Help me deal massive DPR my friends


Greetings friends,

My brother is creating a dwarf druid who will MC into fighter dedication at level 2 and fighter AoO at level 4. He was thinking about getting power attack (at class feat 6,8 or 10) and furious focus (class feat 12 is earliest he can get this one via MC). Would this be worth getting? He would pass on form control, ferocious shape and dragon form. To wild shape he would just be using his spells and no focus points (at least initially). Would power attack and furious focus be worth the hassle of MCing so hard into fighter? His goal is to hit hard like a behemoth with his crits as there is a buffer/debuffer already in the party in the form of a Bard, perhaps the Trex would be capable of dealing big damage? He doesn't plan on using his spell slots to cast offensive spells he will leave that to the Bard. Any thoughts/suggestions on what to do here? Which may be stronger? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Short answer: I doubt it.

Longer answer: Power attack depends a lot on the dice size and weapon you're using, and if going shapeshifter, that's likely not a d12 - at which point it becomes a situational feat that's useful to bypass resistances and smack down small targets but not as useful in other conditions. It's still good, but not worth the price of a lv6 feat. Furious focus has the same issue because it's based on Power Attack, but in addition requires a two-handed weapon. That isn't the same as two hands as weapons.

Fighter dedication is more fitting for those who want to get more precision and versatility with their combat options - it actually doesn't help damage that much.
If his aim is to have damage boosts, Barbarian dedication is more likely to appeal to him, as with Dedication, Basic Fury and Instinct Ability (2, 4 and 6) he can snag an improved Rage that deals an extra 4 elemental damage (or 3 energy damage) on each attack and the priceless No Escape reaction.

Out of curiosity, what's his choice of Order?

He's wild order, he was thinking Dino form at level 7 T-Rex D12 Deadly.

Play 1e. It's not necessarily a better or more fun game, but you'll deal more damage numerically speaking.


Yeah, MC barb is a better fit in my mind too.

Giant Instinct Barbarian deal the most damage in terms of raw damage modifiers I think, but the extra to hit from fighter keeps their DPR above that.

From what I recall in another thread, power attack is generally a damage decrease but good against things with DR (you lose static damage compared to making two attacks vs making one attack at a higher attack bonus).

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No love for a Heightened D12 Deadly Trex with Fighter Dedication? He wants to go fighter dedication instead of barbarian mainly due to AOO (one of our allies is well versed in giving the prone condition to our enemies).

Going for aoo is good, it's just power attack that isn't worth it, but it's probably fine to take, it just won't help much.

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Barbarian multiclass can still get AoO at lvl 12.

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