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Hey everyone,
Working on equipping my freshly made 13th level cleric. All I have so far is I combined the Headband of Inspired Wisdom and the Phylactery of Positive Channeling into one headband (cost 52.5k, but pretty certain that it is worth it). Kinda just trying to fill out the big 6 and looking for advice! Thanks in advance:)

Oh yeah, I intend to kinda sit up front with a big ac and stop my parties frontline fighter from getting beat up constantly. I'm less worried about doing melee damage. Heals and buffs and some damage spells, y'know, vanilla cleric stuff mainly.

Oh, and I have 87.5k left to spend.

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+5 Cloak of Resistance - that's your most important defensive item at that level, IMHO.

Yeah I was thinking as much too, just trying to balance out cost wise the remainder of what I need yet, and determine which items are worth putting more money into right now.

I went:
+5 cloak of resistance
+3 amulet of natural armor
+3 ring of protection
+3 full plate
+2 tower shield
+1 morningstar with corrosion
Previously noted combination of Headband of Inspired Wisdom + Phylactery of Positive Channeling (Naming it "Pharasma's Durag")

Total cost if I am correct: 136,638

Anyone see anything wrong with any of this?

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Nothing wrong, but I like to include aDusty Rose Prism Ioun(normal) and two Pale Green Prism Iouns(cracked), for +1 Attack/Saves/AC at 4-5k each.

As a character relying on Channels, Ring of Protected Life for 9k,would not be amiss.

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Better to reduce the amulet of natural armor to +2 (saving 10,000 GP), and spend the money elsewhere. Increasing the Full Plate to +4 only costs 9,000 GP, for example. Likewise, a +3 ring of protection is pretty expensive; perhaps reduce to +2 and buy an ioun stone or two.

I would also consider buying a scroll or two like Remove Paralysis or Remove Blindness — situational spells that your might not want to memorize most of the time. And a wand of Cure Light Wounds is always a good thing to have.

Ooo I've never even heard of those stones! I like them lol. Not taking up a slot seems op, but I wont complain lol. Dropping the natural armor by 1 to be able to beef up the plate more is obviously a better choice too, so I will definitely do that. As much as I love having a beefy rop, those gems are sweet and I'll need extra to buy them. So I will do that also. Never enough gold to get all that I want, but we will see if I can pull off getting those scrolls and a wand also. I know my party has at least a couple of the wands, so I'm less worried about those immediately. I'll update in a bit with what I got. Thank you both very much!

Sovereign Court

If you are worried about people stealing the ioun stones, you can put them in certain items like the Wayfinder or Ioun uantlet. Alternatively, you can implant them though you'll need to make some checks.

Its worth noting that if you are planning on having a Ring of Protection, grabbing the ioun stone affects all the same forms of AC (touch/flatfooted/etc) so if you have a +2 it is cheaper to drop down to a +1 and get the ioun stone instead. Same thing for Cloak of Resistance +3 (getting the +2 and ioun).

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PCScipio wrote:
Increasing the Full Plate to +4 only costs 9,000 GP, for example.

Correction: The cost to upgrade from +3 Full Plate to +4 is 7,000 GP.

At that level you have access to Magic Vestment. Save money enchanting the armor, and instead invest in a 3rd level Pearl of Power. Thus one spell a day and one PoP(3) gets you +3 on both Armor and on the Shield.

Pearls of Power are great for giving you more spells per day.

Other items to consider:
The Extend Metamagic Rod allow hours long spells to be cast at the end of the day and they last into late the next day, allowing you to prepare other spells that day.

A Quicken Metamagic Rod allows you to get spells out quicker. [Go for the lesser, as they are expensive.] More spells mean more done.

Don't forget either a Handy Haversack or a Bag of Holding for your stuff.

Eyes of the Eagle are also quite useful.

A Four Leaf Clover is also nice to have.

Guiding Vellums are great for planning the day's spells.

The Magenta Prism (cracked) Ioun Stone helps with skills.

I also have a Clockwork Songbird for battle help.

A Bead of Newt Prevention is always handy.

A Circlet of Persuasion helps out social interactions.

The Rod of Reach, Lesser lets you cast at longer ranges.

A Ring of Seven Lovely Colors is the cheapest way to fly.


Consider adding reliquary to your armor, shield or weapon. For only 250gp it is well worth it.

All great stuff I will ne looking into further. Something else I should've noted is that I am not to get items that pertain to specific adventure paths. Even so, I have a lot to look at here lol. I'll be working on the character more tomorrow, as tonight I will be busy playing my hard! Thank you all, I'll keep ya updated :)

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