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I have an idea for a PFS character, but im having difficulties finding out if my build idea is legal.
The idea is taking whirlwind attack (mobility combat style which is a faithful style for Sarenrae worshippers) with my 6 level slayer talent.
But this will be the first time I take a ranger combat style feat because the Vanguard archtype replaces the 2nd. and 4th. level slayer talent.
1) Is the 6th level feats avaible when you take the first ranger combat style feat at level 6?
2) Sarenrae has a lot of scimitar love, but can I use a reach weapon instead?

1) The 6th level combat feats are not available RAW the first time you take Slayer Talent: Ranger Combat Style. You would have to take it twice. The first time gaining one of the pre-6 ranger combat style feats, and the second unlocking your 6th level feats.

Here's your line in that slayer talent that makes this RAW: "The slayer selects a ranger combat style (such as archery or two-weapon combat) and gains a combat feat from the first feat list of that style"

It specifies the "first feat list," regardless of what level you take this slayer talent (Or else players would just ignore taking this talent until they hit level 6 and just get a better feat... they'd grab other useful slayer talents for their 2 and 4)

2) There is nothing RAW stopping you from using any weapon you want

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Could I take the extra slayer talent with a general feat before level 6, and then take a feat from the first feat list and thereby “unlock” the 6th level feats?

That's a good question. The Slayer Talent Class Feature is technically unleveled, which means *theoretically* a level 1 Slayer has it. However, you only start benefiting from the class feature when you actually *get* slayer talents. I would say the logical answer is no, because you don't technically have any Slayer Talents, so you don't technically have the Slayer Talents class feature. My big question is why are you so fixated on 6th level? Why not take it the first time at level 6, and then at level 7 take Extra Slayer Talent and get it. Or even retrain one of you feats after you hit level 6 to grab Extra Slayer Talent?

I wouldn't allow, or think that it's possible, for a level 1 Slayer to pick "Extra Slayer Talents" as a feat, so I don't think you can do it until you have a Slayer Talent. That's just my interpretation though, I have no idea where the RAW stands on that.

EDIT: I let the fluff sentence of Slayer Talents confuse me, since it didn't start with " At x Level ..." Re-reading it and the other class abilities, it's clear you don't get this ability until *at least* level two, and more than likely until you actually gain a slayer talent (For cases of archetypes like yours). I would imagine it's not legal to take Extra Slayer Talents until you have a slayer talent

I think you can do this by retraining a lower level feat at 6 level when you can qualify for extra Slayer talent.

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Hi CMantle
Good suggestions. Retraining could be an option. Im aim for level 6 to get whirlwind attack early.

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