Overkill is definitely still a thing.

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This afternoon, my two oldest children and I just finished Curse of the Crimson Throne. We had a marathon day were we finished 4 scenarios to end the campaign. I was playing Ezren, my son was playing Kess, and my daughter was playing Lem. We had a great time playing this entire adventure path.

But the point of this post is the final combat check of the game. We were prepped to encounter the villain and set things up perfectly for a massive final roll by Ezren. This is how it happened:

  • Lem had previously played Shapechange and chosen a hand size of 10. At the start of Ezren's turn, Ezren handed Lem a card. Kess did the same at the beginning of her turn, so Lem had 12 cards in hand.
  • Kess encountered the villain, and defeated the first combat check. During this encounter, she displayed Lyrune-Quah Moon Maiden, which also added +1d6 to Ezren's combat check.
  • Ezren took the second combat check, first casting Boneshatter to use his Arcane skill: d12+6+2d12.
  • Then he freely cast Enhance for +8
  • And freely cast Quickened Ray for +2d6
  • Revealed Academae Scholar for +1
  • Freely reloaded Ring of Splendid Security for +7
  • Freely revealed Headband of Mental Superiority for +1d4
  • Kess then recharged Blackjack's Dagger for +1d4+1.

    Here's where it starts to get a little crazy: Remember I said Lem had 12 cards in hand? Well that's relevant because one of those cards was The Beating.

  • Lem buried The Beating and all other cards in her hand to bless the combat check 12 times, +12d12.
    That gave Ezren a massive 15d12+3d6+2d4+23.

    Also, one thing I left out: Before the encounter, Ezren played EMBIGGEN. So that 15d12+3d6+2d4+23 was actually 15d20+3d10+2d8+23. Having rolled all those dice, Ezren rolled a whopping 194 on the final combat check of the game!

    ...But he figured he could do better. So he spent his last hero point to reroll all the dice, and managed to beat the previous roll: 211.

    The best part was we really didn't have to take much time to set up for this kill - almost everything was naturally in place when we got to the villain. We went one extra time around the table simply so Lem could choose hand size 10 and the other two could pass her a card. (Ezren managed to draw a couple extra useful cards as well.). It was a silly, but very fun way to finish off an excellent adventure path!

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    That wasn't a beating. That was murder.

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    Wow! that is amazing, beats the highest result I ever saw in Wrath :-)
    Great finisher!

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    I groaned when I saw that title, but I'm glad to see it's more of clickbate, rather than a "game still too easy complaint" :D

    And, yeah, kudos to your party! There's no kill like an overkill! :D

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    Sorry, I didn't intend for a click-bait-style title, but I can see now that it looks like one. :)

    This was definitely exceptional. Overall, we had a reasonably easy time through the adventure path on standard difficulty. There were a couple of scenarios that were close, but I don't think we failed any (we did lose a couple of times in Dragon's Demand though).

    And before this last encounter, we never managed to come anywhere close to this result. I think our previous best was 89, and even that was already quite a bit higher than our next best. Everything just came together perfectly right at the end.

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    It happens to us only once every 10 scenarios or so (because we usually make our life difficult by adding wildcards and using large locations).
    Sometimes you spot the villain very early and have time to optimize our hands without having to take damage/buried before going for it.

    Then usually we do not even need to roll dice.

    But we feel once every 10 games is good enough.

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