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Since a number of cantrips only take one action to cast, usually verbal, can a bard cast both Inspire Courage and Inspire Defense in a single round? Or since they are using the same action type can only one be cast?

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In general, if you have two single-action Cantrips (or even a single-action and a two-action e.g. Shield and any offensive Cantrip) you can cast them both in the same round.

That said, you specifically cannot cast both Inspire Courage and Inspire Defense in the same round, not because they are Cantrips but because they are specifically Composition Cantrips. The Composition tag has a clause specifically saying you can't cast more than such spell per turn. You could totally cast Inspire Courage or Defense and Shield, or Daze, or any other non-Composition-tagged Cantrip in the same turn though. Heck, a Bard could get three Cantrips off in one turn through a combination of Inspire Defense, Shield, and Guidance.

Thank you for the clarification.

Just as one extra point of note, if there were a restriction against using the same type of action (even just referencing the components of casting) multiple times that would screw over sorcerers (who replace Material components with Somatic Components) and any metamagic user (which generally adds Somatic Components). So yeah, definitely no such rule.

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