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My gaming group plays some Pathfinder, and some 5e. My players prefer the 5e character sheet. To assist ocular muscle memory in the heat of battle, I took the 5e sheets and modified them for 2e.

I kept the sheets more minimal than the 2e character sheets technically demand.
TEML is just a blank line for players to write in "T" or "E" (and so on) as applicable
Rather than cluttering it up too much, I just assume that most players will write whatever else they need in available white space. Probably not great for a new player but for someone who already "gets" character sheets and has filled out a 2e sheet once or twice, this is a pretty smooth transition.

It's here:

Cool! Nice thing for people coming from 5e.

Some things I noticed:
- there is no Touch AC in PF2, you can remove that from the sheet
- you should add a field to write down special senses near the Perception field. Where you can write down Darkvision, Scent, ...
- You have lists for the different kind of feats on the second page. But on the first there is also a list for "Feats"... what is that for?

Great work! I really like this.

I might just offer a few suggestions as well, in addition to masda's:

- I'd use the Touch AC space for shield details

- you could probably use that "feats" box on the first page as like a general notes section for conditions, resistances, stuff like that. Maybe call it Misc Notes

- You probably don't need the AC Items section, maybe make that magic items section or extend the equipment section, or both.

- With the magic items section moved, you could use that space for additional character information (that's the one thing I really liked about 5e's sheet) or campaign notes.

I'm gonna save this link for future use. Nice going

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Thanks for the feedback masda_gib and 1d6 Fall Damage!

I've updated the character sheet with your ideas.

Same link, updated PDF.

- Touch AC is replaced with space for shield info
- Senses slot added below Perception (Languages block is smaller as a side-effect, but I don't think that'll be an issue)
- Feats box on page1 is now a general Notes field.
- Equipment box is larger, no more AC Items (Magic Items slot is on page2)

I'm using these to help a friend convert her 5e group to PF2.
I mean technically I'm converting her first, but her group will follow soon, so that's fine.

Tiny couple of suggestions:
-no such thing as shield training
-need more space dedicated to weapon damage and traits
-no need for the proficiency tick boxes, with proficiency rank being on the other side

That said hey, think this'll make them curious? Just a quick draft...

Great points, Ediwir, and thanks for the sample of a sheet all filled in. I think one of the must confusing things about any given character sheet is how no one fills them in exactly the same way.

I've modified the sheet to work in some of your ideas. It's starting to stray pretty far from the 5e version now, with fields that span 2 columns, but I think it's worth it for the attacks information.

I've moved proficiency types (U,TEML) to the proficiency "bubbles". It's not much room to write in but those bubbles are near-iconic to the 5e sheet at this point, and I felt that removing them would be detrimental to keeping the look and feel.

Overall, I think it works: it's more functional for P2 now, while still evoking heavily its 5e origin.

Same link, updated PDF.

- expanded ATTACKS section to allow for damage die, damage type, etc.
- (U)TEML is now expected to be filled into the proficiency bubbles
- No more shield field, replaced with temp HP. No plans on adding shield tracking, as that can be added in Equipment manually.

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Could I get an editable copy of this file to set it up for my particular campaign needs? This is a wonderful sheet, by far my favorite. Thanks for the hard work!

Good stuff

Sovereign Court

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Looks great, add me to the list asking for an editable version!

One problem I see is that you have Light, Medium, and Heavy armors listed, but not Unarmored. Unlike 5e, that is actually a separate armor type in Pathfinder 2e and lots of characters have it (like monks and wizards). A character could use the blank line above it, but I think that is for filling in a weapon group, like "monk weapons" or "wizard weapons"

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