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Howdy all,

I'm looking at running a leisurely Riverboat Adventure through Nirvana for my group. On this trip, I want to include a series of minigames and gambling games for the Players to try out, preferably something more substantial than "roll a d20, highest wins." I found an old dead post from 2013 that I'll post down below which had two good ideas. So my questions are thus:

What minigames have you all run and/or created that worked out well, and what system did you use to run them?

Here are two that were posted on another thread in this forum (no hyperlink as I'm doing this all from a phone on vacation):


Spicy food eating contest
Include npc contestants

Waiters will quickly bring out plates of Curry and remove them all at regular intervals. Players have to roll 3d6 and add either their will save or fort saves to the totals. For every 6 points they get, is one bowl of curry they manage to finish. the player with the most bowls of curry finished by round three wins!

Also at the end make them all roll a DC14 fort save or throw up.


Junk stacking contest
Include npc contestants

Players have to stack random junk as high as they can and attempt to make the highest tower possible. The player to build a tower 50 inches high wins.

Players play one at a time and roll 2d6 with each 1 point representing 1 inch of height gained. Players have to push their luck or lock in their progress because if they get a 1 roll on a single dice, their current amount of work crashes down and is lost, if they roll two 1 results, their whole tower collapses and they start again.

The trick is for players to roll their 2d6, gather points and knowing when to stop to "balance their tower" locking in their progress. Trying to be too greedy can result in their work being wasted unless they know when to lock in their progress.

Word making

Randomly grab letters from your scrabble or upwords box and place them in front of the players, give them 5 minutes to make as many words as possible

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