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My character just grew wings in 1-17, with Average flight, any way to improve that to perfect flight?

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No way I know of. A haste spell or haste circuit will give you a LOT of options while flying though.

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Thanks Wolf, with all the flying characters you would think there would be a feat for that kind of thing.

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Radiation poisoning, eh? You were lucky. I ended up with some monkey business going on and walked out of there with a climb speed. Which is nice I guess, except I can meld with my drone now and fly so I'm not sure when monkey arms will be useful...

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Flagged for spoilers.

Please avoid tying scenario names/numbers to things that happen in that scenario without using a spoiler to hide it. (Especially in thread titles.)

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You're right, my mistake. I'd go back and change my post but I can't.

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