Do Bleeding Critical and Disarming Strike Work Together?

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I don't know when Disarming Strike was released as a feat, or why it wouldn't be included as a "Critical Feat," but does that mean that on a given critical hit I can apply both Bleeding Critical and Disarming Strike? Bleeding Critical is not on the list of exclusive feats per critical hit for disarming strike:

("You can only apply the effects of one of the following feats to a given critical hit: Bull Rush Strike, Disarming Strike, Repositioning Strike, Sundering Strike, or Tripping Strike.")

And Bleeding Critical specifies:"You can only apply the effects of one critical feat to a given critical hit unless you possess Critical Mastery."

I would assume that Disarming Strike is technically a critical feat, and so you can't do both, but I just wanted to be sure. My main hesitation is two fold: 1) Disarming strike does not have Critical Focus as a prerequisite (and thus might not be a "critical feat" specified in Bleeding Critical) and 2) that bleeding critical is a sure thing, but Disarming Strike requires the confirmation roll to beat the creature's CMD (typically a good bit higher than their AC), and so wouldn't be a sure thing every crit, so maybe they're supposed to be able to work together? Any input would be appreciated, RAW or interpretations of intention.

Bleeding Critical: al/

Disarming Strike:

It was printed in the Advanced Player's Guide.

Disarming Strike is not a critical feat--it lacks both the "critical" descriptor and the Special text indicating that you can only use one critical feat. It works fine with other critical feats but not with other <Maneuver>-ing Strike feats, per the Special text. I don't know why they made a second group of feats that add an effect or ability when landing a critical hit, but that's what they did.

Well it's great news for my Swashbuckler/Fighter. Damage is going to start falling off, so tacking on to my crits will be very helpful. Then by level 15 I'll be adding another critical feat with Critical Master and every crit will have a chance to disarm, cause bleeding, and cause one other debuff yet to be chosen. All of this on top of if I get lucky and the crit happens to be on my Called Shot.

Crit builds are fun!

Sovereign Court

Shutting down full attacks are pretty powerful, so I would suggest Staggering Critical. It has a save, but on a successful save it just reduces the stagger to a single round.

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