After Shield Block, is shield raised?

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I'm pretty sure in the playtest, the shield wasn't raised after blocking. However I don't see any verbiage to that effect in the final version. I know many GM's have been playing this wrong in the past month or so. Wanted to check if anyone had seen anything refuting the proposition that the shield stays raised after blocking?

"Your shield remains raised until the start of your next turn."
And nothing says it drops after it blocks.

Though, I would rule that if your shield is destroyed, you lose the block function.

(And possibly rule that shields get a bit more hardness at higher level, but we haven't gotten that far.)

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-You raise your shield, giving you the AC bonus & the Reaction to Shield Block (if you have the feat.)
-You block w/ shield. If the action makes no mention of lowering your shield, your shield remains raised for the AC bonus (unless damage made it useless!).

Plus, there's a Fighter (and Paladin too?) feat that gives you an extra Reaction to block, implying you're so good at it. You wouldn't be so good at blocking if the first block ended your ability to make the second block.

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