necromancers and healing

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The wizard school of necromancy is described as such: "As a necromancer, you call upon the powers of life and death. While your school is often vilified for its association with raising the undead, you understand that control over life also means control over healing."

How do necromancers control healing?

By sucking the life of others with Vampiric Touch.

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By using the Medicine skill with their keen intellect and extensive experience cutting open bodies.

Or by taking a multiclass dedication that gives them direct access to the cleric, nature or occult lists.

Nothing related to being a necromancer though

By casting False Life.

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The advanced Necromancy power is a healing effect.

Also, as someone who’s playing a Necromancer Wizard focused exactly on this theme... when you get down to the magics involved, the resurrection ritual is just a create undead with extra steps. And you can learn it.

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