waiting for her to die. Matron Pravora also has two sons, Erdrinneir (priest of the demon lord Areshkagal) and Tiryin (commander of the guard).

Six days after the heroes arrive in Zirnakaynin, General Azinrae visits the estate to discuss her plans with Matron Pravora and establish how much support she can expect from House Vonnarc. Once the heroes learn of this meeting (likely by reading private correspondence or eavesdropping on the family, ect...), they simply need to bide their time and maintain their cover until the meeting.

At any give time, House Vonnarc is occupied/patrolled by;

WC - Matron Pravora Vonnarc, use Archmage, FC, add Drow traits and the Elderly Hindrance.

WC - Alicavniss Vonnarc, use Archmage, FC, add Drow traits.

WC - Faedaeva Vonnarc, use Mercenary Captain, FC, add Drow traits.

WC - Erdrinneir Vonnarc, use Death Priest, FC, add Drow traits.

WC - Tiryin Vonnarc, use Mercenary Captain, FC, add Drow trait.

Drow Captain, 1x per hero, use Veteran Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 3x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drider, 1x per hero, see above for stats.

Slaves, 2x per PC, use Commoner, FC.


GETTING HIRED: If the heroes seek employment in House Vonnarc, they are taken before First Daughter Alicavniss to be interviewed. She asks each candidate to list their skills and may ask for a demonstration of whatever prowess they claim to possess, before assigning them to whichever role she feels is most appropriate.
There are several positions available on the estate;
1x Acolyte (assisting Erdrinneir with sacrifices to Areshkagal).
2x Bed Slave (satisfying Faedaeva's perverse kinks).
2x House Guard (patrolling the house and grounds).
1x Research Assistant (assisting Alicavniss in her sanctum).
x Spider Handler (pretty self explanatory).

Every day, each hero makes a roll to determine their performance in their 'day job'. A failure results in the hero being punished (Fatigued), or severely punished (Exhausted) with a critical failure. A Raise on this roll impresses their drow overseers and could result in promotion.

The time the party spend posing as servants is treated as a sandbox. A list of events is detailed below, pick and choose which events you want to run. There is no set timeline to these optional events.


One of the Giant Spiders (FC) in the Vonnarc stable is sick (spider diarrhoea!). Her name is Lady. Another slave (Gadak, if he's still alive) has been feeding her halfling meat, which is too fatty. Any Spider Handlers in the party are tasked with finding out what is upsetting her tummy and fixing the problem. Healing roll to diagnose the illness.

Several desperate slaves attempt to escape. The heroes are charged with bringing them back to the estate, where they will be punished. Survival roll to track the escaped slaves, who have blundered into a nest of Giant Spiders (FC) and been ensnared in their webs.

Another slave (Gadak, if he's still alive) spies on the party and learns something incriminating. He rushes to share his discovery with Alicavniss, hoping to gain her favour. The heroes must chase him down and shut him up, before he blows their cover.

Faedaeva goes to the spider races to gamble. She executed her last rider for coming in second and picks a new rider from among the party to compete against the other drow families (Dolour, Movias, Rasivrein, Sardavic, ect...). The other jockeys are Drow Guards with Riding d8. Run the race as a Chase.

Erdrinneir needs more victims for his next ritual to Areshkagal and sends the heroes to the slave market to buy some sacrifices. One of the slaves for sale is the heroes old friend Kwaya (who was captured by the drow after the battle for Celwynvian)! If the heroes get into a bidding war for their friend, they lose all Erdrinneir's coin on the one lot and have to explain to the furious priest why they returned empty handed. If they don't bid for their friend, he is sold to House Rasivrein, who operate a gladiatorial arena.

On his night off, Tiryin visits a bar/brothel called Venom Kiss. He gets into a drunken brawl and kills a son of the Movias family. Vengeful drow from House Movias are on their way to Venom Kiss to kill Tiryin. The heroes are sent to extract the second son of House Vonnarc.

Drow Captain, 1x per hero, use Veteran Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 2x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Wizard, 1x per two heroes, use Mage, FC, add Drow traits.

--- PART FOUR ---

On the sixth day, Allevrah Azrinae visits the Vonnarc compound to meet with Matron Pravora. The party will hopefully be aware of this and have made plans to spy on the meeting. If not, they only find out as the the Azinrae contingent are escorted into the estate.

In the matron's private suite, Allevrah explains her plot to call down a meteor over the elven nation of Kyonin and eliminate the surface elves from the face of Golarion.

The heroes should recognise that this is information they need to deliver to their allies on the surface. The party must abandon their posts and return to the elf gate. The heroes may wish to attack Allevrah now and sever the head of the snake. They are welcome to do so, but Allevrah is a Recurring Villain and guaranteed to escape.

WC - Allevrah Azinrae, use Unholy Knight, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Captain, 1x per hero, use Veteran Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.


After the elf gate activated at the start of the advnture, the drow have assigned a larger force to guard the area against further incursions from the surface. Arcane sigils have been etched into the floor, dispelling magical effects (such as Disguise or Invisibility) on anyone approaching the gate. Once the party activate the sending stone, it takes 2d6 rounds for the elf gate to open. Once the fight starts, drow reinforcements (GM's discretion) turn up every round until the gate opens and the party can retreat to Crying Leaf.

Drow Captain, 1x per hero, use Veteran Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drow Guard, 2x per hero, use Mercenary, FC, add Drow traits.

Drider, 1x per hero, see above for stats.

Sovereign Court

It looks like you spent a ton of work on this! Can you post them as PDF's that we could download?

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