Druids, refocusing, and Natural Medicine

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So, here’s a question about how Druids can spend their time to regain their Focus Point(s). We’ll stat with the following from the description of the Druidic Order class feature.

Druidic Order wrote:
Order spells are a type of focus spell. It costs 1 Focus Point to cast a focus spell, and you start with a focus pool of 1 Focus Point. You refill your focus pool during your daily preparations, and you can regain 1 Focus Point by spending 10 minutes using the Refocus activity to commune with local nature spirits or otherwise tend to the wilderness in a way befitting your order.

So far so good. Let’s now look at the feat Natural Medicine, which human Druids or Druids with the herbalist background can get at Level 1.

Natural Medicine - Feat 1 wrote:

[General] [Skill]

Prerequisites trained in Nature
You can apply natural cures to heal your allies. You can use Nature instead of Medicine to Treat Wounds. If you’re in the wilderness, you might have easier access to fresh ingredients, allowing you to gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your check to Treat Wounds using Nature, subject to the GM’s determination.

“Natural cures,” hm? Interesting. So, would using the natural cures mentioned in this feat that you use while treating wounds also satisfy the “commune with nature spirits or tend to the wilderness” clause that Druids need to refocus?

Silver Crusade

Well, IIRC Paladins or Clerics of a good deity can refocus while they heal, no real reason to exclude Druids I guess.
Regarding the feat, I just changed backgrounds for my Druid and removed it. I ended up also wanting to be trained in medicine, since that skill covers so many other uses, particularly helping other players or NPCs deal with a disease of poison is worth it.

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