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Hello everyone! With this update, we bring you a couple of great new additions to the Archives. First is the Lost Omens World Guide, with a host of new archetypes and mechanics tied to the various Regions all around Golarioion. Thanks go to Devin and Milan for this addition! You can expect more Regional features to come in a future update, providing you a central area to access all of the various mechanics tied to a given region.

The second is a long-requested feature for the Archives of Nethys. Alex Reeser, who helped us with the code for the minimized menu, has introduced a new Mobile Appearance/Menu that should give back a lot of space to those of you on your phones, tablets, etc. Please keep in mind that this menu is still in beta, there are a few other features we're adding before we consider it done. We plan to condense the menu options down into sub-categories, along with adjusting some of the icon layouts. Some of the wider tables will need to be handled better. Lastly, you'll be getting a Search bar for the search page right in the main menu.

Finally - YES, as soon as the finished mobile view comes (which should be in the next update or two), we'll push out duplicate versions to Pathfinder 1E and Starfinder. :)

Enjoy the update!

Source Updates
[Rulebooks] Lost Omens World Guide

Site Updates
[Main] A new look for Mobile has arrived, moving the main menu to the top of the screen and expanding the width of the site to the rest of your browser. Please keep in mind this is still in Beta, we have a few other features we will be bringing in the next update (see above).
[Rules] Each source has now been condensed with collapsible fields.

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Sweet flamingo, mobile-friendly AoN. I can die happy now, thanks Blake!

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Awesome updates! Thank you!

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