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We are about to start an Age or Ashes campaign, and one of my players is wanting to be an initiate in the Order of the Godclaw (They are lawful good).

The wiki pages indicate that their citadel was conquered recently in another adventure path. Can someone give me (I don’t mind any and all spoilers- I’m an eternal GM) or point me to a summary of the order’s current situation, particularly in Isger?

Additionally, one of my other players is looking at playing an escaped slave from Nidal, with an understandable hatred of the entirely legal practice of slavery. Thankfully we aren’t talking order of the chain. But if any of you have any suggestions on how I can help those two characters function together in Age of Ashes, that would be appreciated!

I believe that after the events of Hell's Vengeance, the Order of the Godclaw was wiped out.

Since you're okay with spoilers...

The Order got a hold of an artifact of Iomedae (her sword, if I recall?) which subsequently upset the church of Iomedae. A crusade was launched against the Godclaw and they were killed to a man.

However, I can't imagine that the idea of the Godclaw (i.e. giving homage to the five lawful deities) is completely dead. I actually having a player in my campaign playing as a former Godclaw who managed to escape with his life and is currently on the run from his past.

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Thats not correct since you meet Lictor of Godclaw during Hell's Vengeance :p They just have manpower issues

Anyway, Godclaw isn't LG, its LN with some LG and LE members due to being bizarre Lawful focused polytheist thing

Humbug. That’s awkward. He was planning on following Iomedae in particular from the godclaw.

Do they have control of their citadel, is it rubble or did the iomeadians keep it?

Maybe I should try and nudge him towards the order of the scourge.

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During Hell's Vengeance party retook citadel from Glorious Reclamation and most likely(I don't see why evil party wouldn't do that unless they are self sabotaging type of evil :p) freed Godclaw's lictor and surviving hellknights prisoners in process.

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One issue I could see is that the lictor of the Order of the Godclaw committed some really evil acts during this adventure path, which might give a lawful good character pause in a post-Hell's Vengeance setting.

But maybe your aspiring Hellknight was a squire to a full Hellknight who favored Torag or Iomedae and was on a mission outside of the country during the war of the Glorious Reclamation. When that Hellknight found out what the lictor had done during the war, he refused to return home and released that squire from his service.

Assuming that that squire has similar misgivings about his old order, he should get along with your other PC just fine. Of course, this backstory might conflict with your aspiring Hellknight PC's plans, so you and he might want to do a bit more research.

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