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I am trying to see how many tricks I can legally teach my animal companion. Any input is appreciated. I have as follows:
Horse companion— 2 Int (6 tricks)
Bonus tricks— 7 at max lvl
Well Trained— Combat Training in a feat (6 tricks)
Precocious Companion Archetype— Double the number of bonus tricks known (starting at lvl 3), and +2 Int at level 6 (13 tricks in total here)
Clever Mount trait—4 tricks per point of intelligence (adds another 4)

This comes to a total of 36 tricks. Are there any feats/traits I missed that could stack? Or do some of these not stack how I thought they could

A headband of Int gives more Int and thus trainable tricks. It also gives a language, and ranks in a skill.

You can also get a Bridle of Tricks for 3, 4, or 5 more tricks.


Nice. I didn’t know that bridle existed, and I forgot about headbands of Int. Thanks!

If your character is a human you can take the alternate racial talent eye for talent that lets you apply a +2 bonus to the stat of your choice, to your animal companion. You could pick Intelligence which will net you more tricks. Halflings have an alternate racial trait that does the same thing called caretaker.

The character trait Thoroughbred, gives your animal companion +1 trick it can know provided said animal companion is a horse. Its normally a human trait, but you can grab it via adopted if you don't want to be a human.

Trained Barding is similar to bridle of tricks but grants either 2 tricks or 1 general purpose (which is anywhere from 3 to 6 tricks depending on which one you pick)

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