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How would you build an envoy bounty hunter?

Yure wrote:

How would you build an envoy bounty hunter?

With the character creation rules in the core rulebook.

We're going to need a little more info, because the options are endless. What is the campaign going to be like? What role is this character going to play in the party? Is this character the only bounty hunter in the party, or is the entire party bounty hunters?

I might go with Dispiriting Taunt if my job in the party was to debuff the targeted criminal to make them less dangerous, or Get Em!/Clever Feint if the rest of the party needed them easier to hit. Still, more info is needed.

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I imagine an Envoy bounty hunter would probably emphasize use of social skills, since that is what the class is best at. Less with the shooting people down, more with the tracking people's location via talking with people. An Envoy may not be able to beat a mark down as well, or sneak up on a mark, or hack a mark's computer. . . but if you ever talked with another person in your hiding away from justice, they should be able to cajole that information out of someone.

So, build with that in mind.

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Yes, Metaphysician hit along the lines I was thinking about. Skills in computers, bluff, disguise, diplomacy, sense motive and survival all being very important for tracking down quarry.

Not wholly sure what feats, expertise, and improvements to settle on.

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