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I want to build Voldermort (yeah I know orginal idea lol) as a Magus/Wand special user (Duel wielding his bound-blade (one of his phylacterys) and assortments of wands. I wanted yo give him a total of 8 phylacteries (infinity symbol) ranging amongst gears but also wanted to make a fun curse mechanic for each. I’m thinking the following for each:

1) Intelligent Blade. Intelligent item with high ego whose goals align with dark lord.
2) Rechargeable Wand: Cast a spell on wand when empty it and fuels it for 50 charges. Curse: Owner disregards all other equipment as secondary. The wands well-being comes first. Causes players to distrust everyone
3) Magic Ring. Ring of telekinesis . Curse pending.
4) Bag of Holding Type IV. Curse: Unnatural greed. Grants Avarice drawback as well as double hunger. Holder must consume 3x the amount of food daily to stay healthy. Keeps curse until item is destroyed
5) Enchanted Gold Coin. 3x a day allows Wielder to reroll bad rolls as immediate actions. Curse: Owner is impulse and is unable to formally plan
6) Necklace. Type pending. Curse pending.
7) Gauntlets of Rusting Grasp; Greater. Curse: on top of the 3 normal times, at random the gloves can affect the owners equivalent 3x a day.
8) familiar. Animal pending. Curse: slaying infects killer with Lich Corruption no save. Player must deal with corruption separately.

Other then the blade/Familiar he wouldn’t keep the items on him. The only theme I want to take from Voldermort is several phylacterys. The goal is to make each item special enough to temp players and NPCS to keep them.

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