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so Advanced Alchemy is the class feature of Alchemist that lets the alch make free alch items each day. It cites during daily preperation.
Is daily preperations 1/day only event? Or can you have multiple occasions of daily preperation?

I'm hoping you can daily prep multiple times-- I would love if I could leave half my reagents open for quick alchemy and half on standard used items. It would be great if later on, when I'm running low on actively made items, if I could make a decision and spend 30mins later in the day---Such as while others do First Aid rolls or restore Focus. To take my left over infused reagents and make more Alchemical Items now that I am more aware of what is needed in the day.
Further there are plenty of story time elements where you'll want to have done you're morning prep (eating, equipeing, breaking up camp) but when you haven't decided what your day plan is. So being able to assign later would be nice.
(NOTE : the problem with this is that anything you made earlier would become innert).

I think if you can, that would help the Alchemist out a bit. Since you could retune some things and readjust in a limited fashion as the day goes on.

As a sidenote. I really do wish that Adv Alchemy let you split pu the reagents. so instead of a batch of 2 of the same item. You could just make 2 items with the 1 reagent batch.
Often I don't need 2 of the same buff. More so at higher levels-they start lasting a VERY long time. Usually more than 1 person don't really want the same buff twice. Or for some bombs-such as tanglefoot, I don't really need 2 most of the time. I def want one though for rescues or emergencies. Smoke sticks too. It would be amazing if I could've used 1 reagent to get 1 smoke stick and 1 tanglefoot.
SUnrods too.

Would really help the Alchemist out there by stretching his supplies and giving far more choices.

Your daily preparations happen once per day. You have to make a trade-off between efficiency and speed, and you can't change your mind until the next day.

Makes sense.

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