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Just to be sure:

1. Do I have to pay spell casting services to add a spell to a brand new Ring of Spell Knowledge?

2. Once I've got the ring with a spell inside, is the spell spent once I cast it for the first time?

3. If I remove the ring for whatever reason (e.g. to lend it to another spontaneous spell caster) is the spell that was inside lost?

Now, I would say 1. yes, 2. no, 3. no. But some of the guys in my group disagree, so I decided to ask here to see if I can get an unbiased opinion.

Thanks in advance!

Sczarni 5/5 ⦵⦵

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Best place to get a Rules Questions answer would be over in the Rules Questions Forum, so I'll flag your post to be moved over there ^_^

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