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Some contrips have the trait "attacks" but don't specify any kind of spell roll (for example "chill touch"). And vice-versa some requires to roll a spell attack but don't show the tag "attack"(for example "tangle foot"). Some others miss them both(for example "electric ark"). How do these cantrips work with the multiple attack penalty?

Thx in advance

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There is the possibility that Chill Touch, for example, has the tag by mistake because an earlier version of it did require an attack roll.

Discounting that, and taking the book at face value, the way it works is fairly straightforward. You cast Chill Touch. Your current MAP does not matter to the spell, as there is no attack roll. An attack made after the spell suffers 1 attack action worth of MAP (default -5).

Things like electric arc that don't have the attack trait or any attack rolls do not interact with or affect MAP in any way.

Thank you for your answer sir^^

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