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The spell Floating Disk carries 100 lb per caster level, and floats 3 ft above the ground. There are specific circumstances in the spell listing that cause it to wink out of existence, but over-burdening the disk is not one of them. If you put something too heavy on top of the disk, is the disk just weighted down to the floor? Or does the heavy item fall through to the ground?

I had an idea for my first-level magus to knock a heavy opponent over onto the disk, causing them to fall through and allowing their lightweight MacGuffin to get caught on the disk. In hindsight I figure it probably doesn't work that way, but I couldn't find any rulings one way or another.

If you overburden a floating disk it falls to the ground.

Why would the heavy object fall through? That makes no sense at all because you could easily have numerous items that weigh less than the limit, but when combined exceed the limit. What would happen in that case? For example if a 1st level caster put 11 ten pound bars on the disk which one would fall through?

If a 10 STR character is carrying a bag weighing 100 lbs. and someone adds an addition weight to the bag the character drops the bag because it is too heavy. Items in the bag do not fall out until they weight is within the limit of the character. A floating disk is no different.

I guess it’s up to the dm. I’d probably say the item rolls off the disk instead of falls through though. And if someone is holding an item then it is part of their weight and not counted separately.

There’s really nothing to say the disk falls to the ground, so that would just be a reasonable house rule.

Why would an item roll off? If I have a square item with flat surfaces on all sides how does it roll off a floating disk when it is slightly concave? So if I put a small extremely heavy square item in the center of a floating disk it rolls over a foot up the side of the disk and falls over the edge? That makes absolutely no sense.

Also what if you have more than a single item on the disk? What determines which items falls off? If I have a small item already on the disk and I put a large item on the disk that pushes it over the limit which one falls off?

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