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Hello. Recently I was looking at the Android class on the SRD and I saw something that confused me and I wanted some clarification...

This is an Alternate Racial trait, technically its unimportant I'm just wondering about the wording on Hit Dice.

"Repairing Nanites: Some androids cannot prompt their nanites to aid them in any endeavor, but instead find that their nanites stitch their wounds together. The first time each day that such an android has taken an amount of damage greater than or equal to twice her Hit Dice, the nanites automatically activate, without an action. Her circuitry-tattoos glow with light equivalent to that of a torch for 1 round and she heals a number of hit points equal to twice her Hit Dice. "

In this case when its referencing Hit Dice, does it mean the Total NUMBER of hit dice, say from your Class. Or do they mean the actual highest number possible to roll on your classes Hit Dice?

So if you have a hit dice of 1d10 but you are level 5 so you have 5d10 hit dice, then does this trait either:

A) Calculate off the 1d10, if she takes Twice her Hit dice (1d10) which would be 20. then she triggers this ability and gains 20 HP.

B) Calculate off the number of Hit dice (5d10) which would mean when taking 10 damage (twice the NUMBER of dice) she heals 10 HP.

Thanks for the clarification! :D

Not hit points but hit dice. In your example you said the character had 5 hit dice so when they take 10 points of damage you heal for 10 points.

Anne the android fighter 2/wizard 3 has 5 Hit Dice. Each day, the first time she has taken 10 or more hit points of damage, her nanites would activate, causing her circuitry to glow for 1 round and healing 10 hit points.

For PCs, barring some GM-allowed special snowflake stuff, your number of hit dice is equal to your number of total class levels. If your character is 8th level, you have 8 HD, and Repairing Nanites triggers on taking 16 or more damage.

Dice is the plural version of die. 1d10 would be a die, 5d10 are dice.

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