Etran's Folly. Where on Golarion?


I would like to hear your suggestions on WHERE the town of Plaguestone is located on the Isger map? Is the river in the north of the town the Conerica River? If our caravan crossed this river, I believe that we are not far from Dustpawn somewhere?
If the caravan was heading south, then why does the book say that the Spite's Cradle is located "some twenty miles west of Etran’s Folly at the edge of the Five Kings Mountains", although these mountains are in the east?
I'm confused)

My best guess)

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My guess is that its further closer to border than Dustpawn is but before Droska's Crag

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CorvusMask wrote:
My guess is that its further closer to border than Dustpawn is but before Droska's Crag

Assuming a caravan speed of 16 (1e)... well let it be 20 miles per day, they could drive a maximum of 60 miles in three days. If they were moving in a straight line, they would have gone further, but it doesn’t work that way with roads.)

I am still confused by the river and direction to the Spite's Cradle.)))

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Where did you get that map from by the way? You’ve done the best job so far of finding this infernal place. Good work!

Herremann the Wise wrote:
Where did you get that map from by the way?

I don’t know if I can give a link to the map here, so I will send it you via personal message.

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OK, now I've got my bearings and a scale to work with - thank you very much. :)

It says the caravan travels south by south-east from Elidir. If you take a scale 60 mile line and point it SSE from Elidir, you end up at the foothills of the Asphodell mountains, with Etran's Folly being in between the E and R in the Isger label. I think this is incorrect.

If instead you have the caravan travelling "east" by south east for 60 miles, you end up with Etran's folly being very close to where you suggest. Particularly with the river outside the town heading in a north east to south west direction, this marries up neatly with the town-map of Etran's Folly. And in fact this is the only place in the vicinity where the Conerica river travels at that angle.

As for Spite's cradle being 20 miles west; again, if you substitute east here, then it marries up neatly with the information that it is in the foothills of the Five Kings Mountains. Perhaps this was originally written as Etran's Folly being 20 miles west of Spite's Cradle, and then in editing, this has been swapped around for clarity but the direction has not been re-referenced. Having Spite's Cradle being east (and actually very close to Dustpawn) makes sense as this is further up the Conerica river, meaning that activities at Spite's Cradle would travel downstream toward's Etran's Folly. If Spite's Cradle was west of Etran's Folly, the runoff would need to go uphill to affect the town and that is ... unlikely.

Of interest here is that Etran's Folly is so close to Dustpawn (Doom comes to Dustpawn Module) but also Citadel Altaerein which shadows where Breachill can be found (the starting point of the Age of Ashes Adventure Path). I'm sure this second one is not a coincidence.

For what it's worth, I'll be going a little off-piste in augmenting this module. As for the look of Etran's Folly, I'll be adapting the following Township
as the southern part of the town. I think this will be an interesting visual for the players and it fits in with the forest and hills I imagine for Etran's Folly.

Herremann the Wise, thank you for your opinion, I think we are not very far from the truth.
Probably the river in the village is not a Conerica river, it may be its tributary, not shown on the map. In any case, I’ll locate Etran's Folly near the Dustpawn)

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