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SO I have a new player to Pathfinder 1 and she wants to use her 5e Cleric of Talos-is there any conversion charts out there to do such a thing? To further complicate things the cleric was 3rd level-but it will be moved to 8th (like the rest of the group) but once its converted I can figure up the leveling.

Apprecite the help!!!

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Probably the easiest way is just to rebuild her and pick the options that fit closest to the 5E options she took. Pathfinder 1E does not have any standard method of generating ability scores so there's no "one size fits all" way to convert it. In addition, we have a different list of skills so choosing where to allocate the skills will be a judgement call on your part to best fit her character.

Beyond that, the only remaining selections are feats, equipment, and domains. A Cleric in Pathfinder receives her choice of two domains from her deity. Looking up Talos on the forgotten realms wiki, it seems Talos in D&D 3.5 (the closest edition to Pathfinder rules-wise) offered the chaos, destruction, evil, fire, storms, and wrath domains. We don't have any wrath domain in Pathfinder, and storms is a subdomain of weather, so that gives you the choice of the follow domains: chaos, destruction, evil, fire, weather (storms). Pick any two.

Beyond that, if you have any specific questions we can try to answer them for you.

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Rovagug maybe close to Talos, but yeah I was figuring I would have to rebuild. Just fishing to see if there was some resources that have already done something similar.

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