Droping (falling) prone under fire

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Drop prone is a free action. Can someone drop prone to get +4 AC against ranged attacks while it's not her turn? Can she do it right before ranged attack against her(seeing readying a bow, crossbow)? After an attack roll has been done she can't do it to avoid attack, I guess...

Help is appreciated =)

Silver Crusade

One can only take a Free Action on one's own turn. One can take an Immediate Action when it is not one's turn. Drop prone is a free action. Therefore, one can only Drop Prone on one's own turn.

If one wants to Drop Prone when it is not one's turn one can accomplish this by spending one's Standard Action to Ready and Action to do so. One could even ready an action to "Do something that's a Standard Action then drop prone". The trigger could even be "when I detect someone about to make a ranged attack at me".

So, yes, it's possible to Drop Prone when one comes under fire. Mechanically, one must ready an action to do so.

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Just to clarify, there are Some free actions that can be made when it's not your turn - such as speaking - but those are exceptions that are specifically called out as being available on someone else's turn. The general rule is that you can't take free actions outside of your own turn.

(Basicay exactly what Magda said, but I thought you might be getting confused because there are some cases that seem to contradict her.)

Thx a lot for clarifying it! =D

The thing you're trying to accomplish is the Gunslinger's "Gunslinger's Dodge" Deed, by the way. If you really want to do it, you just need to find a way to get access to the Deed.

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