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So, I’ve seen a lot of people doing builds with bards based around immobilizing enemies through fear effects from certain performances and spell effects. So much to the point I would consider their bards offensive characters. So, I’m making a human bard, and was wanting to make a build very similar to one of these. Using my performances and spell slots for mostly spell effects that can just shut down a creature or any form of enemy. I’ve already picked string and sing as his two performance types, and was wondering if someone could help me make an effective build with this through certain masterpieces and whatnot? Maybe an archetype I missed or something?

His stats are the following:
10, 16, 14, 12, 12, 18 (We rolled stats)

The help is much appreciated
EDIT: I just now realized I posted this in pfs. Which is definitely not the case for this character.

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I would take polymath muse to use performance for demoralize (though it only affects the demoralize action, so if you want to be intimidating to coerce, you’d want to invest in the intimidation skill).

For background, I’d choose warrior for intimidating glare so that you aren’t penalized for not speaking the same language.

For class feats, at level 2, I’d pick up versatile muse: maestro to get lingering performance or multiclass into rogue; at 6, take dirge of doom; at 8, if you took a basic rogue feat at 4, I’d take the rogue’s dread striker.

For skill feats, I’d take intimidating glare (if you didn’t get it from background), battle cry at level 8 (polymath’s versatile performance allows you to pick up intimidation feats), and scare to death when you get legendary performance. Virtuosic Performer is also a must get as soon as possible.

Spells, though not all of them:
1: Fear, Phantom Pain, Grim Tendrils
2: Paranoia
3: Enthrall, Hypnotic Pattern

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