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What exactly does this entail? A con artist can basically touch upon many different subjects. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can movie.

Does that mean you can make many different types of checks. I would like some of these profession to have descriptions with them. How about profession bounty hunter. I mean how is that one useful where the theme is more in tune with actually getting information?

These are broad enough that the DM has to adjudicate them.

They should do something.
They should not encompass an entire skill. (con artist should not be usable on every bluff check)

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Yeah, that's why I wasn't sure if there was more guidance on that one in particular.

What about bounty hunter; What do you think that encompasses?

Law Enforcement Elements
Criminal Elements

But what else? The theme bounty hunter has it as

"Reduce the DC of Culture or Profession (bounty hunter) checks to recall knowledge about your mark, as well as to recall knowledge about law-enforcement individuals and practices, by 5."

Which is very narrow I think.

Where as just focusing on Culture gives you...

"culture’s customs, laws, government, leaders, prominent inhabitants, legends, religion, history, and related topics..."

Seems like investing in purely Culture you wouldn't lose much on the bounty hunter side.

Has anyone whose ran or ran in any of the APs found the specific professions to be useful?


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Professions come up a lot, especially if you play Society, but like you said, they have a narrower focus.

My Profession (Miner) character has probably rolled her checks the most.

My other characters with Professions include Archaeologist, Cosplayer, Herbalist, Soldier and I think my next one will be Animal Tamer.

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One of my old rules of thumb is that, if you have a relevant Profession skill, you can roll it to "aid another" yourself for a +2 bonus. So, you could use Profession ( Con Artist ) to supplement skill rolls to perform con games on marks, spot police or other criminals, design fradulent schemes, and launder their earnings. Similarly, you could use Profession ( Bounty Hunter ) to supplement rolls to track marks, interact with law enforcement before and after, plan takedowns, search and restrain bounties, etc.

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@Metaphysician - That's actually a pretty cool way to handle it.

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