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the description of the BArd Class says:
During combat encounters...
You use magical performances to alter the odds in favor of your allies. You confidently
alternate between attacks, healing, and helpful spells as needed.

I cant find the healing aspect in the rules. The occult spell-list does not have the heal spell on its spell list. Focus Spells do not heal. There are no Feats that let him heal.
How is the Bard supposed to heal allies better then any other character (like with medicine and skill feats)?

Am i missing something?

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Soothe is a 1st-level occult healing spell with an un-obvious name.

Soothe, Remove Fear, and Restore Senses are just a handful of healing spells from the Bard's first few levels.

Occult may not have Heal, but it certainly has Soothe, and that's a decent healing spell.
Less versatile and powerful, but not a bad alternative.

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Klaam wrote:
Focus Spells do not heal.

There's actually Soothing Balad, a Focus Spell that can heal. It does come relatively late, though (level 14).

Other than that, Soothe is the occult healing spell, as the others have pointed out already.

Thx alot. I didnt see that one :)

easy to miss the name soothe does not immediately make you think this is your healing spell at a glance.

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